Meat and Potatoes

Years ago, Disney fired James Gunn right before the “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” went into production. So DC/Warner Bros. jumped at the chance to hire Gunn and let him do whatever he wanted to to any of the DC Superhero film projects. Gunn chose Suicede Squad and made it an R rating so he can show you just how warped he can make a Super hero or in this case, a Supervillian movie can be. I have been looking forward to this.

*The MEAT* The story gets *Right to The Mayhem* immediately and lets you know, It’s for adults only. With some characters from the first movie, “The Suicide Squad” is a sequel and follows the same premise, but this story gets warped and twisted for the better this time around.

*The POTATOES* Idris Elba was great here, even if his storyline was a little close to Will Smith’s story in the first one. And this was the best Harley Quinn yet thanks to Margot Robbie and James Gunn giving her a little more than the rest of the characters but not THAT much more. Now, I am not a John Cena fan at all, in fact I just can’t figure out how he keeps getting roles in Hollywood, but here he actually does good, maybe because he is playing a Dork but that’s beside the point, I have to give him credit and give the whole cast a *High Praise* for pulling this off. Keep an eye out for Nathan Fillion too, you blink you might miss him but you also will remember him.

*The VERDICT* “The Suicide Squad” is better than the first “Suicide Squad” for sure. Thanks to James Gunn it is *A Wild and Disturbing Ride* that will make you laugh out loud at the shocking antics and jokes. But make no mistake, this is not a family movie, language and violence are not for the young or faint of heart. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, and I do recommend it for the best theater you can find, especially Dolby because this movie will rock your seats. But let me clarify, if warped and twisted Supervillains don’t interest you at all, you probably will not like this movie.

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