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“Lego Movie 2”, the long-awaited sequel to the first Lego movie is here. I loved the fist one with all the innuendo humor and countless cameos it had with a look inside a boy’s imagination, it was a Blast! And of course, “Lego Batman” kicked the Lego franchise up another notch. So, what the heck happened to “Lego Movie 2”?

*The MEAT* The story was fast paced, and very rushed, quite frankly it was all over the place. I get what they were trying to do, but it was not executed well at all. Story is best described as *What was That? *

*The POTATOES* Will Arnett voices Batman again just perfectly. That was the only stand out performance that I liked and wanted more of. And the animation was not as good as the previous movies, seemed like a *Lower Quality* production all around

*The Verdict* Compared to the first “Lego Movie” and especially the “Lego Batman Movie”, this “Lego Movie 2” just does not come close to being as good. There wasn’t as many surprise cameos and clever jokes as the previous movies. Therefore, I cannot recommend seeing this on the big screen, it is a *Disappointment* to say the least. Save your money.


Meat and Potatoes

WWI Again, I am a huge history buff. So, when I found out that Peter Jackson (yes, the man behind the “Lord of the rings” movies) was producing and directing a World War One documentary, I was sure to be there, opening weekend, watching it on the biggest screen available. “They shall not grow old” did not disappoint at all.




*The MEAT* The story basically follows the British side of WWI from their first hearing about the war, signing up, boot camp, and the hell of what they endured in the trenches of war with the Germans.

*The POTATOES* It’s a Documentary so there were no actors, What Jackson did was get the actual audio of British soldiers that survived the war that recorded their experiences. He then synced them up with 100-year-old video as best he could. Jackson even employed lip-readers to figure out was being said by the soldiers and added it to the film. It was *Amazing* work.

*The Verdict* “We shall not grow old” is *Powerful* to say the least. The imagery and narrative will leave you with long lasting images and emotions that you will not soon forget.

P.S. Real cool! There is a thirty-minute documentary about how they made this documentary after the credits. Narrated by Peter Jackson himself, he shows you how he put this movie together with todays technology, thousands of hours of soldier’s stories, and the refurbishing of hundreds of hours of film. It took over six years to do, this was definitely a passion project by the Oscar winning director, and well worth your time to see this after the movie.


Denver Mac & Cheese Festival 2019

by John Andreula

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Anyone out there love mac & cheese?

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the gooey, delicious treat then this is the perfect event for you!

Next Friday night, February 8th, the first ever Denver Mac & Cheese Festival will be taking place at Number 38, located at 3560 Chestnut Place in Denver, from 6:30-9:30 pm.

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Reds Take

Here is Reds Take on Series of Unfortunate Events. If you have been undecided about watching it or looking for something to distract from the cold. This amazing series is a must and here is a spoiler free reason why.

a-series-of-unfortunate-events-season-3-teaser-count-olafWhen we started the Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events two years ago they told us it would not have a happy ending. And as the third season wraps up the story, I’m happy to say they deliver on all promises. If you are concerned about spoiler to a streaming show based on a decade old children books, look away now.

We’ve reached the point in the story where are heroes are annoying even each other and the villains are sympathetic. There are more questions but also finally answers to everything that’s been going on with VFD.

What really makes this story delightful, besides the amazing costumes, witty word play, and confusing puzzles, is that it doesn’t shy away from moral ambiguity that comes with life and growing up. Foes become friends, children are selfish, and people die even because of seemly good people. It also doesn’t shy away from flawed society and distrust of the legal system.

We are also at the point in the story where there is no going back. It’s time to revisit near every character we’ve already met and get some answers to why everyone cares so much about a sugar bowl. It’s time to make a choice to deal with all the troubles of the world or running away.

There’s something satisfying about stories not needing a happy ending. Something comforting in knowing being a good person isn’t the same as being perfect, that villains can be heroes and visa versa. It’s a delightful series of unfortunate on goings that inspires us to take a closer look at the little things around us and the bigger plot we didn’t mean to be part of.   

Your Quarters Worth

The Testament of Loki Book Review

By John Andreula

The Testament of Loki by Joanne Harris was a spectacular read. It is an excellent fantasy fiction book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It aptly blends traditional Norse mythology with our modern times. This makes for a unique tale that kept me wanting to know what was coming next, and what was next did not disappoint from beginning to end.

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Meat and Potatoes

The spoiler free Verdict is here for #Glass in this weeks Meat and Potatoes glass-poster

It’s been nineteen years since “Unbreakable” came out, M. Night Shyamalan made it after his super successful “Sixth Sense” and it was surprisingly a neat comic book story, with a hero, villain and shocking ending. I liked it a lot. Then a few years ago M. Night Shyamalan made a movie about man suffering from split personalities called “Split” starring James McAvoy.  McAvoy was fantastic in it, but the subject matter was a little too disturbing for my taste. But, at the end of the film, we were shocked to see Bruce Willis’s character show up from “Unbreakable” Now after waiting almost nineteen years…. We get “Glass” the sequel to “Unbreakable” and “Split”.

*The MEAT* The story takes place soon after the “Split” movie and nineteen years after the “Unbreakable” movie and does a *good job* of bringing it all together for this movie. I personally like M. Night Shyamalan’s realistic take on comics and superheroes in this story line.

*The POTATOES* Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson were their typically good selves, but James McAvoy took acting to a whole new interstellar level! He played over 12 characters flawlessly and brilliantly. I cannot cheer enough of how *Great* of an acting job he did. McAvoy alone, is reason to see this movie if you want to experience acting at its best.

*The Verdict* If you liked “Unbreakable” you will like “Glass” too, because it continues the story of *Real Superheroes* in our world. “Glass” does, like all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, move pretty slow and the ending feels anti-climactic, but I still enjoyed “Glass” as much as I did “Unbreakable” so I will recommend it only *If you liked “Unbreakable” and “Split”. But If you were not impressed with those films, you probably won’t like this one at all.

p.s. No mid or end credits scene, so don’t waste your time.

Reds Take

A new book hits shelves today and Red Zinfandel has a quick rundown and her take on Skull and Pestle.img_20181017_213125_013

Skull and Pestle, that’s right skull not mortar and pestle. It sounds familiar but different. And that’s what this anthology from World Weaver Press World Weaver Press delivers with new tales of Baba Yaga.
It’s release day for these fun short stories and there isn’t one to skip. Every story holds to traditional witch in house of bones but with a modern freshness. It’s an exciting way to feel like a kid hearing the tale for the first time all over again. Perfect for the fairy tale lover, folklore enthusiast, or daring reader of darker tales.

Go find your copy and keep an eye out for what comes next from World Weaver Press.
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