Dead Zone

Caution….The article in front of you may contain spoilers…Reader discretion is advised Walking Dead Service

It’s one thing to hear about the new world order but it’s entirely different when it comes home, walks right through the front door and puts up their feet on the coffee table. The day of dread is here as Negan strolls through the front gates of Alexandrea as the big bad wolf but whereas the three little pigs had someplace to go, Rick and his group have no place to run.

It’s the Negan show, all Negan all the time, every channel all day long and at the end I guarantee it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. What Jeffery Dean Morgan has done is the perfect blend of page and character meeting the screen I have ever seen. To sit and watch Negan stroll around the streets of Alexandrea, to have Rick carry Lucile, and act like he did was just stomach wrenching. I knew this day would come, and in the comics, you see the absolute worst of Negan but when you witness the mastery at which Morgan takes the Negan character for a walk in this episode is a classic in the making. When you compare Negan to the Governor you see the stark contrast from the simple manipulations and reason of the Governor and the basic brutality of Negan. You always had a basic understanding and almost sympathetic pull with the Governor knowing he was trying to do for the greater good and with Negan that couldn’t be further from the truth. I had always wished we could have seen the two face off in the comic, who could have been the one true villain but the pure effortless level of deplorable actions that Negan seems to operate at is mind blowing. You know the rules but you never know when Negan could change them, adjust them, like we witnessed tonight. Yes; your actions dictate the environment for him to operate in but it could be just as simple as the wrong look to set all of that in motion. What we witnessed tonight was the further breaking of Rick and setting those rules further into stone as we come close to losing Olivia over a couple of handguns. Even the closing scene of the burning mattresses showing they don’t need them but we can take what we want because we can and not out of need. No one died tonight but you could see the spirit of Alexandria begin to crack and fade as Rick come right out and tells everyone Negan is now in charge and that is how it will be. Tomorrow is for Negan, and the day after that and the day after that as he informs Rick to go out there and earn for him and to find him something interesting or someone else will die when he comes back. Best of all and my moment of the night are Negan’s final words to Rick lifted right off the page involving Rick’s throat and saying thank you and delivered with such zeal.

What’s Left? Is there any hope? Rick holding back with everything it takes so people don’t die is about all he can do right now. The question is brought up, if Rick had made a deal could this have been avoided. The answer is no. Simple. There is always an example that needs to be set and that is how Negan operates and if it wasn’t on that road it could very well have been inside their very own walls. How long will Rick be able to take this and keep everyone in line? I have a feeling this is going to go all season as we watch a Rick we never thought we would see. Carl is staying true to form as a pain in the ass just like he was in the comic but I have a feeling we are going to see another roll change between him and Daryl. I know right now it doesn’t look good for the guy, acting like the whipped puppy not bold enough to look anyone in the eyes. A look at his former self before the fall when he was nothing more than a background to his brother Merle just blending in. There is no way Daryl would give up like he has and in his mind, is waiting for the right moment and depending on Rick to let him know when that is. In the comic Carl spends some time with the Saviors and leads to some interesting conversations between him and Negan and I think that is how they are going to spin this for Daryl. Especially now that Dwight has taken everything that was Daryl’s given they are the same character just different sides of the coin. What it comes down to is acceptance is the new law of the land but when you have Father Gabriel the voice of reason watch out. Of all the characters his would have been the last I would have expected to see that from including him growing a spine and his quick thinking to fool Negan. Gabriel’s unwavering faith in Rick and knowing they will find a way was inspiring and for a moment you saw the old Rick but you also saw the fear take over and not wanting to lose anyone else. The best of all was how they explained it, how to make the viewer not only understand but feel it as Rick explains his relationship with Shane and knowing full well that Judith is not his kid but he is her father no matter what.


Dead Zone

Walking Dead The Cell

Caution…The article in front of you may contain spoilers…Reader discretion is advised.

Dwight has Daryl’s crossbow, his bike and even his angle wings…it’s like he’s trying to be Daryl. He works his way through the dead as Daryl works his way through the saviors. There is a parallel being formed between Daryl and Dwight which is fitting not only because Daryl is inspired from Dwight who did exist in the comics while Daryl didn’t. It’s also good because we love Daryl (shut up you love Daryl, we all swing that way for Daryl) and right now it’s time to be back on Dwight’s side and see this dick-bag as a person. This is something that hasn’t happened since Daryl (yay Daryl) met Dwight out in the woods back before we knew what a savorer was. And the characters in the show are picking up the similarities too.

