Adventures in Cosplay

A new sponsor for the page as we introduce Black Sheep Props who shows off some incredible skill in creating EVA foam props. Going to start with an iconic blaster from Blade Runner that is now living here in the 5280 Geek Studios. We will go step by step through how to make an EVA foam prop – Syd Mead’s Blaster from Blade Runner! Making an EVA foam cosplay prop is easy, and we’ll show you how to do it. You can make your very own cosplay prop by watching this video! Making foam props is easy to learn and we’ll help you do it. Making an EVA foam Syd Mead Blaster will be covered in very simple step by step instructions. So come hang out with us and learn how to make your very own Syd Mead Blaster!

#Cosplay #PropBuild #DIY #EVAFoam #AdventuresinCosplay #Scifi #BladeRunner #SydMead #Prop #BlackSheepProps #MomentofGeek #Popculture #5280Geek #StayGeeky


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