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Nothing says “I Love You” like comics? No forget that, card for them and comics for you. Smurf is here to help you pick out something nice for yourself with his top 5 plus 1. Sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is here to help with a 10% discount for just mentioning this.

avengers road 1Avengers No Road Home #1> The team that brought you AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER REUNITES for an all-new weekly AVENGERS adventure!
Night has fallen across the universe. Now seven Avengers – and one new addition – journey forth to bring back the light. But when the threat they face has destroyed even the gods…will anyone make it home? LEGACY #708 (S) Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid (A) Paco Medina (CA) Yasmine Putri
Smurfs Take> Going back to a weekly format for this title is a great idea. To keep the momentum of the story and the reader engaged. I like having a fresh story every week when done well an it does help when the story starts to get as involved as the last one. You tend to forget things after a full month and a sea of other titles.

sword conan 1Savage Sword of Conan #1> THE ANCIENT CULT OF KOGA THUN. A MYSTICAL TREASURE.
Adrift at sea. No food. No weapons. Death surely awaits him. But the lionhearted CONAN is not so easily subdued, by Crom! When Conan finds himself captured, he unleashes his might on an unsuspecting pirate crew…one whose dark secrets will plunge Conan on the trail of an ancient treasure that may prove to be his undoing!
An all-new age of SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN begins with a five-part tale of swords and sorcery by Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL, INFINITY WARS) and illustrated by legendary artist Ron Garney (DAREDEVIL, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER) with covers by the incomparable Alex Ross, and breathtaking variant covers by Garney, Rahzzah, comics legend George Perez, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman!
Welcome to the deadly Hyborian Age-hope you survive the experience! (S) Gerry Duggan (A) Ron Garney (CA) Alex Ross
Smurfs Take> Is there such a thing as too much Conan? Nah. I mean I would have waited to get a little further into the regular Conan title but that’s just me. My fear is other people may not think the same and this get lost in shelf.

marvels 1Marvels Annotated #1> Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series that changed the way we look at super heroes, the landmark MARVELS is back! In the year 1939, young photojournalist Phil Sheldon attends the sensational unveiling of the fiery android Human Torch – little knowing he is witnessing the dawn of the Age of Marvels! Prepare to relive Marvel’s Golden Age from a whole new point of view as Phil covers the superhuman sightings of the 1930s and 1940s – from the terror caused by the Human Torch’s epic clash with the Sub-Mariner to the patriotism stirred by the debut of Captain America and more! Packed with extras and completely remastered, you don’t want to miss this unique look back at the MARVELS phenomenon! Collecting MARVELS #0-1. (S) Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek (A/CA) Alex Ross
Smurfs Take> There was nothing like this when it came out. The art, story, and approach was brilliant. This is a must read for all comic fans.

superman 8Superman #8> The epic secrets of Superman continue to unfold! A few months in space with his paternal grandfather Jor-El changed Jon Kent forever. With Jon now seeking help from his father, the Man of Steel must learn about the war his son and father fought together and set right the wrongs his father may have unleashed on other worlds. See what changed Superboy in such radical ways as the Unity Saga continues. (S) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Brandon Peterson (A/CA) Joe Prado, Ivan Reis
Smurfs Take> I don’t know how much further they can continue to push this. It’s been a fantastic story and just when I think it can’t go any higher Bendis stacks another level on. This is the Superman we have been wanting for years.


flash 64Flash #64> “THE PRICE” part two! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable…by the Flash!
A cold case from the Justice League’s past has mysteriously re-opened, and Batman and the Flash-the only two heroes who stand a chance of cracking the case-are at each other’s throats! Our heroes must combat a demon from the past while burying their own inner demons in the process…and neither the World’s Greatest Detective nor the Fastest Man Alive will ever be the same again! But who is really pulling the strings here? And how does Gotham Girl fit into all this? Friendships will be tested and blood will be spilled in this titanic crossover event… (S) Joshua Williamson (A) Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona (CA) Chris Burnham
Smurfs Take> I enjoyed the first part of the story but there is a reason these two don’t team up too often. I like the idea and so far so good but I think the better contrast is with Superman rather than the Flash. Love the mystery however so I will keep coming back.

wonder twins 1Wonder Twins #1> Exiled from their home planet, alien heroes Zan and Jayna must navigate life as teens on Earth at South Metropolis High School, where they’re even bigger outsiders than the typical awkward young adults. Under the watchful eye of Superman, the brother and sister pull monitor duty at the Hall of Justice as interns, while also trying to overcome the pitfalls of Zan’s brash confidence and Jayna’s shy but streetwise persona. If you think you know the Wonder Twins, think again-this book takes the form of the unexpected. (S) Mark Russell (A/CA) Stephen Byrne
Smurfs Take> Wait what? I really don’t know how to feel about this. I want to look away while sticking my nose in the air. Then the other side of they did what is too compelling not to peek and see what it’s all about. The last few years being more of a joke then viable characters has me laughing and scratching my head all at once.


Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay It’s a week for mini-series as we get some interesting side stories. But on this cold day don’t rush out of the shop with giving Smurfs High Five a look or forget to get Hulk, Justice League, and Green Lantern. Our top five is sponsored by All C’s Collectables who is give you a 10% discount at check out if you let them know you saw this.


Female Furies 1Female Furies #1> All their lives the Female Furies have been raised to be the meanest, most cunning and most ruthless fighting force on all of Apokolips. So why are Granny Goodness’ girls left behind every time the men go to war? With the might of New Genesis hanging over the planet, and the Forever People making mincemeat out of Darkseid’s army, Granny thinks it’s about time that changed.
And so, Big Barda, Aurelie, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Bernadeth and Stompa set out to beat the boys at their own game. Little do they know the game is rigged-and one accidental murder could spell disaster for them all!
FEMALE FURIES is an exciting new miniseries starring some of Jack Kirby’s coolest Fourth World characters by the writer of SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL and the artist of PLASTIC MAN!  (W) Cecil Castellucci (S) Adriana Melo (CA) Mitch Gerads

Smurfs Take> I have always wanted to see more done Granny Goodness and her little army. They have always felt like filler that no one has taken an time to develop further. I’m excited to see this  and should be a fun run.

daredevil 1Daredevil #1> CLASSIFIED (S) Chip Zdarsky (A) Marco Checchetto, Chip Zdarsky (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco

Smurfs Take> Well, Daredevil is dead. It’s been a tradition for the last creative team to leave the next one in the worst place possible. I don’t think it gets any worst than that how ever I am excited to see were it goes from here.  






Meet Peter Quill. He used to be Star-Lord – you know, the legendary outlaw – but it’s been quite some time since he’s gone by that name. Taking over for his father as the Emperor of Spartax, Quill put the life of spacefaring adventure behind him for one of leadership and responsibility. Quill grew up. But things didn’t go as planned. Decades have passed, and Peter is haunted by tragedy. Down and out, Quill’s existence means nothing…until the former GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY drag Peter out of his funk for one last mission! The heist of a lifetime – and Quill’s harrowing quest for redemption – begins here! (S) Sacks, Ethan (A) Robert Gill (CA) John Tyler Christopher

Smurfs Take> I have mixed feelings on this. The one hand always excited about looking into what may be and what happens in the Marvel U. The other is the trend that Marvel is falling into with this. It was one thing when it was Wolverine and it took years to get the rest of that story just to have him end up in our time. Hawkeye, Cosmic Ghost Rider, now Star Lord. Al I am saying is the time line is mess up enough and I don’t want to see this become a habit and is that a Punisher shirt he has on under his coat.

batman 64Batman #64> “THE PRICE” part one! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable…by the Flash!
A cold case from the Justice League’s past has mysteriously re-opened, and Batman and the Flash-the only two heroes who stand a chance of cracking the case-are at each other’s throats! Our heroes must combat a demon from the past while burying their own inner demons in the process…and neither the World’s Greatest Detective nor the Fastest Man Alive will ever be the same again! But who is really pulling the strings here? And how does Gotham Girl fit into all this? Friendships will be tested and blood will be spilled in this titanic crossover event… (S) Joshua Williamson (A) Guillem March (CA) Chris Burnham

Smurfs Take> The last time these two crossed over we got hints to the Dooms Day Clock story that is going on and so much more. So what are we going to get this time? I loved this team up last time more then I expected and this looks to be an bigger story. Truth is this has been a question from many Flash fans nd about time we get some answers.

avengers 14Avengers #14> THE WAR OF THE VAMPIRES BEGINS!
TRANSYLVANIA IS BURNING! As vampire civil war throws the world into chaos, the mysterious Shadow Colonel and his squad of undead revolutionaries have one burning question on their murderous minds: Where is Dracula? And if the Avengers find him first, will the lord of the damned be friend or foe? (S) Jason Aaron (A/CA) David Marquez

Smurfs Take> Waaaa? Vampires now? I wish we had got this a little closer to the Halloween season but I will take it. Jason has been on a solid roll with this title and continues with a hit every month.   

Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay is here! That’s a good thing because I don’t have a thing to read on this cold day. Here are the top five books Smurf is looking at this week sponsored by All C’s Collectables who is giving you a 10% discount if you mention this at check out.

heroes crisis 5Heroes in Crisis #5> The secrets of the DC Universe are hacked! Sanctuary wasn’t supposed to keep records, but now that the A.I. is compromised, superhero secrets are leaking all over the ‘Net. Booster and Harley set aside their differences to focus on who they believe is the real killer (assuming one of them isn’t lying, that is). Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash continue to investigate the mysterious murderer. The answer can be found in Sanctuary…but is it safe to go digging in the crime scene? (S) Tom King (A) Clay Mann (CA) Trevor Hairsine

Smurf> This title continues to surprise me and I haven’t been so invested into a story like this since Identity  Crisis. I have no idea what to expect, or where it’s going and what will be on the next page and I love every moment of it.

doctor strange 10Doctor Strange #10> DOCTOR STRANGE HITS HIS MILESTONE 400TH ISSUE!
Creative team Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz are joined by some of the best DOCTOR STRANGE artists of all time to tell a monumentally strange tale! Someone has been working in the background since the first issue, chipping away at Doctor Strange and other magicians, undercutting and depleting their magic, and the other shoe finally drops. Does Strange stand a chance against someone who can take his magic away with the snap of their fingers? (S) Mark Waid (A) Chris Bachalo, More (A/CA) Jesus Saiz

Smurfs Take> I have been on board with this title since before the relaunch. The concept of how the magic world works and the cost is genius. The road Strange has been on has been far from disappointing and to find out that there has been a man behind the curtain the whole time is fantastic. Love Waid!

age of xman alphaAge of X-Man Alpha #1> The age of X-Man dawns…
and the X-Men cannot stop it. (S) Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Phil Noto

Smurfs Take> I’m not really sure what to expect from this story. It looks like Age of Apocalypse but it’s not. It looks like it might bring the X-Men out of their story slump and give us all something we have been begging for.




flash 63Flash #63> It’s two against one when Gemini tag-teams the Flash! The threat is doubled for the Scarlet Speedster when Gemini gets their hands on the Strength Force. But where’s that leave Powerhouse? She and the Flash must ride or die together in order to get her super-strength back, but they’ll have to survive a trip through the Strength Force first. Follow along in the Flash’s footsteps on the next leg of his Force Quest! (S) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona

Smurfs Take> Flash for me has been on a good roll and has been for some time. This little quest of his has consistently solid story telling and some really good developments that have been a fun ride. It’s been a quality book.

punisher 7Punisher #7> LET THE PUNISHER FIT THE CRIME!
Can Zemo’s bid to turn Bagalia into a legitimate nation withstand the Punisher? What chance does the Rule of Law have in a land full of outlaws? Frank Castle is notoriously hard to kill, but an entire nation of super criminals might just do it.
Parental Advisory (S) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Szymon Kudranski (CA) Greg Smallwood

Smurfs Take> The Punisher on the run and leaving a disaster in his wake. The perfect blend of Punisher we know and so much more. I don’t think this title has ever been this good.

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Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay A trip to the stars the dark corners of the soul and everywhere in between. Smurfs High Five sponsored by All C’s comics this week sees a ton of options as the new year starts to ramp up. Don’t overlook Hulk, Superior Spiderman, and Batman but here are a few to get you started. Be sure to mention this at checkout at All C’s for your 10% discount.


guardians 1Guardians of the Galaxy #1> WHO WILL STAND
The universe is on fire. Hundreds of worlds are at war. Never has there been such hatred and division across the cosmos. And in spite of all this, Thanos of Titan is still dead…or is he? Now, more than ever, the cosmos need the Guardians of the Galaxy…but in the aftermath of the Infinity Wars, who is left to answer the call? Featuring every cosmic super hero in the known universe by the THANOS WINS creative team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw! (S) Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw (CA) David Marquez

