Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and it’s a bit of a lighter one than we have seen in the last few weeks. Smurf is back to help aid in the #Top5 #MustRead titles from all of the different publishers hitting shelves at your local comic shops. All of this wisdom is sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is paying cash for all of your unwanted or needed collectable items, stop by one of their two locations today. In the meantime we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly:

Batman Vs. Bigby #3> Batman and Bigby’s brawl comes to a grinding halt after a wave of explosions rocks Gotham. When a giant wolf emerges from the wreckage, Batman and his team of Robins stop at nothing to bring down the beast-and all goes according to the true villain’s master plan!

(S) Bill Willingham (A) Brian Level 

Smurfs Take> Great series thus far and has me totally pumped for the return of the Fables title. It has also been one of the better Batman stories of the last few months building off of a mystery and a little lore. Great read!

Primordial #3> Laika encounters Baker and Able as she tries to find her way home. But where is she? Back on Earth, Yelena and Pembrook dig for answers on Laika’s location, but the K.G.B. wants that information to stay buried at any cost.  (S) Jeff Lemire (A) Andrea Sorrentino 

Smurfs Take> Have forgot just how good of a writer Jeff Lemire truly is. A compelling story with a lot going on to keep the mind entertained and guessing. We hit the halfway point in the story which means things only get more intense from this point and I can’t wait.

Refrigerator Full of Heads #2> It took Cal and Arlene one day on Brody Island to piss off a homicidal biker gang-and to find the magical axe so memorably wielded by June Branch one year ago. But what else have Cal and Arlene come to Brody to do? And now that you mention it…where is June Branch? (S) Rio Youers  (A) Tom Fowlers

Smurfs Take> Loved the first issue and was a blast to read! Very twisted, very entertaining, and left me wanting more.

Dark Ages #3> been plunged into darkness, and Avengers and X-Men have begun vanishing in the night. They have been taken and twisted by Apocalypse to serve an evil older than the world. A group of heroes will assemble to travel across the dark planet in a desperate attempt to rescue their friends and save a civilization already on its knees. (S) Tom Taylor (A) Iban Coello

Smurfs Take> Maybe it’s because I have spent a decent amount of time away from the X-Books but I have really enjoying this title. A good refresh of characters with some fun twists and I like the whole premise behind the story.

Green Lantern #8> Will the Dark Sector die? With trillions of lives in peril, John battles the DEISTORM and the challenge of its FUTURE STATES! Meanwhile, Jo Mullein solves the mystery of the Battery’s destruction in time to see the rise of a new and ancient enemy. Is this the final end of Oa and the Green Lanterns?! (S) Geoffrey Thorne (A) Chris Cross Marco Santucci

 Smurfs Take> I know this feels like a rehash of a few different GL stories and the battery being destroyed again but the mystery and suspense element add to it this time has been great. The feeling of being left alone in the dark and powerless has been a great idea and take on an idea we have seen before aided with some new characters to move the story in a way we haven’t seen.

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