Meat and Potatoes


One of the highest reviewed films of 2018 is “The Favourite” it also boasts one of the best acting ensembles of the year. So, since it’s a quiet week at the movies, I decided to see a nice, simple period piece movie that has no special effects or grandiose production. It’s been awhile.

 *The MEAT* The story is *simple and fun*, easy to follow and will make you think about the ending long after its over. “The Favourite” might just surprise you too, just when you think you have it all figured out.

*The POTATOES* The acting is just a *Powerhouse Trio* of Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. Weisz and Stone have already won Oscars and Coleman, with her bored, daffy Queen portrayal, won Best Actress Oscar this year for this role. I especially enjoyed Rachel Weisz’s performance the best, she was outstanding.

*The Verdict* ‘The Favourite” does live up to all the outstanding reviews and accolades that it received this year. It’s a *Fun Movie* for sure and I do recommend this movie to watch sometime, maybe not in a theater, but Pay-Per-View for sure or a movie channel someday.

 Next week… Back to the Epic, Grandiose, Popcorn Feature!


Your Quarters Worth


Your Quarter’s Worth Rant & Review

By John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk


Television shows are not usually the right medium for me to comment on. I have a habit of being ridiculously late to any popular television viewing party. This is why I don’t write reviews on TV series or their many individual seasons. Generally, they would not be timely.

I’ve decided to make an exception for TRUE DETECTIVE season 3. I felt compelled to write one. I found this season of the show amazing. It was a superb, artistic example of what is possible in modern visual story-telling.

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Meat and Potatoes

train your dragon

It’s the final movie in the DreamWorks “How to Train your Dragon” franchise, “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” and it is getting rave reviews so far and even being called “the Best” film yet of the franchise. Bold statement for sure, so let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

*The MEAT* The story brings the “How to Train your Dragon” movie franchise to a stirring conclusion that will have you fighting back the tears while also leaving you *satisfied* too.

*The POTATOES* The animation is better than ever, and with F. Murray Abraham playing a great new villain, Grimmel, the cast is *A Plus* for sure.

*The Verdict* “How to train your Dragon: The Hidden World” is *Great Fun* for the whole family and well worth seeing. Not to mention it will tug at your heart strings too. I saw this movie in a theater full of kids, and they just loved it, so that is always a great indicator. And Yes, I do believe “Hidden World” is the best in the franchise for sure.

p.s. It is a good idea to see the previous movies before this one if you have not already.

Meat and Potatoes


Its been over a year since I first seen the early previews of “Alita: Battle Angel” and I wasn’t impressed. Then I found out it was being directed by Robert Rodriguez (“Desperado”, “Dusk ‘til Dawn”) and produced by THE James Cameron who is bringing his “Avatar” special effects to the film. Well now I’m excited, but the previews have still not impressed me or especially my wife who looks at “Alita” like another senseless fighting film.

*The MEAT* The story is based on another bleak, depressing view of the future, where humans and robots not only co-exist, but there are a lot of combining of the two with cyborg technology. That’s where the special effects come in and make this futuristic world just incredible. It’s a *Very Good* origin story for sure, not too much back story that can confuse or overload the premise, but just enough to explain that there is so much more going on for future films.

*The POTATOES* My goodness!! “Alita” boasts a cast of two Academy award winning actors with Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali (who I believe will win an Oscar this year for “Green Book”) and a very special, but small appearance by Edward Norton. This is a *Fantastic Cast* for sure and the acting is great.

*The Verdict* With a *Fantastic Cast* and *Very Good* story, of course I recommend “Alita: Battle Angel” but I MUST recommend this film for the Imax 3D experience because James Cameron’s special effects are so awesome it really does put this movie into the *Special* category. Unlike “Ready player One” with its CGI overload, “Alita’s” effects look so much more clear and real.

 I really liked this movie, I want to see more of this story continue and learn more of its past through future films. My wife actually loved this movie too, so that was another plus for sure. I’m afraid this movie did a bad job of marketing and selling itself so hope with word of mouth, it picks up at the box office.

Meat and Potatoes

   lego 2

“Lego Movie 2”, the long-awaited sequel to the first Lego movie is here. I loved the fist one with all the innuendo humor and countless cameos it had with a look inside a boy’s imagination, it was a Blast! And of course, “Lego Batman” kicked the Lego franchise up another notch. So, what the heck happened to “Lego Movie 2”?

*The MEAT* The story was fast paced, and very rushed, quite frankly it was all over the place. I get what they were trying to do, but it was not executed well at all. Story is best described as *What was That? *

*The POTATOES* Will Arnett voices Batman again just perfectly. That was the only stand out performance that I liked and wanted more of. And the animation was not as good as the previous movies, seemed like a *Lower Quality* production all around

*The Verdict* Compared to the first “Lego Movie” and especially the “Lego Batman Movie”, this “Lego Movie 2” just does not come close to being as good. There wasn’t as many surprise cameos and clever jokes as the previous movies. Therefore, I cannot recommend seeing this on the big screen, it is a *Disappointment* to say the least. Save your money.

Meat and Potatoes

WWI Again, I am a huge history buff. So, when I found out that Peter Jackson (yes, the man behind the “Lord of the rings” movies) was producing and directing a World War One documentary, I was sure to be there, opening weekend, watching it on the biggest screen available. “They shall not grow old” did not disappoint at all.




*The MEAT* The story basically follows the British side of WWI from their first hearing about the war, signing up, boot camp, and the hell of what they endured in the trenches of war with the Germans.

*The POTATOES* It’s a Documentary so there were no actors, What Jackson did was get the actual audio of British soldiers that survived the war that recorded their experiences. He then synced them up with 100-year-old video as best he could. Jackson even employed lip-readers to figure out was being said by the soldiers and added it to the film. It was *Amazing* work.

*The Verdict* “We shall not grow old” is *Powerful* to say the least. The imagery and narrative will leave you with long lasting images and emotions that you will not soon forget.

P.S. Real cool! There is a thirty-minute documentary about how they made this documentary after the credits. Narrated by Peter Jackson himself, he shows you how he put this movie together with todays technology, thousands of hours of soldier’s stories, and the refurbishing of hundreds of hours of film. It took over six years to do, this was definitely a passion project by the Oscar winning director, and well worth your time to see this after the movie.


Denver Mac & Cheese Festival 2019

by John Andreula

Photo from

Anyone out there love mac & cheese?

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the gooey, delicious treat then this is the perfect event for you!

Next Friday night, February 8th, the first ever Denver Mac & Cheese Festival will be taking place at Number 38, located at 3560 Chestnut Place in Denver, from 6:30-9:30 pm.

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