Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here with your classic rock Wednesday….Thursday edition as I take a listen to a band that I would really throw into the one hit wonder category even though they’re still listed as an active band. I remember picking up this album in 2011 based on the single I had heard, with it reaching number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and featured in a few advertisements they never reached the level of popularity I thought they would.

The other two songs  on the Alex Clare debut album “The Lateness of the Hour”; albeit good didn’t have the same power as “Too Close” despite the obvious talent of the band. I rather liked their sound and arrangement of the album but however Alex Clare would not see the same success in the two following album releases. The reason I picked this for your Classic Rock Wednesday choice is because the band went unplugged for a bold version of  “Too Close” showing off their skill as musicians and range of vocals, and while the room lends a lot to the performance there’s a ton of power behind this song. I love the feel, the passion, and just how the environment impacts the song and the meaning behind the words.

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