Your Quarters Worth

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here as I look back over the ten years of the Walking Dead. I remember starting out with some of my very first blogs, comparing the show to the comic for the first couple of seasons. Of course, as the show continued and diverge further and further from the comic’s that became increasingly difficult. Now that final episode of the series of the final season has aired and the completion of the comic series long in the review mirror it only seemed fitting for one final take to say goodbye to a series that held such a command over my viewing schedule.  

It’s been a long and twisty road to get here and part of me is relieved and the other is somewhat disappointed. Yes, this show was successful in delivering some epic TV over the years and it might have gone a few seasons longer than it should have as it diverged further and further from the comic. That’s to be expected and in some cases even better if you’re looking to capture the new and faithful alike but over time it might have been the shows undoing. Characters that never existed in the comic taking the forefront, some getting a further lease on life than they ever did in the book while others befell their same predetermined fate. In some instances, sooner than expected or other characters that got picked up along the way suffering a grizzled end because who wants to waste a perfectly death sequence. The contrasts varied but managed to keep the fans at the edge of their chair even if you “thought you knew” where it was going it didn’t matter.


Nothing speaks louder to that than the final season as it feels like we ended up right where we started off. Still working loosely from the comic at this point but missing key characters to the story the show ends as it should along with the loss of a few characters that weren’t all that surprising when you think about it. Even with emotions running high for “The Final Episode” it’s difficult to get misty over when they’re showing ads for all the new shows that are soon to follow. Not only promising this isn’t the last time we will see these characters but soon to be reunited with a few that have been painfully missing. Leaving us to view this as just another season finale waiting to see what they do next year or asking the question of do we care.

In the comics it ends with Rick, like Kirkman always said it would because its Rick’s story told through his eyes. In the final issue we do get a few looks at “where are they now” for the characters that survived, mostly Carl, but the story has a rather poetic end in my opinion with the overall message sooner or later everyone dies. The show took a different more uplifting approach focusing on Rick’s words “We’re the ones who live” showing the determination of the group believing the world and people are something worth fighting for. Or it’s a better way to set the stage for the shows soon to follow.

If anything, the new shows will get out from under the shadow of the comic giving the stories a chance to stand out as before with powerful character development and performances; “All Clear” comes to mind immediately. Let’s face it; this is all character driven and the dead are merely the backdrop for something to help develop not define the characters. There are some that have excelled as a shiny example of what’s possible when a character is properly crafted… IE Daryl and Carol. One that never existed in the comic and the other never even making it this far, prove to be a driving force for the stories and fan favorites.  While you have characters like Gabriel, who I didn’t care all that much for in the comics evolving past any expectations as a steadfast leader and Ezekiel the leader we knew he could be but never got the chance. I know the argument could be made they were the only characters left to do anything with but even if that’s true it still takes time and care to build these people up, for fans to form an emotional attachment to and what the Walking Dead was so skilled at doing. I know however the biggest disappointment was Negan and some fans claim that’s where the decline began. Was the expectation too much from the comic? Was the approach to the character wrong? Is the failure of the character because Rick wasn’t there? There are some large contrasts between the show and comic versions of the character. The looming question being is Negan redeemable? Maggie has a powerful exchange with Negan at the end of the show, to help come to terms with the way things are but feels more awkward than realistic. In the comics his fate is left a little more open and vaguer having learned his lesson but habits being what they are.     

I know we can see the return of compelling characters and well-crafted stories as demonstrated in the spectacular first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead. Even within the short time of the episode I totally fell in love with both Olivia and Terry’s characters and want to see more. In fact, all of the following episodes have been great and have exceeded any expectations on my part unlike Fear the Walking Dead which has always been a hit or miss for me…. mostly miss to the point of abandoning it all together. So, as we ride off with Daryl in the closing moments of the Walking Dead, with his final words being “I’m not gonna stop till I find out.” feels more like the new mantra for the fans moving forward. So many lose ends, so many things to find out, and stories to tell makes you wonder if it will ever end…. but then again should it. Where would we be without our Walking Dead Fix? And while I may complain and pick different things apart, I have enjoyed the ride so far with no real reason to get off until we finally reach the end. Will the fans return? I’m sure many out there are like me feeling the same way with no desire to give up while so many things are left hanging out there. That’s just my take……Stay Geeky.

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