Meat and Potatoes

Here is another movie that we have seen Previews for almost a year and a half and thank goodness it has finally hit the theaters because I have been looking forward to seeing and end to the Daniel Craig “James Bond” franchise. Now this is a first for ol’ 007, the first time they ever had a chance to end a run without just starting over with a new Bond. So, I am very curious how they wrap it all up. And I have liked this version of Bond so I am excited.

*The MEAT* The story is very James Bond. Little intrigue here, few jokes there to entertain between the action scenes. Which is crucial in what makes Bond movies good. So, I will say that yes, the story is *Well Above* Bond standards here. It does help that they get to put closure on everything.

*The POTATOES* Daniel Craig plays James Bond with ease here, fits this role like a glove. Lea Seydoux is back again reprising her role as the love interest and she is, like always a great actress. Rami Malek has the difficult job of playing, yet another Bond villain, but he pulls it off here, not the most memorable performance, but to his defense, they didn’t give him a lot to work with. And watch out for Ana de Armas in a very small but memorable role. Add Ralph Fiennes and Lashana Lynch to this cast is I will give the acting a *Very Good*… For a bond movie.

*The VERDICT* James Bond has done it all and it is no easy task to keep making these films relevant and fun. But unlike the last Bond movie, “No Time to Die” *Is a Good Bond Film*. The action didn’t feel forced this time around and the exotic locations were what Bond movies are all about. You will enjoy this on the big screen for sure.

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