Your Quarters Worth

Doctor Strange is hitting theaters this week complemented by the flood of different and new teasers we have seen through the week. The big impression and take away from the trailers so far and talk around the local shops is we are getting the X-Men introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Right or wrong who’s to say till we see the film and just how far we go into the Multiverse rabbit hole.

With all of this churning about in my mind I came up with a long list of questions regarding the X-Men. For instance, what team? How far back do you go? What would be the best stories to try and do now? How do you even introduce them to the Marvel Movies? It’s a long list like I said so I had to come up with answers and while one of my friends has a lengthy spreadsheet of where and when this all could work, I decided to take more of a “Back to basics” approach. Not to complicate it even further I went back to the source material which spans a total of 59 years, bringing me to the grand conclusion. It’s just too much.

After all of that and a cocktail to calm myself, I approached it like any true fan would in my position. Start with my favorite and work out, that’s when it hit me, and all became clear as a new quest started to form. I will focus on the best era of X-Men comics and work my way forward through all of the issues one by one. A quest of rediscovery, enlightenment, and some of the best stories the series has to offer. Starting with issue 200, set as the “Trial of Magneto” ushers in a new age for the X-Men as we start to see a change in the team lineup. Of course, this was 1985 and we had no clue to the frequent changes that lay ahead for us in the years to come but at the time had not happened all that often.

The Story: Is what’s advertised as a captured Magneto, thanks to Freedom Force is put on trial. There’s conflict on both sides as always for and against Mutant rights while some see villain others see hero calling “Free Magneto” as the trial begins. The proceedings are interrupted as the Fenris Twins would rather see a dead Magneto than any other outcome. It’s in this fight that Magneto earns his freedom as he shows his humanity by saving lives rather than taking them much to the surprise of the judge. By the issues end we get other revelations as Professor X leaves (for a considerable amount of time), Magneto joins the team, and a baby is on the way setting the stage for the next issue.

The Take: Plenty of “villains” had joined the team at this point most notable and recent was Rogue but no one of this caliber had crossed lines yet for the X-Men. It was a great twist and something the readers didn’t really expect. What this issue did and what the title excelled at during this time; shining a light on the gray area and what separates us. Great way to shake up the title leading to more changes in the coming issues concluding with one of the strongest of the X- Teams in my opinion. 

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