Meat and Potatoes

It has been 17 years since the end of the “Matrix” trilogy, and now we have “Matrix: Resurrections”. I loved the first “Matrix” movie, especially it’s story, but the sequels never came close to the original in my opinion and just seemed like a money grab. So, it is with big time caution that I go see the new movie this week because I just get this feeling through the Previews that it is not going to be good.

*The MEAT* The story is definitely repeating itself here and spends way too much time getting back to the basic premise. It is *Sloppy and Predictable* which is a shame because they have so much they can do with the overall premise of the Matrix, but this is just a mess.

*The POTATOES* The acting is *Subpar* to say the least. Keanu Reeves is phoning this one in, mainly because Lawrence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving are not in this movie, but their characters are. Yes, they explain why but the new Morpheus and new agent Smith are weak and just big-time disappointments.

*The VERDICT* Yeah, you can already tell I did not like this movie. Even the action scenes had nothing special or new about them and were almost unnecessary. Ah, there’s the word I’m looking for to best describe “Matrix: Resurrections”, *UNNECESSARY* and I write that with huge disappointment too. It just infuriates me that this is what they come up with after 17 years? Save your money and more importantly, your time and skip this one.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy… And as always… Stay Geeky!

And have a Fantastic New Year!

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