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Michael_B._Jordan“Rocky” has and always will be in my top 10 movies of all time, it’s a classic, something about the underdog story and the music, just gets me every time. With that success came another 6 “Rocky’s” and I will admit, they were all fun up until number 5, that’s when they officially jumped the shark and I was done. Fast forward to a few years ago when “Creed” came out. I thought it was a ridiculous premise and refused to see it because, well I was sure I seen it before. Curiosity got the best of me and I wound up watching it on an airplane. Wow! It totally surprised me on how good it actually was, and Sylvester Stallone gave an outstanding performance with the character he made famous almost forty years ago. So, it is with high hopes I go and see the next chapter in the “Rocky” saga, “Creed 2”.

*The MEAT* The story ties in well with “Rocky 4” and continues the story of the son of Apollo Creed. This time he gets to face the son of the man who killed his father in” Rocky 4” which, of course brings Rocky back to face his past. This premise *Works well* for fans of the new and old.

*The POTATOES* Sylvester Stallone reprises his Rocky character perfectly, and that’s to be expected, I will say he did a much better acting job in the first “Creed” movie though. But Michael B Jordon does a great job as Adonis Johnson (Creed), the lead character and I’m thinking Jordon’s acting is ready for the next level now, he just keeps getting better with each performance he plays. Which gives the overall acting a solid *Good*

*The Verdict* “Creed 2” is predictable, fun, exciting, and heartwarming. In other words, It’s just as good as most of the “Rocky” movies. That is 2 through 4, (the first one is untouchable), of course. I do recommend this movie for the Big Screen because it’s a *Great Popcorn flick* and enjoyable for all.


Meat and Potatoes

  bohemian-rhapsody-biopik- I’ve been looking forward to seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” ever since they first announced they were going to make a Queen biopic film. Full disclosure, I’m a big Queen fan and have always been fascinated by the story of Freddie Mercury, arguably one of Rock’s greatest front man of all time. The previews look great, opening weekend was a hit, and fans are loving it. Only problem is the reviews have been mixed so far, and the Critics have not been too kind. I will try to keep an unbiased opinion here.

*The MEAT* The story just skimmed the surface of the origins of Queen and Freddie’s Mercury’s life. It lacked the depth of what made Freddie and his band mates one of Rock’s best bands in history and it just smoothed over all the incredible personal conflicts that should have had a lot more to do with this movie. They *missed the mark* for sure.

*The POTATOES* Rami Malek plays an outstanding Freddie Mercury. He channels Mercury’s demeaner and presence perfectly, especially in all the concert scenes, which is important because Freddie is the movie. They did a great job of casting him. Everyone else was *okay* nothing over the top or memorable, and that’s the way it should be.

*The Verdict* If you are a fan of Queen and their music, then you will love this movie because it shows like a Tribute film and I recommend seeing it on the big screen with Dolby enhanced sound, the concert footage and music are outstanding, and well worth it. But if you are a movie fan that is expecting more of a Biopic film, like “Walk the Line” or “Ray”, then save your money and watch it in your own home someday. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was fun but overall it lacked the substance that Queen had and quite frankly needed to be shown. For that it left me *Dissatisfied* overall.

Meat and Potatoes


   220px-Halloween_(2018)_posterI was very young, and my big brother had to take care of me while our parents were out of town. He dragged me along everywhere with him while he hung out with his friends, mostly at the arcades and theaters. One day he took me to see the original “Halloween” and for better or worse, my life changed that fateful night. Of course, it scared the heck out of me, but the experience of seeing it in a theater with a lively, loud crowd was an experience I will always cherish. People screamed, talked back to the movie and even cheered for the “bad guy” to kill more people, I couldn’t believe it, it was so much fun. After a short run in the 80’s, the Slasher films pretty much died off from over saturation and basically ran out of ideas. Hollywood has tried to reboot them all without much success, but I just think their popularity was in part due to the times. So, it is with great caution and skepticism that I go see the new “Halloween” movie because maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see how they can ever recapture or reboot that formula again. I’m seeing it out of curiosity more than excitement.

*The MEAT* The story is *alright* It continues the story of Michael Myers almost forty years later. But it continues it as if Halloween 3 – 5 and 2.0 never happened, and that’s a good thing. They also get back to the essentials of what makes a good Slasher Horror movie and it even has a few homages to the original that are pretty fun to see.

*The POTATOES* The acting is *a little over the top* And that’s to be expected. Jamie Lee Curtis is back reprising her role she made famous almost 40 years ago and is surrounded by a lot of no name actors that tend to try a little too hard.

