Meat and Potatoes

Tom Holland is starring in another movie franchise. This time he’s doing “Uncharted” which is based on the popular video game series. I don’t know, video game movies have a horrible track record at the box office, but this one looks a little bit different from the rest. Let’s see.

*The MEAT* *Basic* story here in between the action scenes. Nothing confusing or complicated, and you don’t have to overthink or read too much into anything. Just sit back and go with the ride.

*The POTATOES* I’ve said it before, Tom Holland will be the next big *Action Movie Star* and he proves this once again here. Tom brings that *Reluctant Hero* vibe with stunt movement that makes you believe that he is responding to circumstances he doesn’t belong in. Reminds me a little of Jackie Chan in that way. Mark Wahlberg also stars here, but he does a sub-par performance and I’m not sure if it is because his character is trying to keep you guessing or if he just thought he could phone this one in.

*The VERDICT* Turns out, “Uncharted” does deliver on the quintessential *Popcorn Action* movie formula. If you want to get away for a couple of hours and leave your brain at home, “Uncharted” is just the movie for you. Not a must see for sure, but definitely worth the price of a theater ticket because the action delivers, the locations are cool, and it is overall fun.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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