Classic Rock Wednesday

For me the 80’s was a wild mix of music, and so many different styles to choose from. And while I will be the first one to get behind the hair band’s and power ballads as I have shown in the past there’re other powerhouse groups that I feel just as passionately about. The one group I have in mind for today’s Classic Rock Wednesday never officially disbanded and had an impressive list of hit’s from the 80’s to the 90’s mostly in part to their impressive vocalist leading the group it’s signature look and sound.

When I think of strong women performers from back in the day my first thought is of Annie Lennox and her work with and without the Eurythmics. An undeniable presence on and off the stage complemented by a powerful voice that is unmistakable. Her solo career is just as stellar and successful; after her departure from the Eurythmics performing with legends, won an Academy Award for Best Song, and a true trailblazer in the industry who is still performing and producing music to this day. But for me there will always be the one standout song and video that hooked me, and made me a fan to this day. I’m the Listener and for today’s Classic Rock Wednesday…Thursday edition I give you Sweet Dreams.

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