*The Verdict* I’m having a hard time recommending this film. Yes, it was a little scary, had a few fun scenes, and even had its share of suspenseful moments too. But it just didn’t capture the excitement or substance of the originals. “Halloween” basically *missed the mark* as to what made those Slasher films fun in the first place. But then again, I could be just a little biased.

*next week* “Bohemian Rhapsody”

The Wanderer

Show Me the Munny


Written by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

On Friday September 21st, 2018 BAIT, a multi-category premium retailer in Denver, Colorado hosted urban collectible toy designer kidrobot‘s annual Show Me The Munny art exhibition.

The exhibition featured various artist rendered creations of kidrobot‘s famed Munny “do-it-yourself” vinyl toys. Seventeen artists displayed their works and auctioned the pieces off to the highest bidders.

Here are thirteen of the pieces on display:


An out of production Monsta Munny was one of the center pieces of the show. Markers and stencils were set out around the display and event-goers were able to leave their own creative mark on the event.


Beers were handed out to those twenty-one and older. Munnys, in their freshly redesigned package, were on display for sale all throughout the store.

It was a hip and intimate event and a wonderful sharing of culture.

BAIT is located on 1926 Blake St. Suite 100 and sits catty-corner of the south end of Coors Field in the heart of downtown. They feature an awesome case of collectible and rare unique toys in a huge case at the entry of the store.


BAIT features high end clothing, shoes and toys, and collaborates with a variety of brands and anime companies such as Dungeons And Dragons, Bruce Lee, and Marvel Comics.

My favorite shirt of the Marvel collabs.
The back side.

kidrobot is a premium creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, apparel, and accessories. They are based out of Boulder Colorado, but their toys and gear can be found at various shops and online all over the world.

Me & Darth in the dark side of the event.

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Meat and Potatoes


This is the 4th incarnation of the story of “A Star is Born” in the Hollywood movie era. Still I do not expect everyone to know this movie, so I will stay with the rules of *No Spoilers*. This time Bradley Cooper has made it a passion project of his own. Taking a chance on Lady Gaga for the lead role over proven stars like Beyoncé’ and Jenifer Lawrence, who were rumored to be up for the lead role. Bradley also took on writing, directing and the other starring role for himself. My concerns going to see this is, did Bradley try to do too much?

*The MEAT* It’s a great story for sure, and Bradley did not mess that up at all. So, I will critique his Directing here instead. For a novice Director he did *pretty good* he tried to film it in an intimate way so that the viewer feels like they are in the same room as the characters on screen, almost like a documentary but not quite. Couple that with some interesting choices in camera angles and views, Bradley Cooper did a very good job.

*The POTATOES* For starters, Sam Eliot played Cooper’s big brother and as always, does a great job in a supporting role. And Andrew (the Diceman) Clay had a small but memorable role as Lady Gaga’s father, which was fun. But I’m here to tell you that Lada Gaga was great! Talk about a role she was born to play, she totally knocked it out of the park and held her own with Bradley Cooper. which was not easy to do because Bradley Cooper was on another level of acting altogether. I thought Bradley did a great job of acting in “American Sniper” but this time he pulls off a performance that is sure to get him an Oscar nomination if not a win. His eyes, his mannerisms, his posture, and his mumbled words all made a character that you will love, hate, feel the pain with and definitely not soon forget. Just an *Outstanding Performance*

*The Verdict* “A Star is Born” will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride for sure. It won’t just tug at your heart strings, it will yank them pretty hard. Bradley Cooper did a great job with this and I must recommend it for the big screen with the best Dolby sound system wherever you can find it, because the Music plays a huge role in this movie as well. It is a *Great Movie* and I loved it!

Quarters Worth

Illusions and the Reluctant Messiah


by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

Just yesterday I completed reading the novel Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. It was an unusual but compelling story that makes for a fast fulfilling read.

A fellow wanderer, who has been a confidant in my recent personal journeys, as well as a partner in my learnings, shared a story with me from the early part of the book. It was the story of an underwater village of creatures. One of the creatures refused to accept things as they were in its world.

I cannot do the story justice here trying to reiterate it, but I took the meaning of the tale he told me to mean the world you surround yourself with may react negatively if you share your plans for change. However, if you decide to change anyway, the new world you find yourself surrounded by will not only embrace you, but they may find value in you in ways you could not possibly imagine.

Needless to say I was hooked. I had to read the book this amazing story came from.

I personally have been on a journey of self-discovery for the better part of the past year. I’ve dealt with some growing pains and a lot of uncertainty. I’ve had people tell me to not do things I’ve decided to do out of positions of fear and contentment. I’ve embraced and challenged fear and I will piss on contentment for my remaining days on this planet.

