Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay for the close of October is almost frightful with so many different titles hitting the shelves this week. So the best thing you can do in that situation is treat yourself to everything, just be sure to start with these #Top5 picks from Smurf. All C’s Collectibles two locations are ready to help with fill your bag with all the collectable goodness you can handle and we got five stacked high ready to fly:

From the series that’s taken the comics world by storm for over two years, it’s the grudge match of the century: BULLSEYE VS. ELEKTRA! (S) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto

Smurfs Take> Spectacular! This story I could easily see as a season of Daredevil if he were still on Netflix. The developments, the character driven story, how it has all flowed has been an amazing creative process…..and one hell of a ride. This has been a long time in coming and enjoying every turn of the page.

Hellboy Silver Lantern Club #1> Hellboy learns about the mysteries of an exorcism gone wrong and more when his occult investigator relative reveals secretive and perilous adventures of one of the Hellboy Universe’s most mysterious societies!  Silver Lantern Club member Simon Bruttenholm relates a tale from the dawn of radio, in which Sir Edward Grey and Sarah Jewel go toe to toe with . . . technology? Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson expand the Hellboy universe with a new tale of strange spiritual happenings. They’re joined by artists Ben Stenbeck and Christopher Mitten, with colors by Michelle Madsen. (S) Christopher Mitten, Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson (A) Ben Stenbeck (CA) Christopher Mitten, Mike Mignola

Smurfs Take> Really excited to get more on this group and have continued to enjoy these little stand alone stories while still expanding the world of Hellboy. This looks to be no exception as we get a deep dive into something new but familiar, can’t wait.

Echolands #3> Desperate to escape the Wizard’s magical assassin, Hope Redhood, Cor, Castrum, Dena, and Rosa seek safe harbor with the crime lord and self-proclaimed deity Romulus. But will Hope and Romulus’s turbulent history doom the rest of the crew? And can even a demi-god in super powered armor stop the Wizard’s relentless daughter? And what has happened to Rabbit?  (S) W. Haden Blackman, J.H. Williams III (A) J.H. Williams III, Tod Klein, Dave Stewart

Smurfs Take> Unique and something outside of the normal with a dash of fantasy added for good measure. Image with another hit and not a cape to be found, it’s just great storytelling.

DC Vs. Vampires #1> The Justice League has long protected Earth from all manner of foreign and alien invaders over the years, always keeping a vigilant eye to the skies for the next threat. But what if the threat was already walking the Earth…hiding in plain sight…watching…waiting for their moment to strike…In the tradition of DCeased comes a terrifying new series from the twisted minds of James Tynion IV (Nice House on the LakeSomething is Killing the Children), Matthew Rosenberg (The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox4 Kids Walk Into A BankHawkeye), and Otto Schmidt that will tear the Justice League apart in their war with the undead! (S) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Otto Schmidt

Smurfs Take> It feels like a small lifetime since either publisher (Marvel/DC) has done something like this and to be honest I think DC does the monster thing better. This just looks like a fun read to me with a great idea because we all know there won’t be any long last consequences. Also be aware there’s a ton of variants for this issue and all of them look fantastic… choose wisely.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1> Twenty-five years ago, you thought you knew the whole story of Batman: The Long Halloween. Now, legendary creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale return to Gotham City to reveal that no secret remains buried forever! Join us for the return of the Batman Halloween specials and a mystery that could destroy Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Two-Face, and…well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? (S) Jeph Loeb (A) Tim Sale

Smurfs Take> Long Halloween is one of the best series of all time, a personal favorite of mine and part of my must have trades. I did think the story was over and at first was set against this continuation of the story till I saw both Loeb and Sale returning. Now I can’t get it fast enough.

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