“You can be like them or me…or them.”-Dwight to Daryl

Negan points it out too at the end of the episode as part of his pep talk to Daryl but also and more screwing with Dwight.

Dwight’s character goes through a lot of trouble and people to make his sandwich. Succulent victory of being on the right side of the group, who cares that it comes at the cost of kneeling to a sick man with a sick bat.

But as good as that sandwich has to be, Dwight’s bite seems to have a bitter taste which is direct contrast to the hungry and sort of gratitude that Daryl eats his sandwich. A sandwich made with bread and dog food fed to Daryl, naked in a cell. The quiet acceptance of swallowing what’s fed and being left in the dark.

Just do what they say. It’ll get better if you let it. This is the only way. Negan will take care of you.  But while everyone believes their words, they come with a bitter taste.

Dwight and Sherry ask and reply a ritual of right questions with correct answers that no one is believing. Are you treated good? Are you happy? They know they’re not fooling anyone and Dwight reminds himself that it’s better than being dead.

This random dude, Gordon, running away is the voice of all our minds. A thug swoops in with a baseball bat and smile. There is only one of him and all of us so why live this way. It’s the big question since the premier; it’s a big issue we’ve all been upset about, not just who died. Gordon declares is ready to die rather than bend to the mad man any more, still there are threats of more he can lose.

Honestly, out here in the audience on the safe couch, I want to cheer for the man willing to die as a symbolic middle finger to the man Negan and his stupid baseball bat, but I’m too scared. Because while I don’t know this man, this nameless character, he is me. He is all of us who threw our hands up during the premier and screamed WHY! He is what we want every extra just beyond the circle of light, watching Abraham getting his head bashed in and doing nothing to be. This no name, throw away man in the middle of the road on a subplot we know nothing about is making us all tear up because he’s the only sense still in the world. “This is the last time I’m going to kneel.”

“You won but you know there’s nothing left.” –Gordon to Dwight

It’s not enough to die. It’s not enough to kill. It must be on Negan’s terms. It is always about control. It is always about being in everyone’s head. It is always about there being no other voice in everyone’s head but the sick man with the mean bat.


Dead Zone

The Walking Dead: A Day Will Come

Caution…. the article in front of you may contain spoiler’s…. reader discretion is advised.

How do you open the new season of the Walking Dead after one of the best cliffhangers of the show yet least of all in TV history? Drawing the comparison lines between the comic and the show can sometimes be difficult just because you never know what twist or divergent from the comic they may take for drama or story reasons. Tonight, has got to be the all-time mother of twists and blending of the comic to show I have ever witnessed.

Tonight they go so past the comics but expand so deeply at the same time with a story that I thought was so complete and perfect to begin with I was worried they wouldn’t be able to compare. To be fair with a couple exceptions they haven’t been too far off the mark when it comes to exceeding the comic nor fans expectations in the story telling department. We have however become a little spoiled when it comes characters and when and sort of who to expect to lose along the way. Last season we got off somewhat easy I think when it came to losing people as the core group stayed intact, couple close calls and a big of question of is he or isn’t he but we should have known that was not going to last for long. Negan comes to town swinging a big stick and isn’t afraid to use it and we get to see that up close and personal. What the best part for me tonight was the waiting, the who did Negan go after to settle the score. It was during the breaking of Rick that we start to relive the moments and see it from his point of view. In the comic’s it was sort of a lay down and that’s great and works in the book but the exquisite storytelling and dialogue for Negan in the show was heart stopping. Rick fighting, being brave, and not willing to bend sets Negan off giving the perfect opportunity to expand on his character in was they never could in the comic. It takes him to a whole new level of depth and making him so much worse than the comic and that is saying something. Negan needs to make his point and cannot have Rick thinking there is even an outside chance he can fight him and make it out of this without serious reproductions. Negan lets Rick know that at multiple times during the RV ride that at any point he can kill him, or anyone in the group and continues to drive it home by repeating “Think about what happened, think about what can happen.” While taking Rick to the very edge of who he is. That whole trip with just the two of them is stellar storytelling going back to the burning logs and the guy Rick let die hanging from the bridge reminding him just how helpless he is. For a moment, I even had the idea Negan was going to cut Ricks hand off with his own axe just to prove it’s his and he can do what he wants. That would have been a lot more merciful than what did happen and with one of the most brutal moments I have seen in the show yet.          

