Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsday and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast! Another week of gems and excitement await between the pages of your favorite titles. Or perhaps it’s time to discover new ones with the help of Smurfs #Top5 must read picks sponsored by All C’s Collectibles. Two locations to help you with all your collecting needs but for now we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly:

Fables #152> One of the most famous Fables of all might be restored to her former glory, but it’s not going to come without a cost. The benefactor behind her magical resurrection has also come to collect from Geppetto, who we learn has a few strings of his own. Is this godlike being really the one behind the rise of the Empire? And why only now have they returned with a vengeance? (S) Bill Willingham (A) Mark Buckingham

 Smurfs Take> The return of Fables and it did not disappoint! Choosing to focus on the aftermath of the battel, Fable Town exposed, and still a few characters running around in the background with their own plans was perfect. This series for me has been desperately missed for story, art, and just style. There’s no other book on the shelves like it!   

Black Adam #1> This is the reality Teth-Adam, immortal man of indomitable will, must face when he discovers he has been infected with an incurable plague destroying his immortality. Haunted by the specter of centuries of dark deeds, Black Adam transfers his powers to a worthy successor who will redeem Adam’s legacy and defend their ancestral homeland of Kahndaq, only to subsequently become mystically “handcuffed” to him when Adam’s plague is arrested, giving birth to perhaps the most volatile and dysfunctional super-team in DC history! Powered by stunning art by Rafa Sandoval (Justice League) and breathtaking painted covers by Irvin Rodriguez (Detective Comics), writer Christopher Priest (Deathstroke, Justice League) brings his trademark wit and skill for character deconstruction to an entirely fresh examination of the man you love to hate! Get ready to ride the lightning! (S) Christopher Priest (A) Rafa Sandoval

 Smurfs Take> Lots of questions for me surrounding this title and some head scratching. I love the character and I think everyone is well aware of that, and with the move on the horizon I know this is DC trying to capitalize on Adam being in the spotlight. I just hope they have a plan and not just creating something for the sake of doing it and end up wrecking the character.     

Maestro: World War M #4> A gigantic enemy has Maestro running for cover as he scrambles for a way to win this fight. But as the changing tides sow discord amongst his enemies, the answer may be right in front of him — as long as no one interferes… It’s all leading to next month’s epic finale! (S) Peter David (A) German Peralta

 Smurfs Take> This should be called the Superior Hulk!

New Fantastic Four #1> SPIDER-MAN! GHOST RIDER! WOLVERINE! HULK! When these unlikely heroes first banded together to become the NEW FANTASTIC FOUR, they made Marvel history. Now this fan-favorite team returns in an all-new adventure written by Peter David! Set shortly after the events of the group’s first appearance, brace yourself for a wild ride and guest stars aplenty — including the original FF. Plus, a series of mystery villains that you’ll never see coming! (S) Peter David (A) Alan Robinson

 Smurfs Take> A blast from the past as Marvel continues to build off the success of these gap filler stories. They all have been entertaining and I’m sure this will be no exception since this team made it a whole three issues. Grated it was the only way Marvel could think to bring their most popular characters of the time together, this should be a great visit to a childhood favorite.   

Punisher War Journal: Blitz #1> THE TRICK IS TO INVENT A WAR WORTH FIGHTING.Finn Fratz knows that if you want people to hate each other, a Banner cannon in the right pair of hands goes a long way. The aging war profiteer earned his spot on the Punisher’s kill list well before he adopted the moniker Hate-Monger, but he has proven an elusive man. Now, with the Hand at his disposal, Frank Castle is ready to smoke him out. But not only has Hate-Monger gone to ground, he’s fighting back. Good for him. It’s not going to change anything but the death toll. Torunn Grønbekk and Lan Medina join forces to bring you the first of three thrilling tales from between the pages of PUNISHER, exploring Frank’s new modus operandi through some of his deadliest missions yet… (S) Torunn Gronbekk (A) Lan Medina

 Smurfs Take> The exploration of the Punisher character has taken some weird and wild turns. It feels like Marvel is trying to find the perfect fit for him in the new MCU while staying true to the character and his mission. Going back to the War Journal title may or may not be the best choice in my mind and it’s starting to feel like Ghost Rider in that no one knows just what to do with the character. I will give it a couple of issues, just to see what new chaos they have chosen but I fear this might end up forgotten in a box.

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