Classic Rock Wednesday

There have been very few bands that find just as much success doing covers as they do performing their own material. A few years ago I talked about one of the songs that had a hauntingly powerful ballad mostly because of the lead singers vocal range and skill, not to dismiss the qualities of the song or the meaning but it was elevated a few levels to be sure. I decided to revisit that band today for Legends covering Legends with another song that could be considered by some better than the original.  

Disturbed stunned fans with “The Sounds of Silence”, while staying within their wheelhouse delivering a much edgier song demonstrated a deeper underling passion. The same can be said for their version of Stings “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You”; another song that you wouldn’t expect from the likes of Disturbed and a level that Sting might struggle to deliver. Honestly the tone set for the song by Disturbed is vastly different than the one from Sting decades prior with a subtle buildup then a massive delivery on power with vocals and accompanying instruments. Better than the original? Who’s to say, but each version has a different message to deliver, I’m the Listener and for your Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday Edition I give you “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” by Disturbed.

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