 I have said multiple times one of the most disturbing images I have seen in comics is issue 100 of The Walking Dead. Just to see it brought to life, front and center is something else entirely and AMC did not shy away letting us see it and soak it in. I squirmed enough with the flashes of characters it could be during the breaking of Rick to toy with us and I felt I was prepared for that ultimate end for whom ever it was. I was right, and the end of last season and during any conversation I have said it was Abraham that fell victim to Lucile. The set up was all there, his story was complete and it only made sense since the Doctor ended up getting taken out the way he was in the comic. He was a trooper, great final words and defiant to the end, the best way I think Abraham could go given his story to that point. It’s what happened next that left my mind blown and at a total loss. In a fit of rage and in true Daryl fashion gives Negan a shot to the jaw, the fighter to the end God love him. Negan did warn them the first outburst from Glen was excused, the first one was free and you would think Daryl would suffer for it. But instead we lose a second major character crossing so many lines crushing anything we have come to expect on the show as to how far they really will go. We get to see Glens beating verbatim from the comics dialog and all right down to the bad joke leaving you horrified and at a total loss of what could happen next. Right back to the feeling of no one is safe and it might not end with just the two of them who else could Negan go after just because he can and to get Rick in line. We don’t wait long as the most tension filled moment of the show comes as Negan tells Rick to cut off Carl’s arm. I didn’t move, I couldn’t I was preparing for another wrenching twist and couldn’t look away as much as I wanted to. Taking us to the very moment as Rick is about to do it and then we finally see him crumble, enough to the satisfaction of Negan that he stops Rick from doing it. Where does it go from here? I’m an emotional mess already what’s going to happen when Negan shows up for his tribute? What happens to Daryl not that he has been drafted into the Negan army? It’s going to be an amazing season of The Walking Dead for sure.       

Dead Zone

This month I will cover a slightly different topic than the usual Creepy Colorado but will just be laid to rest for this month and rise again in November. Cooler weather has begun to roll in, the harvest moon has never been so orange, and the line at Starbucks is out the door as guest scramble to obtain a pumpkin spice latte’s, Fall is officially here. With fall and the impending Halloween Season begins the kick off of Horror movies on various cable networks and with that I would like to discuss my personal top 10 scary moments in horror films. As a horror film fanatic I have compiled a list of scenes from movies old and new that have personally frightened me. ***Attention Spoilers Ahead***


10. Halloween, Michael Myers Death:

John Carpenter’s masterpiece ends with Sam Loomis shooting Michael Myers. Upon unloading several rounds, Myers falls out the window dead. After looking out the window Myers has disappeared.


9. House on Haunted Hill, Old lady scene:

Vincent Price has always been a staple in cinematic horror, he stars in House on Haunted Hill as an eccentric millionaire who will pay guest a large sum of money who are willing to spend the night in his haunted house. This scene is one of the first startle scares in the horror genre and is an effect that is often times used today.


8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hook Scene:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre combined the style of a grindhouse film with a modern day horror film and was way ahead of its time and with the tag line, “based on a true story” The graphic scene of Pam’s death where she is hung on a meat hook is so intense that I felt it deserved a part in this countdown.


7. The Conjuring, clap scene:

The Conjuring provided a modern day look at a paranormal film following on the heels of the success of paranormal activity it looks at a previous case which occurred by a well-known paranormal investigator and her husband. This movie has inspired several spin offs and continues in its success. One of the most startling moments in the movie is the game of clap clap, a game similar to hind and seek.


