Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast! A new week and that means whole new batch of comics hitting the shelves at your local shop. Or try one of the two locations of our sponsor All C’s Collectibles for the latest in card’s, toys, and comics. For now, we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly:

DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead #1> Berlin, 1944. The Nazis are besieged on all fronts by the Allied forces. Defeat is inevitable. But Hitler and his team of evil scientists attempt a last-ditch effort that may turn the tide of the war and rewrite history itself: a serum that resurrects their dead soldiers, stronger than they were in life, and sends them back into the battlefield. Now Sgt. Frank Rock and Easy Company have been dispatched into enemy territory to face off against the strangest, most horrific enemies they’ve ever encountered: Nazi zombies! Horror icon Bruce Campbell and comics legend Eduardo Risso bring you a terror-soaked Sgt. Rock tale like no other! (S) Bruce Campbell (A) Eduardo Risso  

 Smurfs Take> I talked about this on my podcast a few months ago and I can’t wait to dive into this one. I did enjoy the old Sgt. Rock series and them adding a horror element is even better. This is the perfect platform to merger classic war with horror, always loved the haunted the tank….oh and did I mention Bruce “Army of Darkness” Campbell is writing the story.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5> Gotham’s most wanted, Jackie Quinzel, has been spotted at Wayne Industries! Now it’s up to the former vigilante Bruce Wayne and his new sidekick, The Joker, to break her out. But Derek Powers is always one step ahead, with tech ready to combat any tricks they may have up their sleeves. Is the dynamic duo doomed? Plus, the showdown you’ve been waiting for…Jason Todd versus Dick Grayson! Who’s the best Robin? Find out this issue! (S) Sean Murphy (A) Sean Murphy

 Smurfs Take> Not cannon but maybe it should be? Some really outside the box ideas and story going on between these pages and it’s glorious. Murphy continues to build a world for the Bat unlike anything we have seen in a title before and while it may be a little unconventional it’s checking all of the right boxes for me.  

Wild Cards: The Drawing of Cards #3> THE SLEEPER WAKES! The Wild Card virus had many different strange effects…but few stranger than those it wrought on Croyd Crenson, the Sleeper. The adaptation of the first book of George R.R. Martin’s super-powered alternate history continues, adapting the first appearance of the fan-favorite character created by Roger Zelazny. (S) Paul Cornell (A) Enid Balam

 Smurfs Take> One of my favorite characters in the entire series of the books. As I said with issue two, everything is going like I thought and no major differences from the novels just a different order than I recall and that’s fine. The Sci-Fi element is there along with a great story that’s been a fun read and more of a stroll down memory lane for me than anything else. For the new reader it’s something different and not your typical cape’s style story.

Thor #27> Donny Cates writes Venom once again, alongside guest artist Salvador Larroca! In this team-up of kings, Thor, King of Asgard, and Eddie Brock, King in Black, must set aside their personal differences to save the one thing they both love: Earth! (S) Al Ewing, Donny Cates (A) Salvador Larroca

 Smurfs Take> Thor continues to be a solid hit for me. The stories have been fun and a little different than the typical drink, talk funny, and smash the bad guys with his hammer. More excited to see Donny back for this issue and what he contributes with the Venom element of the story.

DC Vs. Vampires #9> Road trip! Our heroes split up and spread out across the globe to prepare for the final strikes against the vampire kingdom! Will Green Arrow’s mission force him to battle one of his oldest friends? What horrors await the Birds of Prey inside the ruins of Gotham? And does Black Manta’s secret mean a watery grave for Supergirl? However, nothing goes unnoticed by Nightwing, the Vampire King, and unimaginable horrors await the heroes at every turn…no one is safe as the blockbuster series continues! (S) Mathew Rosenberg (A) Otto Schmidt

 Smurfs Take> A carnage filled love letter to the horror and comic book fans alike. Been onboard since the start and going to ride it to the end, if for nothing else just to see who’s left standing, classic comic story.

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