Munch Madness

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Classic Rock Wednesday

“Here’s a Little Song I Wrote”
#CLRW Listener here, it only seems fitting with my stand out videos for the 80’s that I bring this up just after the artist celebrated his 69th birthday. The song itself simple and fun with a message that took the public by storm. In a world before the internet to have this catch on so quick is encouraging. The video to this day makes me smile just watching the reactions and facial expressions of Bobby, Bill Irwin, and legend Robin Williams (Who of course steals the show).
Bobby McFerrin was 32 when his first album hit in 1982, with a style that you simply can not put a label on. His range and talent are incredible ranging from Jazz, Reggae, and even performing a cappella version or the William Tell Overture. The man has crazy skills. This weeks Classic Rock Wednesday I give you the song that forever put him in the hearts of people around the world with four simple words. I give you Don’t Worry Be Happy and Happy Birthday Bobby. #ClassicRock #BobbyMcFerrin #Dontworrybehappy #TheListener #5280Geek   

Moment of Geek

We talk about it on today’s podcast and here it is as promised. J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah after the snap. Classic! Here is your Moment of Geek. #JKSimmons #LightsCameraPod #Avengers #Spiderman#MomentofGeek #5280Geek

Your Quarters Worth

The Cut II


Written by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

Say someone has a bag that holds a collection of golf balls. This bag fits exactly fifty balls within.

bag of balls.jpg

This owner then collects fifty white golf balls. Then they store the ball bag in their home.

After compiling this perfect collection of balls, they make the discovery that there are also red and blue balls available for purchase.

This collector of golf balls also has acute O.C.D. They want some of these colorful balls for their personal collection, but it’s unthinkable for them to have more than one ball bag. It just doesn’t seem natural.

The only way this finicky collector of balls will be able to justify acquiring these new poly-chromatic dimpled spheres is to first rid themselves of some of their old balls. How will this person determine which of their balls to sever?

This is obviously a silly metaphor, but it is apropos of material goods ownership in the modern world.

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Classic Rock Wednesday

“All You Do is Call Me I’ll Be Anything You Need”

#CLRW The 80’s for me was a cornucopia of creative and colorful music videos. I would get home and tune in for that days countdown of top videos and see if there was any new ones introduced to the mix. It has to be one of my fondest childhood memories. One of those videos that stood out was by a former front man from another band. I was familiar with him and his crazy antics from older videos but when I saw this I wondered why he didn’t start as a solo act.

 This song killed it, but I wasn’t the only one who had this feeling. It was the most successful song off the “So” album and earned Peter Gabriel nine MTV awards. It holds the title of most played video of all time for the former video driven station. I am the Listener and this is Sledgehammer the living breathing part of my childhood that has never left me.