4. Friday the 13th boat scene:

The first Friday the 13th ends with no signs of Jason and Jason never even dawns his iconic hockey mask till the 3rd film in the series. After Jasons psychopathic mother has gone on a revenge filled rampage we see our protagonist waiting in a canoe on Camp Crystal Lake.  While peaceful music is playing we see a young Jason reach out of the water pulling her in giving actor Ari Lehman title of, “First Jason”


5. Jaws, Ben Gardner’s Boat:

In Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws the duo of Chief Brody and researcher Hooper search the local feeding grounds for whatever creature is wreaking havoc. Their search happens upon Ben Gardner’s boat where Hooper dawns a wet suit and enters the water to see what damages are below. While audiences are waiting on the edge of their seat for the great white himself to show up we are instead startled by Ben Gardner with an incredible misdirect from the director.


4. Alien: Chest burst scene:

In space no one can hear you scream, this isolation film follows a crew on the space ship Nostromo. This scene is so iconic it became a piece of pop culture history even referenced in other movies. After the crew has attended to one of their injured crew mates they celebrate his recovery by enjoying a nice meal when everything goes wrong.


3. The Thing, Defibrillation scene:

John Carpenter is a horror icon; his success in this genre is why as a director he has another film that has made it on this list. The Thing is known for its use in practical effects and models which is why in my opinion it still looks better on screen than most cgi horror films today. When attempting to revive another researcher things go horribly wrong as he has been infected by The Thing in this next scene.

2. The Exorcist, Crab walk:

The Exorcist defined the supernatural films within the horror genre. It was so unnerving when it first opened theaters would have ambulances on standby as publicity stunts. Unnatural body contortions such as Reagans heads spinning really set audiences off. For me one of the most disturbing scenes in this movie is watching Reagan crab walk down the stairs.


1. Misery: Hobbling scene

Kathy Bates has secured herself in the more modern horror genre with her characters on American Horror Story. I believe her recent success is due to her experience playing a psychopath keeping a writer hostage in Stephen Kings, Misery. The top teeth grinding horror moment is when Kathy Bates hobbles her captive writer with a sledge hammer.


Please feel free to list your top picks in the comments below:

Creepy Colorado

The Ludlow Massacre

A well-known nickname for our state is, “Colorful Colorado”. It can be seen on all the highway signs when crossing the border into Colorado welcoming visitors. This nickname is derived from the state’s magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers, and plains. While the state may be colorful in its scenery, it has also had a colorful history. Mining operations, Plutonium warhead plants, and other unique spikes on our states timeline set us aside from any other state. This unique history is not the sort of history you would find in your high school text book. My goal for this series of articles is to touch on the bizarre and obscure history that our state has to offer welcome to Creepy Colorado. This month we examine the Ludlow Massacre, the deadliest labor strike in U.S. history.ludlow14.jpg

In 1913 a list of demands was given by the United Mine Workers Union of America to the three largest coal mining companies in Colorado. These companies were the Rockefeller family-owned Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I), the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company (RMF), and the Victor-American Fuel Company (VAF). The demands requested fair pay and safer working conditions and were as follows.

  1. Recognition of the union as bargaining agent
  2. Compensation for digging coal at a ton-rate based on 2,000 pounds [20](Previous ton-rates were of long-tons of 2,200 pounds)
  3. Enforcement of the eight-hour work day law
  4. Payment for “dead work” (laying track, timbering, handling impurities, etc.)
  5. Weight-checkmen elected by the workers (to keep company weightmen honest)
  6. The right to use any store, and choose their boarding housesand doctors
  7. Strict enforcement of Colorado’s laws (such as mine safety rules, abolition of scrip), and an end to the company guard system


The three major companies rejected the demands and In September 1913 the Colorado coal miners went on strike. At this time workers were compensated for their work through denominations which were available to be spent at the company general store for food rations and other necessities as well as on company housing. With the strike underway the workers were immediately evicted from their homes and unable to purchase food through their former employers. With winter coming soon and now being homeless the union prepared tent villages furnished with cast iron stoves.

wagon of doom.jpg Locations of the tent villages were carefully selected near mouths of canyons that led to coal camps in an attempt to block working miners from performing their daily task. Skirmishes between striking miners and working miners soon developed often times resulting in death. With slowed production and death of several of their workers, companies hired the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency to protect the new workers and harass the strikers. Baldwin-Felts soon gained an aggressive reputation when it came to breaking strikes. Agents would shine searchlights in the tent villages at night firing bullets into tents at random killing and maiming strikers. In an effort to further instill fear in the strikers the Agents created an improvised armored car mounted with a machine gun which would patrol camps perimeters. The steel-covered car soon earned the nickname the “Death Special” by the union strikers.

