Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW It’s the end of summer as you know it yet I feel fine. Listener here after a much needed vacation but happy to be back at it for Classic Rock Wednesday. To close out the season this felt like the best choice and a song that has been running on repeat in my mind for most of it. But true to form and starting off with one of my favorite segments, Legends covering Legends seemed the best way to usher in my return to 5280 Geek. The legends feel like they haven’t been around all that long but as you start to trace back their performances you begin to realize that time has truly flown by and the Legend title isn’t one just being used carelessly. And while both bands are incredible on their own the merging of the two created something astounding that leaves you standing in a wave of emotional euphoria.

I remember the first time I heard “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and the power she delivered that song with was inspired and the most heartfelt I had heard in a long time. The meaning behind the song, the raw emotion as she opened up the chorus accompanied with the sudden drop as she moves to the verse. Few can deliver on that level or come close as they throw everything they have into the song and walk away as a pale imitation. I have heard plenty try and it wasn’t till I heard this rendition that I was left with the same type of feels. Say what you will about Linkin Park they are amazingly skilled musicians that deliver some incredible sets. Having seen them in concert multiple times and never once not entertained or left feeling  disappointed in the show or the quality they delivered. From the iTunes Festival comes an intimate moment I’m excited to share, welcome back listeners here’s Linkin Park covering Adele for today’s Classic Rock Wednesday.

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