Meat and Potatoes

Wes Anderson is a very unique filmmaker and I always look forward to seeing his films (Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and the Grand Budapest Hotel, to name a few) He just brings a stylistic photography and a very dry wit to the screen that no one can ever replicate nor care to. His movies are truly *Art* with his pacing and screen shots, it almost looks like a cartoon with the detail that is just off the chains. However, Wes Anderson’s movies are not for all, in fact a lot of people find his films frustrating and slow and I can see that.

*The MEAT* The story is not easy to explain. Anderson calls it his love letter to journalists, and he cleverly inserts his characters with close resemblances to “the New Yorker” and its rich history of journalists and their stories. “The French Dispatch” has 3 separate stories that offer no intrigue or twists to look out for. Just *Good Short and Simple* standalone stories.

*The POTATOES* The acting in this movie was just as dry as it’s humor. But works very well with the overall theme. I especially liked Benicio Del Toro here, he was great. The rest of the cast was *Absolutely Perfect* for all their roles however big or small. Don’t blink, you will miss someone famous because this film is loaded with great actors and actresses that appear for just a few scenes or even seconds.

*The VERDICT* If you are a Wes Anderson fan, you will like this movie because it is one of his better ones for sure. Or if you might be interested in seeing something quite different from the usual movie experience, I say give “The French Dispatch” a try with an open mind. You might be pleasantly entertained. And you don’t need to see it in theaters, it works well on the small screen. However, if you were annoyed with any of Wes Anderson’s previous films, you might want to pass on this one.

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