Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast! Bit of a lighter week as we take a walk down the comic aisle and Smurf shows off the titles that made it into his #Top5 must read. Sponsored by All C’s Collectibles with two locations and offering cash for the collectables you have outgrown and need to find a new home for. Stop by today, but in the mean time we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly:    

Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest #1> The Dark Knight. The Man of Steel. They are the two finest superheroes that the world has ever known…and they’re together again in an epic new series from the legendary talents of Mark Waid and Dan Mora!

In the not-too-distant past, Superman’s powers are super-charged from a devastating chemical attack by the villain Metallo…and the only ally that the ultra-powerful Man of Tomorrow can turn to in this turbulent hour is Gotham’s own dark vengeance: the Batman. A nearly fatal burst of power drives Bruce Wayne to his own extreme measures to help his friend…enlisting none other than the Doom Patrol for aid. It’s the world’s greatest superheroes from the world’s greatest comic book talent in an epic comic book experience that kicks off the next big events in the DCU. Get ready, it’s time to soar. (S) Mark Waid (A) Dan Mora

 Smurfs Take> DC always seems incomplete if there isn’t a Batman/Superman title going. Some of my favorite stories is the two of them teamed up and the stark contrast just makes for a fun read. I’m excited to see a different approach and if this is leading to a better direction for the DCU I’m all in for that.

Carnage #1> THE BLOODCURDLING CARNAGE SERIES YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! RAM V has carved a perfect home for himself in the symbiote corner of the Marvel U, and in this all-new ongoing series starring Venom’s most notorious offspring, that corner is about to get a little bit bigger…and bloodier! After the revelations of CARNAGE FOREVER, and in a year that’s set to be a celebration of all things CARNAGE, this is one symbiote story you cannot afford to miss! (S) Ram. V, David Michelinie (A) Francesco Manna, Ron Lim

 Smurfs Take> I try to avoid Carnage, but it’s moments like this that make it difficult. Marvel has been very successful at turn villains into their monthly title with compelling stories and I wonder if this might be the one for Carnage. I’m also wondering if we are going to see any fallout from the Black King story line that could put this over the top for me.  

Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher #1> In all of the Multiverse, there is only one “What If” world that Uatu has avoided watching – one “What If” that he never wished to see. And now it will be revealed – The story that could damn him for all time…and a revelation that could change everything in this universe. Guest starring the Fantastic Four, Galactus and the Silver Surfer. (S) Dan Slott (A) Javier Rodriguez

 Smurfs Take> I’m glad to see the Watcher returning more to the Marvel universe, due in part to the cinematic universe but I’ll take it. I do think he’s getting picked on a bit but maybe at the end of this story he won’t be dead.  

Justice League #74> Justice League Dark crossover conclusion! Another full double-size issue crossover spectacular as Xanadoth, the original Lord of Chaos, has returned. With unlimited power and revenge against all on its mind, the Lord of chaos has taken the form of Black Adam and no. One. Is. Safe. The final chapter of the Eisner-winning Bendis Justice League run wraps up with brand-new status quo for all! (S) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Emanuela Lupacchino, Szymon Kudranski

 Smurfs Take> I have loved Black Adam being involved with the Justice League! This has been a joy to read as Bendis has explored Black Adam and the League itself.

The Flash #780> Even the Fastest Man Alive can’t outrun all the danger of the War for Earth-3. Enlisted by his former teammates on the Teen Titans, Wally West helped bring the Titans to Earth-3 but will any of them make it home? Chased by Earth-3’s Johnny Quick, the Scarlet Speedster quickly finds himself running out of options. (S) Jeremy Adams (A) Will Conrad

 Smurfs Take> It’s good to have Wally back and in a story that seems well suited for the character. I like when we get to jump around the multiverse, a chance to see where things could have gone and also lets the writers cut lose.

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