Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and it’s a great day to be a comic book enthusiast everyone! New books to read and worlds to explore with your guide Smurf and his #Top5 must read comics of the week including his take on the issue. Sponsored by the free to attend All C’s Fan Expo Presented by Aurora Rise Spring 2023 April 7- April 9 who doesn’t love a free con; but for now we’ve got five stacked high ready to fly:  

Fables #158> A chance encounter between the Wolf children and Pan escalates into a battle of sky-high proportions that’ll leave one of them beaten and bruised. But a far worse fate has fallen on the inhabitants of the Black Forest, casting a shadow of death and destruction that will shake Bigby and Sam to their core. (S) Bill Willingham (A) Mark Buckingham

 Smurfs Take> One of the best villains this title has seen in a long time. Not since the identity of the Adversary was in question has it been this good. Pan is perfect! Love how they are building up the cubs and the expanding Fable town.

Batman-One Bad Day Ra’s Al Ghul #1> WHY WON’T BATMAN SAVE THE WORLD?! For centuries Ra’s al Ghul has wanted to save the Earth from the worst of humankind, and for centuries he has failed. Recently his greatest obstacle has been the Dark Knight Detective, Batman. Ra’s offered Batman a chance to be a part of his new world order, but Batman refused. For years their cold war has raged, but Ra’s will have no more. Ra’s will remove Batman from the equation and save the world, re-creating it in his image and bringing the peace and prosperity all the good-hearted souls of this Earth deserve. Don’t miss this epic tragedy from the all-star creative team of Tom Taylor (Nightwing, Superman: Son of Kal-El, DCeased) and Ivan Reis (Detective Comics, Blackest Night): the last of the One Bad Day specials, and one of the most epic to date. (S) Tom Taylor (A) Ivan Reis

 Smurfs Take> Saving the best for last as we close out this series. This has been a fun read and it’s great to see DC taking the time to explore some of the villains that have been neglected over that past few years. I’ve always loved the relationship and the dynamic between these two characters. It would be so easy for Batman to join Ra’s and the conflict it creates is fantastic.

Plush #5> Sheriff Brottman and his brood of redneck executioners have infiltrated the mansion of our serial-killing, cannibalistic furries. And with Devin stuck handcuffed in a room full of dead bodies, he only has one option available… embrace his inner “princessa.”  (S) Doug Wagner (A) Daniel Hillyard

 Smurfs Take> Such a weird and twisted little book and it’s fantastic. I can’t tell you why I love this book so much, maybe it’s because it’s such nonsense and something completely unexpected. I’m not sure how long they can keep this going for but as of right now….worth the ride.

Doctor Strange #1> Stephen Strange is back! Reunited with Clea and Wong, it’s back to business as usual for the Sorcerer Supreme. Have your children fallen into a deep nightmarish slumber? Are demonic refugees invading your home? Is your husband possessed by a satanic entity? Then call Doctor Strange! Join Jed MacKay (MOON KNIGHT, BLACK CAT) and Pasqual Ferry (NAMOR: CONQUERED SHORES, SPIDER-MAN: SPIDER’S SHADOW, THOR) as they begin a new chapter in the life of the Master of the Mystic Arts! (S) Jed Mackay (A) Pasqual Ferry

 Smurfs Take> The last few series with Doctor Strange were very well done, and Strange Academy is still one of my favorite titles out of Marvel right now. I like the world that was built off the principle there being a cost to magic, it led to some compelling and great stories. I’m not sure what to expect with the return of the good Doctor and hope to see just as strong stories as before, it just seems Marvel has always struggled with the mystic stories. Guess we will see.

Punisher #10> At last, the Fist of the Beast has fully risen, and the full power of the new Punisher is unleashed upon the world. It’s a bad day to be a bad guy. Meanwhile, Frank’s wife, Maria, uncovers more dark secrets from the past, including more missing pieces of the Punisher’s origin. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta

 Smurfs Take> Well talk about taking a character to all new levels, this would be that title. I do think Marvel is trying to move closer to the Cosmic Ghost Rider character and storyline and I’m alright with that. I think Marvel has a decent direction for the character and excited to see where it goes.

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