Your Quarters Worth

Your LATE TO THE PARTY Quarter’s Worth

Baking Impossible

Baking shows hit us right in that sweet spot. Competitions like Sugar Rush, Nailed It, and The Great British Baking Show provide endless hours of viewing pleasure. They also leave our mouths salivating for delicious desserts for ourselves.

Every once in a while a show comes along that breaks the Bundt mold and conjures up an entirely different take on cakes and confections. This week’s LATE TO THE PARTY is about one of those shows, Baking Impossible.

Baking Impossible on Netflix is yet another TV show of competitive baking. However, it does something unlike any before it. It incorporates engineering into all of its challenges.

Show creator/judge and finalist on the aforementioned, The Great British Baking Show, Andrew Smyth, concocted a method of bringing even more geeks into kitchens with a concept known “Bakineering.”

In Baking Impossible, professional bakers are paired with an engineer they’ve just met to design, build, cook, and decorate desserts never before seen in bakeries or television studios before. The result? Bakineering. Contestants whip up edible skyscrapers, automobiles, remote controlled robots and boats, and much more. Each build needing to be equal parts delectable, beautiful, and functional.

The Bakineers are colorful, relatable, and for the most part, likable–although it is a reality show, so naturally there are a couple bad eggs. The inventive methods teams use showcase their ability to complement one anothers’ strengths and weaknesses, and really give the show its heart and brains.

The judges mix in to the show perfectly as well. Engineer, Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, gives crisp explanations as to why each build does or doesn’t work as designed. All while two-time James Beard Foundation Award winning baker and chef, Joanne Chang, provides the reality show’s prerequisite punch of tough critique to each delicacies’ appearance, texture, and flavor.

Baking Impossible scores TWO QUARTERS!

I watched the show with my child–their second viewing. My wife, her mom, and even a coworker, all sat in for episodes as well. The show works for any TV viewing taste and age.

Here’s hoping Netflix picks it up for at least another season so we can all see what other challenges Andrew Smyth and the other Baking Impossible‘s producers will come up with next.

That’s it for dessert in this edition of Your LATE TO THE PARTY Quarter’s Worth.

Now go check out Baking Impossible, and come up some of your own ingenious treats for the upcoming holiday gatherings–just be sure to post them on 5280 Geek’s social media pages #QuartersWorth, or it never happened!

Happy holidays and happy Bakineering!

Review by John Andreula

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