Meat and Potatoes

“Avatar” blew me away in 2009. The new 3D effects that James Cameron introduced to theaters at the time changed the way I looked at movies and it was awesome. Now “Avatar: The Way of Water” the long-awaited sequel that only took 13 years to make is out and I’m hearing people either love it or hate it. But one thing’s for sure, it is LONG, like 3 and a half hours long. Couple that with a half hour of Previews and you better be prepared for a 4 hour experience.

*The MEAT* The story is a continuation from the first movie where the main characters have a family and that becomes priority number one for Jake Sully. Nothing special here, the focus of James Cameron was special effects and that was amazing. As for the story, *Not so Much*.

*The POTATOES* The acting was *Good*. Cameron did figure out a way to bring my favorite character back from the first film which was Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang and that was cool because he was awesome in the first film. But everyone was animated, so it is very hard to judge the acting.

*The VERDICT* Something about this movie just didn’t sit well with me afterwards. It took a few days to take it all in and think about it because “Avatar 2” did have a lot of action and the special effects were *Incredibly Amazing* which made it a fun ride, however I’m seriously asking myself if I saw a live action movie or a very well made cartoon. There just weren’t enough humans in this film, if that makes any sense? So, my recommendation comes down to this. “Avatar 2” is not as good as the first film, but it is entertaining and runs pretty fast, meaning it doesn’t seem that long. But, if you want to still see it, you must see it on the big screen because you cannot have the same experience at home. It is at least, *That Visually Stunning*.

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And have a Very Merry Christmas!

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