Tent colonies soon faced constant attack and so the miners dug pits under their tents so that their families could be better protected. As the violence began to grow and the situation turned more volatile the governor of Colorado, Elias M. Ammons called in the National Guard. On October 28 the National Guard arrived and began to monitor the group of strikers. Several months go by and the situation appears to be calming down when on March 10, 1914 the body of a replacement worker for the mines is discovered. National Guard General John Chase believes the man to be murdered by strikers and orders the tent colony to be destroyed in an attempt to disperse strikers. After several attempts to destroy the colony the National Guard pulls out due to lack of state funds to maintain the guard.


Colorado_nat_guard_arrive_ludlow_strike.jpgFearing a breakdown in order the mining companies and governor make a last ditch effort banning together the Baldwin-Felts Guards as well as mining camp guards supplied with National Guard uniforms and equipment and launch an attack on the camp. On April 20th the day after Easter was celebrated in the colony Louis Tikas, Camp Leader set out to meet peacefully with the local militia. While in their meeting local militia installed a machine gun on a nearby ridge and planned their assault on the encampment. Tikas escaped in time and ran back to camp warning the others of the impending attack. Gunfire soon broke out and the fight raged for the entire day, by 7 pm the entire camp was in flames. The fires trapped several families within their pits beneath their tents where they burned to death. In addition to the fire victims, Louis Tikas and the other men who were shot to death or executed, three company guards and one militiaman were killed in the day’s fighting.


1. John Bartolotti, 45
2. Charlie Costa, 31
3. Fedelina Costa, 27
4. Lucy Costa, 4
5. Onofrio Costa, 6
6. James Fyler, 43
7. Cloriva Pedregon, 4
8. Rodgerlo Pedregon, 6
9. Frank Petrucci, 4 mo.
10. Joe Petrucci, 4
11. Lucy Petrucci, 2
12. Frank Rubino, 23
13. William Snyder Jr., 11
14. Louis Tikas, 30
15. George Ullman, 56
16. Elvira Valdez, 3 mo.
17. Eulala Valdez, 8
18. Mary Valdez, 7
19. Patria Valdez, 37


justice8n-6-web.jpgWhen the news of the Ludlow massacre reached the leaders of the organized labor group a call of arms was issued urging union members to acquire “all arms and ammunition legally available”. This resulted in a large scale guerrilla war lasting ten days. Strikers attacked and destroyed mines across the state while battling the onslaught of the militia. At least fifty strikers, including those at Ludlow, were killed in ten days. The fighting ended only when US President Woodrow Wilson sent in Federal troops. The troops, who reported directly to Washington, DC, disarmed both sides, displacing and often arresting the militia in the process. This conflict, now called the Colorado Coalfield War, produced a death toll of approximately 75 people. While in the end the miners did not receive compliance with their demands their valiant efforts paved the way for future worker’s rights.

united-mine-workers-134832-o.jpgThe Ludlow site, is located 18 miles northwest of Trinidad Colorado and is now a ghost town, vacant of any inhabitants. Located on the site of the massacre now stands a large granite monument in memory of the miners and their families which died that day. In the shadow of the monument lies a large pit which once served as a shelter beneath the tent village. This pit is the very pit which engulfed in flames took the lives of several of the striker’s families. Visitors can descend into the dark hole in the ground and are met by a deafening silence and uneasy feeling. The dark history of the Ludlow Massacre and loss of innocent lives make this location one of the top haunted locations in the state of Colorado.

Dead Zone

Creepy Colorado: The Reynolds Gang Treasure

A well-known nickname for our state is, “Colorful Colorado”. It can be seen on all the highway signs when crossing the border into Colorado welcoming visitors. This nickname is derived from the state’s magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers, and plains. While the state may be colorful in its scenery, it has also had a colorful history. Mining operations, Plutonium warhead plants, and other unique spikes on our states timeline set us aside from any other state. This unique history is not the sort of history you would find in your high school text book. My goal for this series of articles is to touch on the bizarre and obscure history that our state has to offer welcome to Creepy Colorado. This month we delve into a tale of death, mystery, and treasure.

