Classic Rock Wednesday

It’s hard to deny that this had to have been the hardest working band in the 80’s and well into the 90’s. Their genre is a little more difficult to explain pulling from so many different styles but for me is a cornerstone and titan for Alternative Rock. It’s hard for me to say a specific album I like the best so I decided to focus on their biggest hit and one that received seven Grammy nominations, I’m talking about R.E.M.

I remember when “Losing My Religion” came out from the “Out of Time” album and was immediately hooked by the arrangement, sound, and overall display of skill. The video was just as captivating with R.E.M. showing off their Punk roots and going with a much less flashy presentation for the time. There really wasn’t anything that could stop this band come to think of it, even producing an album (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) while touring and is regarded by fans and band members alike as their best work.  And I know from time to time I touch on the quality and impact of Vinyl but it’s these two albums that I believe are a must for any audiophile or casual listener just discovering the vinyl world. Something to consider as you watch the video, I’m the Listener and this is “Losing My Religion” for your Classic Rock Wednesday…Friday edition.

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