Classic Rock Wednesday

“I Wish there were more than 24 hours in a Day”
#CLRW Listener here and January is #Elvis month. The King was born on the 8th and the rock and roll world was never the same. The same can be said for this little bad out of Houston Texas. Of all the remakes in the decades that have followed the hits from the King this by far is one of my favorite. Can’t go to Sin City without playing first….bad luck if I don’t.
Here are #ZZTop with all the flair and showmanship to do Elvis proud. Delivering you the sights, sounds, and mojo of the man and city that seems to never sleep. #VivaLasVegas #ClassicRock #TheListener #5280Geek   

Your Quarters Worth



Written by John Andreula

There’s something new from 5280 GEEK for YOUR QUARTERS WORTH this week. It’s called THE CUT

All geeks have massive collections of various media, toys, and collectibles. Many of those items are get forgotten or buried. Today we are all inundated with more than we can ever hope to watch, read, listen to, or play with. Much of our collections are just collecting dust.

I am coming to terms with this fact by combing through my bookshelves, media towers, and toy bins and selecting items to evaluate. I determine which items I feel the need to keep and which I am comfortable parting with.

This process is thoughtful and time-consuming. It’s also fun and nostalgic. Feel free to play along at home.

Ladies, gentlemen, binary, and agender, without further adieu, THE CUT. Continue reading “Your Quarters Worth”


Geek Resolutions for 2019 & Beyond


It’s that time again.

A new year, and with it, reflection on a year passed as well as a vision for what each of us want to continue, discontinue, or commence in our lives.

Here at 5280 GEEK we know we are pretty amazing. Yet still we have to look deep inside, all the way down to our alter egos, and have that same internal dialogue as everyone else does that doesn’t have superpowers.

So here’s our 5280 GEEK Geek Resolutions for 2019. Feel free to adopt and steal any that you can use in your own life. We think they are pretty superb and will make the world a better place. Enjoy. Continue reading “Resolutions”

Classic Rock Wednesday

“All is quiet on New Years Day”

#CLRW Listener here, and this might be phoning it in but…. Before the world had “heard” of them U2 was one of the most prolific bands of the day. I saw this concert in fact and to date one of the most amazing experiences of my life time. Any band will tell you to play Red Rocks is an achievement and experience like no other. Maybe it was the venue, inspiration bringing the band to an all new level. The air was electric and the crowed matched the level of intensity U2 played with. Then the sun set.

It’s with hope and love we all enter the new year. Clean slate. Chance for something better and new. Dreams to be realized and come to life. I wish you luck and a bit of advice. Never forget your past for it may help create your future. #U2 #NewYearsDay #ClassicRock #TheListener #5280Geek