Living in Colorado we have all heard of gold in the mountains and hills, the gold rush was a pivotal piece in our states history and led to its initial booming growth. While this story comes from the same era, it is a legend of buried treasure which to this day is still hidden and unclaimed in the untamed wilderness.

jim & john.png In July 1894 Colorado’s only invasion of the Civil War occurred. Jim Reynolds and 8 Confederate sympathizers began a raid of the Colorado Territory. Their goal was to rob local gold mines in an effort to assist in funding the Confederate cause. The gang began their attacks outside of Fairplay starting with Adolph Guirand and stealing his horses, cash, and molesting his wife. Their next stop was a stage coach station where their estimated value of stolen items to be over $3,000. Heading over Kenosha pass they hit another stage coach house stealing more horses. With success the gang’s boldness and efforts grew with larger attacks and higher more profitable yields.

Texas_Rangers_Company_D_1894.jpg A local man near Conifer by the name of Mr. Berry began to grow concerned of the gang’s activities and attempted to raise a posse aimed at taking the men dead or alive. Mr. Berry tracked the gang’s whereabouts down and on July 30th a posse was organized and set out in pursuit. The Reynolds Gang had set up camp in the forest while en route to Shaffer’s Crossing and encountered the posse. A gunfight quickly ensued leaving one outlaw by the name of Owen Singleterry dead. One of the posse’s members decapitated Owen to take his head back to Fairplay preserving it in alcohol and placing it on display as a trophy. Fleeing for their lives the remaining gang members quickly buried their entire loot. The gang was blamed for every robbery within the area and for that it was estimated the gang stashed up to $100,000. With the death of Owen, a larger posse was composed totaling over 75 men and soon began pursuit of the remaining gang members. Within 4 days 4 more of the outlaws were captured. Eventually a 5th member of the gang would be captured while attempting to flee to canyon city. Ringleaders of the gang Jim and John Reynolds made their escape to New Mexico where John would eventually meet his demise.

The two outlaws continued their pillaging in New Mexico till John Reynolds was shot attempting to steal horses outside of Taos. As John lay dying he shared his story to fellow outlaw Albert Brown. John drew a map for Brown in his final moments, promising him gold and buried greenbacks. After Reynolds died, Brown and his partners traveled to the South Park area in search of the treasure. Unfortunately upon their arrival Brown and his partners discovered that a forest fire had ravaged the area destroying most of the landmarks that Reynolds had given them. While they were able to find the scene of the skirmish via a decapitated skeleton and horse bones in the marshy landscape the cache was never found. Three more attempts to find the treasure were made by Brown and his gang to no avail. After being mortally wounded in a skirmish in Wyoming Brown shared the map and information on his death bed with Detective David J. Cook a Colorado Lawman.

In 1897 Cook’s autobiography publicized the treasure giving his word for word conversation with Brown from his bedside. Cook recreates Brown’s conversation with Reynolds and some of the details as follows:

“Jim and me buried the treasure the morning before the posse attack on Geneva Gulch. You go up above there a little ways and find where one of our horses mired down in a swamp. On up at the head of the gulch we turned to the right and followed the mountain around a little farther, and just above the head of Deer Creek, we found an old prospect hole at about timberline. There, we placed $40,000 in greenbacks, wrapped in silk oil cloth, and three cans of gold dust. We filled the mouth of the hole up with stones, and ten steps below, struck a butcher knife into a tree about four feet from the ground and broke the handle off, and left it pointing toward the mouth of the hole.” – Excerpt from “Hands up; or, Thirty-five years of detective life in the mountains and on the plains“, Detective David J. Cook’s Autobiography


By all accounts over 152 years later the treasure still lies buried in the Mountains of Colorado waiting to one day be discovered. While many have attempted to find it over the years it awaits someone fortunate and maintains its place as one of Colorado’s great mysteries.


Dead Zone

Walking Dead Twice as Far

mettal head.jpegTonight I had a bad feeling; that something really bad was going to happen. I guess that’s like watching any episode of the Walking Dead but it was different, the last few episodes the group has gotten off pretty easy all things considered. It was about time that luck ran out but I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming.