Contentment has been one of the most destructive forces in my life up until this point. It has caused me to waste away for countless hours at jobs I did not realize I didn’t value or like until after I had moved on. Contentment has caused me to embrace habits that had no benefit in my own personal growth or happiness. In fact many of those habits have caused detriment to my personal emotional and physical well-being.

Illusions: The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah really spoke to this new found vision I had for what I’d like my life to be.

The book Illusions is the story of an airplane pilot told in first person. The pilot’s name is Richard, which is the same as the first name of the author, Richard Bach. By the end of the book it seems that the author is trying to give the literal impression that it is a somewhat true story about his own life.

Richard is a protagonist who drifts aimlessly from town to town offering flights in his small plane for three dollars a person. Aside from gas and parts to keep his plane flying, he has little to no semblance of responsibility in his life.

Richard seems to be running from the real world and genuine lasting connections with other people.

One day he is approached by another pilot who seems to be of a similar lifestyle. His name is Donald Shimoda. Immediately Richard notices an oddness in Donald, how he does things, and his outlook on life in general. Certain eccentricities lead both Richard and the reader to understand Donald is special early on in the story.

Despite his reservations about this unusual new acquaintance, Richard grows fond of the strange antagonist. Donald steps into a mentorship role with Richard and begins to try to reach him in very strange ways.

Donald reveals himself to be a healer/miracle-worker/messiah who has decided he wasn’t interested in being a messiah any longer. Donald reveals that he is not the only one on Earth with these abilities. He also reveals that “on Earth” is just one of the many illusions perpetuated by our modern existence.

Donald believes god, “Is” in the book, is satisfied with him doing what he wants to do with his life. He believes he should just do whatever makes him happy, unlike the way Jesus lived his life for the good of his fellow man.

As the book progresses Richard and Donald’s relationship, as well as Donald’s teachings, do also. Donald’s insights go from ideas to physical manifestations of miracles that are nothing short of amazing. The two eventually walk on water and swim in the earth. Donald walks through a wall and creates material objects out of nothing.

As these amazing things are happening, Donald is teaching Richard how to become one of the world’s masters and messiahs. Richard continues to struggle with his own reluctance to accept the illusions of our so-called reality. Additionally, he struggles with his fear of crowds, and most likely people in general. He must overcome both of these issues to level up and become a master himself.

Spoiler alert, the story ends with the natural progression of any messiah tale, with a death. Of course that death is just the final example of one of our material world’s illusions.

One of the themes in the book is the concept of manifesting what one wants from the world. It is about letting go of preconceived notions of what one wants and needs in order to accomplish goals and creation. Letting go of those conceptions inevitably leads to success and happiness.

The author also touches on both the gold and platinum rules of how to treat people. He ends up stating that treating others how you want to be treated or how they want to be treated is not as important as doing what you want to do in life. I don’t think I have ever seen this concept in writing previously. It was very anachronistic.

I was genuinely moved by Richard Bach’s novel, but despite the verbose review, I have trouble summing up exactly how the book made me feel and what I think about it.

I will definitely recommend the book to anyone with an open mind, or anyone looking at expanding how they view themselves and the world we live in in general. However, I would be wary of recommending this book to anyone with devout or unrelenting religious beliefs and viewpoints. I believe they will not only find little value and entertainment in the story, but they may actually be offended by the contents of the book, and possibly even the recommendation.

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#venom#Venom spoiler free #review as promised on this weeks Podcast.

I must confess when I heard they were making a” Venom” movie, I wondered why and how. Venom is a Spider-man villain that has gotten so popular that he kind of is a hero now. I can see a problem that Venom is such a visual character on the comic page to bring him to the movies they would have to do a lot of CGI without making him look too cartoony. And judging by the early previews, it was looking pretty corny. So, I wasn’t looking too forward to this movie.

*The MEAT* The story was actually pretty *decent* Surprisingly it worked with the characters involved and made Venom someone you can cheer for.

*The POTATOES* The acting was *Very Good* mainly because Tom Hardy is an awesome actor. His performance is exactly what I mean by a lead actor that can carry a film all by himself. He, like Tom Hanks, just keeps you engaged through the movie. Michelle Williams is in this too and she never disappoints. Just the fact that these two actors are in this movie was a huge plus for me.

*The Verdict* I will be the first to admit that “Venom” was not bad at all. Tom Hardy, with a good amount of humorous parts and decent action, made this movie *Enjoyable*. If you’re a Venom fan from the comics, you will want to see this on the Big Screen, but if you have no idea what or who Venom is, then I recommend not wasting your money at the theaters and catching it at home sometime.