Classic Rock Wednesday

Listener here and I have to admit the working from home event spoiled me in relation to work and having something playing in the background. I could enjoy everything from my old movies, streaming new ones, or just having music going on. I found indulging my musical whims much easier than ever before and perhaps even got a little spoiled going where ever my mood moved me. Visiting old albums I hadn’t thought of in ages, doing an autobiographical tour of my musical life sparked by some random thought or something I had just finished watching. It was through this that I was reminded of an amazing song and just how skilled a performer this person was and then add the band behind him; there seemed to be no end in sight of the greatness they could achieve.

Of course, life happens while you’re making other plans and while the potential to create a musical empire was there, we are unfortunately left with a bloke stumbling around in his house. It’s hard to picture Ozzy Osbourne in any other setting now but there was a time he was more eccentric rock legend that was ready to stun and amaze us than the MTV Light version we later received. It was then that I remembered one of the greatest Black Sabbath songs and how it came crashing into the geek world like a crazy train restoring something to a lost image. Today I give you the video that demonstrates not only how great Sabbath is, or how well Ozzy can play the harmonica with this lost gem, but most of all just how magical all of this can be when you add Lord of the Rings to it. Here’s “The Wizard “for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday…Thursday Edition.

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