Meat and Potatoes

Time to see the long awaited “Eternals”, the newest franchise from Marvel Studios. The previews do not peak my interest one bit and my wife was wondering if we should even see this movie because it sure doesn’t look like any Marvel movie we are accustomed to. Well of course we have to see it because it is Marvel and they have more than earned our trust to go see something that we are not familiar with even if the early reviews have not been kind.

*The MEAT* What a *Pretty Cool Story* the “Eternals” have. I’m telling you that I was pleasantly surprised by this story. It was more than good versus evil it was questioning Purpose exploring love and even throwing some big twists that will surprise you. Director Chloe’ Zhao, “Nomadland” did succeed in putting her small movie touches on a big budget adventure.

*The POTATOES* Very large acting ensemble in “Eternals” and they do a great job of making us believe in their existence and plight. The standouts include Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, and Angelina Jolie, who unexpectedly did great here too. Kumail Nanjiani is the comic relief and does a fantastic job at that.

*The VERDICT* *Surprised, Stunned* are just a few words that describe my initial reaction to this movie. Not your usual comic book superhero movie here, no its something bigger and deeper, I’m almost willing to say, *Original* too. So, I’m very happy to say, Marvel does it again! And I do recommend “Eternals” to see on the Big screen because it does have it all. Plus, this movie sets up a bunch more Marvel franchises so make sure you stay through all the end credits. Because yes, this is a Marvel movie after all even if the reviews, Previews, and overall look might make you think otherwise.

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