Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and with everyone back in school it’s time to catch up on the stack, while adding to it. Smurf has his #Top5 pick to help and don’t forget Clownhunter, the Trial of Magneto, and the Flash all hitting as well. This glorious insight all brought to you by our sponsor All C’s Collectibles offering discounts on your hold slot pulls; and now we got five stacked high ready to fly:  

Kang the Conqueror #1> THE ORIGIN OF KANG!
The man called Kang the Conqueror has been a pharaoh, a villain, a warlord of the space ways and even, on rare occasions, a hero. Across all timelines, one fact seemed absolute: Time means nothing to Kang the Conqueror.
But the truth is more complex. Kang is caught in an endless cycle of creation and destruction dictated by time and previously unseen by any but the Conqueror himself. A cycle that could finally explain the enigma that is Kang. And a cycle that begins and ends with an old and broken Kang sending his younger self down a dark path… (S) Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (A) Carlos Magno (CA) Mike Del Mundo

Smurfs Take> Fresh off his appearance in Loki…..Here’s Kang! To be fair it’s been a long while since we have seen this character and I feel has been on the back of the shelf for far too long. I know Thanos has been riding the wave of mayhem for a good number of years now and I have loved every bit of it but, I do think it’s time to visit with some of the other baddies in the Marvel U. The funny thing is I don’t know nearly as much about Kang as I do Thanos and never really thought of his as that big of a threat. Upon further review and revisiting some of my older Avengers issues I have adjusted my stance on that opinion. I’m excited that Marvel is being smart about this and can’t wait to dive further into KANG.

Iron Man #11> After bringing down an Ultimo robot nearly singlehandedly, Iron Man continues to investigate the strange and small colony on the remote planet where he’s been marooned. Life here seems perfect…but is it? And who’s possibly pulling the strings behind its delicate design? As Tony digs deeper for answers, an astral projection of Hellcat warns him that Korvac is still the biggest threat they all face…unless Tony gives into addiction, this time in the form of pain medication for his many injuries. FEATURING ANOTHER APPEARANCE BY EVERYONE’S FAVORITE ARMORED CANADIAN HERO, AVRO-X! Plus: STILT-MAN! (S) Christopher Cantwell (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Alex Ross

Smurfs Take> If at any time you have been an Iron Man fan at all you need to be reading this. I know in the past some of the stories for him would start strong and then just fall off very early but that hasn’t happened yet and continues to be a solid hit. Shell Head at his best no doubt about it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #17> THE LAST ANNIHILATION RAGES ON!
The Guardians are scattered to save five different planets – but it’s already too late for Chitauri Prime. Why those five? What are the true plans of the mysterious enemy targeting our universe? Only DOCTOR DOOM knows…but with the entire Chitauri species out for his blood, he might not survive to stop them!

Smurfs Take> I love Doom as a Guardian! Well let’s be honest I just think Doom is a great character in general and thrilled that they found the perfect place for him. Another title that has returned to the formula that works best for it while adding some characters that have helped round out the team. Too many characters? Not even close and could think of a couple more they could add. It’s a great book and falling in love with it all over again.

Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters #3> WINNER TAKES ALL!
Terrifying, implacable Dark Lord of the Sith DARTH VADER has laid claim to HAN SOLO, who is frozen in carbonite. But the great, exalted JABBA THE HUTT also believes that Solo is his property. It’s the galaxy’s baddest gangster versus the Empire’s most powerful enforcer, and neither is backing down. BOBA FETT is caught between a Sith and a Hutt…and it’s WINNER TAKE ALL.

Smurfs Take> This has just been a guilty pleasure for me. I know it’s a bit of fan service and some of it has read like fan fic but it’s been fun and to see some of the character interact has been great. Also get a little bit of a deeper dive into the bounty hunter world and some exploration on Boba Fett. Confirming some of the things we had already known or suspected….he’s not all that bad.  

Nocterra #6> FULL THROTTLE DARK,” Part Six
You’ve seen the calm…now it’s time for the storm. Having unearthed a shocking revelation, Val must prepare for battle before she loses the paradise that she’s risked so much to find. (S) Scott Snyder (A) Tomeu Morey, Tony S. Daniel

Smurfs Take> Oh, now it’s getting good. I like this title a lot just because it’s something a little bit different but has all the right feels for the characters and the story.  

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