Meat and Potatoes


I was too busy to see “Shang-Chi” last weekend, I was hoping to just catch it at home, but thanks to Scarlett Johanson, Disney has already changed their thinking as to how they will release their movies from here on out. Spoiler warning, I am glad I got to see this in the theater. Marvel does it again!

*The MEAT* I really liked the story as I watched this movie, but as I slept on it and thought about it more, I have to say the story is *Fantastic*. Of course, it is an Origin film but this is done with a few compelling situations that make it almost original in the Marvel Super Hero Universe.

*The POTATOES* “Shang-Chi” went all out on the quality of actors and actresses for this movie. And I’m happy to say they did a *Great Job*. Simu Liu plays the lead very well with Awkwafina as his partner and their chemistry is great. The great Tony Leung gives the main villain here such an understandable and real performance that you feel for him and his purpose. Of course, Michelle Yeoh is as outstanding as ever, she just brings something heartwarming to all her performances, she has always been a favorite. *Loved the Acting* and all of the cast in this movie.

*The VERDICT* As you can tell. I really liked this movie. The Action in this film plays homage to all the Martial Art’s films of the past that we grew up with. You blink, you might just miss a Jackie Chan move or two. The fight scenes are just fun and exciting. It is amazing to me how Marvel Studios gets this right while films like “Mortal Kombat” or “Snake Eyes” gets it so wrong. No, I did not really like this movie, I *Loved It* and I can see myself watching it over and over as the years go by when I’m flipping channels and land on it. See this movie in theaters now.

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