Smurfs Take> Oh how I have missed my Guardians. After everything that has gone on with the Infinity story line, Thanos dead or not dead it will be nice to get a few answers and just what is going on in the universe.

stl106272Crypt of Shadows #1> ALL-NEW HORROR STORY!
For Marvel’s 80th Anniversary we’ve gone into the vaults to bring back some classic titles from the Marvel of yesteryear…but maybe some vaults should stay closed! Something terrifying has broken free and crawled forth from one of the most terrifying corners of Marvel-dom, the CRYPT OF SHADOWS! Prepare for terror! The shadows are deeper than you think, and horrors lurk within… (S) Al Ewing (A) Garry Brown, More (CA) Kyle Hotz

Smurfs Take>  After discovering super hero comics the next greatest discovery was horror comics. Tales from the Crypt as a matter of fact and my young mind would never be the same again. There is just something about this that fits so well together. Able to give life to and a level of substance to the horror world that seems to have been overlooked for so long. This is fantastic.

justice league 16Justice League #16> It’s a mystery in space: Why would the Guardians of the Universe hide top-secret intel deep in the bowels of a secret vault on Thanagar Prime? That’s what Martian Manhunter, GL and Hawkgirl want to know! That’s not the only puzzler popping off either, as an ancient connection that bonds Kendra and Shayera Hol unlocks the secret of the map on Hawkgirl’s Dark Metal wings. Back on Earth, Starman and the Trinity look to create a wormhole that could transport them to Thanagar Prime. The only catch? It could vaporize them! (S) James TynionIV, Scott Snyder (A) Stephen Segovia, Mark Morales (A/CA) Jim Cheung



avengers 13Avengers #13> FEATURING THE IRON FIST OF 1,000,000 BC!
ANDREA SORRENTINO JOINS SERIES WRITER JASON AARON another flashback tale of the Prehistoric Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Meet the primordial woman who was the first to harness the power of the heart of the dragon Shou-Lao, becoming the very first Iron Fist. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Andrea Sorrentino (CA) Steve Epting

Smurfs Take> Another step back in time and an interesting choice of characters to focus on. Of course there is an Iron Fist that would be running around with the rest of the gods. Can’t wait to see how all of this fits together.


shazam 2Shazam #2> Shazam! and the Seven Kingdoms” part two! The acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham continue the first all-new ongoing SHAZAM! title in decades!
Billy Batson has uncovered a secret deep within the Rock of Eternity that sends him on his most personal mission yet-one that threatens to tear apart his family! Meanwhile, the truth behind the Rock of Eternity’s purpose and its forbidden past unveils new and familiar worlds (that Dale may go mad drawing)! Plus… talking animals?!  (S) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Dale Eaglesham

Smurfs Take> I liked the first issue and a little mystery to build off of. To be honest I have always wanted to know about the Rock of Eternity and is perfect to build a story off of. I’m not all that sold on the Shazam family returning. The only one that showed any promise as a character was Mary Marvel. Too much too fast?


dawn statueJoseph Linsner Dawn Statue> Dawn, the goddess of rebirth, has been one of the most enduring characters in independent comics since her creation by artist, Joseph Michael Linsner, in the late 1980s. With sculpting by RVCKVS International, and continued guidance from her creator, Dynamite has spared no detail in bringing this iconic comic book idol to life.

Smurfs Take> I know I haven’t done a statue of the week for some time. Can only take so much from another version of Batman. But this one is a little different than your average statue. For one it’s been a very long time since we have had a Dawn statue and the detail on this is stunning. I know she has fallen to background since not having her own series so this might be a good sign. I’m not sure if she is going to work into the Women of Dynamite series but would love to see an Arthur Adams take on her.

Smurfs High 5

#NewComicsDay is here and #SmurfsHigh5 is proudly sponsored by All C’s Collectables. Mention you saw this at time of checkout and receive a 10% discount. It’s a wide spread of a week and so many choices to make but these for sure need to be in your stack. Also don’t forget Superman, the new Invaders, and Conan.

blackwidow 1Black Widow #1> …AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH HER.
Natasha Romanoff was trained to kill. For years now she’s tried to overcome that programming, to side with the angels…to be a hero. And where’d that get her? Killed. By one of the few true friends she allowed herself to have. Now she’s back from the dead, angry as hell and finding those better angels harder and harder to hear. Jen and Sylvia Soska – the Twisted Twins of horror – join rising artist Flaviano to weave a web of vice, violence and vengeance that will net Natasha the biggest bad men she’s ever faced…or put her back in the ground for good. (S) Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska (A) Flaviano (CA) Clayton Crain