Good> After the end of last week’s episode things look like they go back to normal, a routine for the day to day Carol smokes a cigarette, Gabriel walks around with a rifle looking very proud with himself and Morgan finishes his prison just so Rick has other choices next time. I fear Morgan is just setting himself up for a big letdown on this and his quest that every life matters. I know in the comics Rick does start to bend a little in that train of thought but that is one long hard road till that happens. Maybe it’s Morgan that helps Rick to see that as an option instead of the kill them all approach he has had. The big step up this week has to be from Eugene laying it out and going against bro code by telling Abraham that he has outlived his usefulness to him. Not as brutal as Abraham was when telling Rosita he thought she was the last woman on Earth so he could chase Sasha but for a moment it looked like his feel bads got hurt. The analogy Eugene uses is classic and in the true geek form, like leveling up a character in a video game or RPG that aside for the moment the story is starting to follow along the same lines as the comic as Eugene is wanting to make bullets. If I’m honest I was expecting Abraham to die this week, but no. I will say this, Eugene is always surprising me and the way his character is developing has been fun to see, some inspired from the comics and just the progression on the show. I am sure there will be a lasting impression of him where Dwight is concerned and I can’t believe they took that scene from the comics but I guess he is tired of not being taken seriously.

Abraham-Killed-in-The-Walking-Dead-Comic-Book.jpg The field trip to Edison’s Apothecary that Daryl, Rosita, and Dr. Denise take is odd to me. I know Dr. Denise is trying to prove she has some worth and is trying to conquer her fear of being out in the wild but she just seemed so hell bent to do it. It was cool to see her expand a little and show that there are other sides to her character than just patching people up and being a love interest for Tara. I do have some major issues with Daryl and Rosita taking her out that I will get to, even if she has the map to the place they are going, but the big surprise was the resurfacing of Dwight. I knew it was him when Daryl had the run in with the group in the burnt forest when he lost his cross bow. This time Dwight shows up with the melted face, for those that haven’t read the comic this is very significant. If you are disobedient with Negan part of the punishment he deals out is burning your face, more importantly this happened to Dwight because Negan was taking his woman and he wasn’t going to let it happen. Will we get to see the backstory for the facial scar Dwight is sporting? I would hope so, just to see how twisted Negan can get as they build up the character and what better way than to see his code in action. It is almost the perfect set up from the events of last week’s episode with Daryl questioning letting them go and not killing them when he had the chance. Now that decision comes back full force to haunt him and cost them a very valuable member of the group. It could have gone a lot worse than it did granted but the way Dwight spoke it sounds like they know where Alexandrea is now and with only two episodes left it can’t be long till they are knocking on the front door.

Bad> You are the town Doctor. A very important role in a world chewing up people like a homeless person at a buffet. You do not take this person out into the open no matter how much they beg, come on! Dr. Denise suffering the fate that Abraham did in the comic, well end with an arrow that is and still just as shocking. Why would Daryl take the tracks? I don’t know if one way is safer than another but to me I would say the road a little less places to hide and get rushed like they did.

I don’t know if I like what they are doing with Carol, like she is slipping and making mistakes that we haven’t seen her make. After realizing her kill count and how eye opening that can be she has been dealing with it so well till now I don’t know if she would start to second guess herself like she has. Carol has had such drive and vision till now but I was reminded this weekend that we have seen this with every character (Rick, Daryl and so forth) that it’s her turn to have the same moment that all of these characters have had. I don’t believe that it would cause her to want to leave the group all together especially after the last run in with the saviors and knowing full well what can happen out in the wild when you’re on your own. It just seems like a lame excuse to me after seeing her work so hard to defend and hold the town to just abandon everyone seems out of place.

Smurfs Take> Will Abraham get Glenn’s fate from the comics now that Denise took his?

Never trust a tree that’s fallen in the middle of the road..should be a rule from zombie land! I liked the message, Dr. Denise’s final words, there is always taking chances in this world and nothing is a safe bet you could go out against a walker or a savior you just never know. A very pointed conversation just didn’t see that as the way it would end for her. Two weeks left and it’s a guessing game who’s going to make it to the end and will we see Negan. I know there are some concerns that Glenn might not make it to the next season since he is suddenly not available for Walker Stalker Con here in Denver. It is tradition to be on Talking Dead right after your character gets killed, but then what do I know? I could be wrong.