Classic Rock Wednesday

If there’s one thing from the 80’s that I miss the most it’s the flair in which they did their music videos. Some were created with a film scale budget which made it all the more difficult if the band didn’t take off as expected. One such band comes to mind and while they did have a chart topping hit never could take full advantage of it with all of their internal drama.

The song in mind this week is actually their other hit and one I liked more with its ear catching tune and video that I will never forget just because of the thought and production that went into it. “No More Words” by Berlin was a perfect fit as something different amongst all of the different bands hyper produced set’s of the day while still holding true to the playfulness of the age. The sad part of the story is Berlin never saw a major hit after “Take My Breath Away” and has all but faded into obscurity showing up in the occasional 80’s tribute shows even though they are still an active band to date. I’m the Listener and here is your Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday Edition “No More Words.”

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