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#NewComicsDay and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast! Still catching up from the great haul of Free Comic Book Day but can’t miss out on the new titles this week. Here are the #Top5 picks and must read from Smurf you won’t want to miss, sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is paying cash every day for your unwanted collectables no appointment necessary. Now we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly!

Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1> Hulk and Thor have both undergone massive changes recently, but one thing remains constant — their heated rivalry! When mysterious circumstances bring them into conflict once more, will the God of Thunder be able to triumph against a Bruce Banner who can now control his rage? Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of both characters, this epic five-part crossover between the THOR and HULK series starts here in this oversized Alpha issue, brought to you by creators Donny Cates and Martin Coccolo! Key mysteries from both series will be revealed, as well as shocking consequences for the future of both characters! (Continued in May’s THOR #25 and HULK #7!) (S) Donny Cates (A) Gary Frank

 Smurfs Take> When it comes to the Hulk there are two classic face-offs that I love, the Thing and of course Thor. I’m happy to see Marvel getting back to some of the fundamentals and Hulk hating everyone is definitely a cornerstone for that and is one of the key arguments in comic shops around the world. A new story, a new take, and I’m buckled in ready for the rumble.    

Batgirls #6> With Babs kidnapped and tied down by Spellbinder, the Batgirls have to navigate through Tutor’s operations without an Oracle. Can Babs escape Spellbinder’s hypnosis before he’s done painting her to add to his collection of other drawings of beautiful young women? (S) Michael Conrad, Becky Cloonan (A) Jorge Corona

 Smurfs Take> There’s so many things that are right about this book I could easily fill a page. Some parts feel like an updated Birds of Prey with the strong character development and dialogue between the Batgirls. Other parts are new as we see the different perspectives from a couple of characters that were lost in the background of the rest of the Bat Family or just forgotten. The villains have kept us guessing and it all comes together for something great to read for all ages.     

King Conan #4> FATHER VS. SON! CONAN fought his way to the crown of Aquilonia…but the most difficult battle is yet to come! Yes, it’s KING CONAN versus CONAN II, A.K.A. CONN, in a duel that will change the course of the Hyborian Age! Plus: The sinister hand of THOTH-AMON enters the fray – is he truly the foe Conan has believed him to be all these decades? (S) Jason Aaron (A) Mahmud Asrar

 Smurfs Take> Soooo much Conan and all is right with the world.

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1> A BLOOD MOON RISES – AND ITS CONTENTS ARE BLACK, WHITE & RED! A bevy of comicdom’s finest creators put their mark upon the Fist of Khonshu in stories depicted in stark black, white and blood-red! Jonathan Hickman and Chris Bachalo introduce the all-different Moon Knight of the future! Marc Guggenheim and Jorge Fornés tell a Moon Knight adventure in reverse! And Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande team the white-clad crusader up with the Amazing Spider-Man for a harrowing night of adventure! (S) Jonathan Hickman, Marc Guggenheim, Murewa Ayodele (A) Jorge Fornes, Chris Bachali, Akands Adedotun

 Smurfs Take> Other titles have seen some success with this format, and I think this might be the perfect one for Moon Knight. He’s a fun character but as we have seen in the past might not be the strongest one to carry a full ongoing title but in a shorter story horror approach could thrive. I’m excited to see what Hickman has to offer on this first issue but I could see this becoming a big hit coming off the successes of the Disney+ series.  

Grim #1> Jessica Harrow is dead. But her journey has only just begun!
Discover the world of the afterlife, where Jessica has been recruited as a Reaper, tasked with ferrying countless souls to their final destination.
But unlike the rest of the Reapers, she has no memory of what killed her and put her into this predicament.
In order to unravel the mystery of her own demise, she’ll have to solve an even bigger one – where is the actual GRIM REAPER?

From acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) and fan favorite artist Flaviano (New Mutants) comes a bold new vision of what comes after, and the nature of death itself! (S) Stephanie Phillips (A/CA) Flaviano

 Smurfs Take> Really getting the “Dead Like Me” vibe for this one with a more serious tone and less humor. Boom has some great and unique titles that really deliver on the story aspect, and I don’t think get enough credit for that. Something a little different than your average title and a great way to close out the week.

FCBD 2022 SW Boba Fett Nowhere to Hide L3D ½ Scale Bust> A Gentle Giant Ltd. release! Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler, Boba Fett is Back in Black! For his comic book event, Nowhere to Hide, the Fett dons all-black armor, and the result is quite possibly the coolest thing anyone has ever seen. This scale, approximately 10-inch bust features detailed sculpting and paint applications, and is limited to only 1000 pieces. It comes packaged with a numbered certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Joe Menna! Limit one per account.

 Smurfs Take> Super limited but looks amazing and if you can find one don’t pass on it, this needs to be in your home today!

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