Your Quarters Worth

Your LATE TO THE PARTY Quarter’s Worth

Y: The Last Man

For some time now my network’s been buzzing about Y: The Last Man, a comic series that ran from 2002 through 2008. The cult hit was written by Brian K. Vaughan (known for the masterwork, Saga) and drawn by Pia Guerra.

This past fall Y was made into a television show on FX and Hulu and has since been cancelled by the network–although rumor has it that Hulu parent company Disney may revive the series as a Disney+ original.

So does the acclaimed DC Vertigo source material hold up to the the hype? Find out in this edition of Your LATE TO THE PARTY Quarter’s Worth.

Y: The Last Man is set in the 2000s. In the proverbial snap of the Infinity Gauntlet, a mysterious cataclysm kills all male mammals on Earth except for one man, Yorrick Brown, and his disobedient male capuchin, Ampersand.

While women figure out how to rebuild the post-gendercide world, Yorrick and Ampersand fight not only to survive, but also to not get sold or raped for their literal manhoods. What ensues is sixty issues of drama and carnage reminiscent to that of The Walking Dead, but in full color and without zombies.

What starts as a slow, heavily character developing first 5-10 issues erupts into a unique, surreal, thought provoking, and sometimes over-the-top, comic storyline for the ages. Those who stick with the series through all sixty issues are rewarded with one of, if not the best, conclusions and epilogues in comic history.

Y works for readers of all types. Sophomoric men will enjoy imagining themselves in Yorrick’s shoes as lonely ladies chase them all over the planet in hopes of some hanky-panky and procreation. Female readers get a kick out of imagining all the improvements and evolutions Vaughan and Guerra create in a society sans its patriarchal overlords.

There’s nudity for the immature adolescents and English lit references and jokes for scholars and intellectual readers alike.

And none of any of it devalues the quality of the whole.

So how does Y: The Last Man score on the Quarter’s Worth scale?

Y scores a perfect two quarters!

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra have put forth a timeless comic masterwork. Kudos to them.

Anyone who enjoys dystopian, apocalyptic literature, critical thinking, or comic books without capes, is certain to love Y: The Last Man.

Y: The Last Man can still occasionally be found in its original single issue form on the occasional comic store shelves. It’s also available online, but issue 1 is selling for over $150 currently.

Y is also on sale as trade paperbacks and 10+ issue deluxe editions, as well as a comprehensive Omnibus, which features all 60 issues in one huge tome.

That’s it for this party that we’ve arrived to twenty years late. Be sure to come back next week for a review of an amazing YA fiction novel we’re stoked to share with the world.

In the meantime, enjoy the awesome Y: The Last Man original cover art below.

See you next week.

Review by John Andreula

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