Meat and Potatoes

I would categorize “Triangle of Sadness” as an *Artsy Film*. A movie that is low budget with a lot of actors and actresses that you never heard of before with a director that gets a chance to film a movie the exact way he wants to without the big wigs at Hollywood to interfere. Usually, these films are never heard of until they get awards from film festivals that we never knew existed. But the one thing you can count on is that these movies are far from predictable and that makes them fun to experience.

*The MEAT* The story is *Something Beyond Explanation* and I say that in a good way. It starts off making you think if you are in the right movie theater, then it hits you with scenes that makes you question, what is the point here? All the while it makes you think and that probably for good or bad did leave an impression with me that stayed awhile.

*The POTATOES* The acting was “Great” mainly because you never seen these performers before so they really seem like you are watching normal people interact. The exception here is Woody Harrelson yes, he has a small but memorable role in this film that is just perfect for him so he doesn’t ruin anything.

*The VERDICT* I don’t know what to think of this film. The acting was great, the story was original with twists and turns that kept you thinking, but some scenes will be burned into your memory forever, be warned. It will make you laugh out loud while simultaneously cringing with hands over your face afraid to see what’s on the screen. I mean, “Triangle of Sadness” puts you in another world that you love and hate. It *Genuinely is Original*and Artsy for sure with a message that can be debated for years to come. I liked it, but you don’t have to see it on the big screen, it can be enjoyed at home just the same.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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