Classic Rock Wednesday

It’s a trip to the 80’s this week for your Classic Rock Wednesday…Thursday Edition; And what would the 80’s be without it’s hair bands, power ballads, intense guitar and rhythmic drum solos? Dull is the answer. A generation and era defined by its music, just as much as the generation that came before it. And while some say each band looked the same or had the same routine that couldn’t be further from the truth as each had its own sound creating a new standard while taking full advantage of the foundation in place and expanding on it.

One of those bands that seemed to never miss as it rolled out hit after hit in the mid 80’s was Great White who took full advantage of MTV with the cascade of videos they produced. Of course they weren’t the only ones to do this but for me “House of Broken Love” just seemed to resonate in what seemed to be a sea of monster rock ballads. Great Whites most recognizable and major hit, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” is great but in that you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it and just killed the song for me which is one of the drawbacks to the era in general. Not only did “House of Broken Love” receive as much air play it also gave the members an equal chance to show off their skill and heart behind the music. Regrettably the band took a sharp decline in the 90’s and did the on again off again disband reunion tango in the years to follow. I’m the Listener and this is me getting lost in the 80’s with Great White for your Classic Rock Wednesday.

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