Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast! Con season is in full force but if you’re looking to catch your breath or just take a break from the lines and madness here is Smurf with his top 5 must read for the week. Once you feel refreshed and ready for more check out the All C’s Collectibles Fan Expo at a new location, but for now we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly: 

Batgirls #7> With the Batgirls’ damaged reputation still on the line and repairs on the Clock Tower well under way, Babs just might have finally found the key to their redemption. Meanwhile, serial killer the Hill Ripper is still on the loose! The girls receive their first major break in the case from an unlikely source-unfortunately for them, the main suspect is among the most enigmatic and dangerous villains in all of Gotham! (S) Michael Conrad, Becky Clooman (A) Jorge Corona, Robbi Rodriguez

 Smurfs Take> I really liked the first arc. Fun, different yet has a bit of a comfortable, familiar feel to it. Best of all in my opinion is the fact they are out from under the Batman’s shadow. It seems to be the trend in all of the Bat-Family books and I’m alright with that. Excited to see where it goes, and I hope we get more Babs Batgirl moments as well but that’s really the only constructive critique I have so far.   

A Town Called Terror #3> “TRANSFORMATION”
In the violence of dealing with old enemies, we find out just what makes Henry a monster. Reuniting with his two younger siblings softens him enough to agree to stay and search for his mother. Meanwhile, Julie finds help through a sympathetic detective. (S) Steve Niles (A) Szymon Kudranski

 Smurfs Take> It’s titles like this that remind me why I love horror comics so much! Great story, awesome visuals and best of all I’m still thinking about it after I finish reading it. Great way to bring back the childhood EC moments!

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2> WITNESS LOKI 2099! THE PRINCE OF LIES — last survivor of Asgard’s Ragnarok, sponsored by ALCHEMAX’s Aesir program — is now THE PRINCE OF OUTCASTS. While THE CABAL preys upon society’s dregs, LOKI schemes to resurrect Asgard on his own terms. But when Loki’s involved, can mischief be far behind? What’s the secret of Loki’s last trick, and how does it affect the future of Asgard and Midgard alike?

(S) Steve Orlando (A) Marco Catiello

 Smurfs Take> I think one of the ways the original 2099 titles failed was lack of character introductions and the ones they did seem poorly conceived. I get that it was the 90’s and they were just trying to pump out   

Iron Man #20> TONY STARK POPS THE QUESTION! With Korvac, the Power Cosmic and a nasty morphine addiction now behind him, a freshly humanized Tony Stark has returned from rehab to the world hoping to show folks that’s he’s okay, highly functional and ready to re-engage. So of course it’s time for him to face off against an angry hyper-intelligent gorilla. When the public unveiling of a new Stark Supercomputer goes awry and the machine’s hairy 400-lb chess opponent decides to break loose in the city, it all leaves Tony feeling a little anxious. Can Patsy Walker provide any shelter in this new storm, or does it just mean more clouds are gathering? (S) Christopher Cantwell (A) Angel Unzueta

 Smurfs Take> Will he? Won’t he? I love the road they have Tony on right now and has had some of the most compelling stories in ages.

Seven Sons #1> JAE LEE returns to creator-owned comics with his first new title since 1994, a seven-issue limited series. SEVEN SONS is The Fugitive meets the Book of Revelation. Delph, a young man who may be the Second Coming of Christ, runs for his life as he attempts to learn the truth behind his existence. (S) Robert Windom, Kelvin Mao (A) Jae Lee

 Smurfs Take> This is the best news I have heard all day! The return of Jae is fantastic and the pages I have seen from this series look amazing. The story does seem like a bit of a repeat, but I think it’s a perfect fit for his art style, especially after his run on the Dark Tower series. This will be awesome!

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