Smurfs Take> It’s about time! We get a She Hulk book with no Hulk in it before we get a Black Widow? A character that Marvel has abused lets face it not sure to build her up or tuck her away in a dark corner. The potential for so many good stories if someone would just take the time and I think someone finally has.

middlewest-3Middlewest #3>  Abel and Fox learn that there may be someone who can help the boy’s worsening condition. But the road to reach her is long and unpredictable—and not everyone they run into along the way is anxious to let them pass. (S) Skottie Young (A) Jorge Corona

Smurfs Take> What a wonderfully odd little book. When you want something different and a departure from the “Super Hero” book this is exactly what I had in mind. It’s perfect.




batman laugh 2Batman Who Laughs #2> After the shocking ending of issue #1, a ticking clock sets Batman on a trail throughout the different realities of the Multiverse. He starts to see all the iterations of his life, and what could have been…but more importantly, Bruce Wayne begins to deduce that his current life is somehow wrong, and that all the mistakes he’s made are somehow connected. Meanwhile, the Batman Who Laughs raises the curtain on his second act, pulling out the big guns to break into Arkham Asylum… enter one of the most punishing Batmen of the Dark Multiverse: the Grim Knight! (S) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jock

Smurfs Take> Oh good lord. I don’t know what I was expecting in the first issue but I can tell you I wasn’t expecting that. I had my doubts when it came to this whole other Batmen idea but I have to say they really have something with this one. I should have known better with Snyder writing.

marvel comics 1Marvel Comics Presents #1> THE CLASSIC MARVEL SERIES RETURNS FOR MARVEL’S 80th ANNIVERSARY! Three titanic tales celebrating the first decade of Marvel stories! First – an all-new tale of the man they call the Wolverine begins in the 1940s! Then comes Captain America, the first Avenger of World War II still fighting for freedom today! And finally, the untold tale of Namor and the atom bomb! (S) Charles Soule, Ann Nocenti, Greg Pak (A) Paulo Siqueira, Tomm Coker, More (CA) Arthur Adams, Federico Blee

Smurfs Take> Back in the day I use to love this book, then towards the end it just became another Wolverine title. This is the chance to tell a decent story to help expand the characters without it affecting the main story going on. If Marvel keeps it simple and follows the formula they have set with this first issue this will be an amazing title.

the-warning-3The Warning #3> “RAZORBACK” The alien counteroffensive Operation: All-Weather begins. (S) Edward Laroche (A) Edward Laroche

Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay is here and there are a lot of choices to be made. Smurfs High Five is here to help when you get to the local shop.

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has spent months in space protecting Earth from alien threats big and small, but now it’s time for Earth’s mightiest hero to come home. New York City has never looked so good. But every re-entry comes with the unexpected, and Carol is about to hit a whole lot of unexpected. It’s a fresh start and an oversized, star-studded welcome home for a hero who’s been punching the glass ceiling since the 1970s – and just in time for the first female-led film from Marvel Studios! The next 50 years of Captain Marvel starts here! (S) Kelly Thompson (A) Carmen Nunez Carnero (CA) Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts

Smurfs Take> It looks like it will be Marvels year. The first Captain Marvel I enjoyed and it pained me when he died. Then came along Mrs. Marvel and now her taking on the title I absolutely love. I hated they always just kept changing her but for the last few years there has been some solid developments of the character. I think Marvel might just surprise us all.  

justice league 15Justice League #15> Hawk fight! Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl clash with Shayera Hol (also a Hawkgirl) when the League trio tries to break into a secret vault deep within Thanagar Prime-and the feathers are gonna fly! Speaking of secrets, M.M. learns one about himself and Lex Luthor, as related to him by the Martian Keep, guardian of all Martian wisdom and history. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must stop Starman from going nova. (S) James TynionIV, Scott Snyder (A) Mark Morales, Stephen Segovia (A/CA) Jim Cheung

Smurfs Take> Last issue did not disappoint and more to the point neither has this series. I can’t say it enough. If you are not reading this series you are missing out.


avengers 12Avengers #12> THE ALL-NEW SECRET AVENGERS!
It’s hard to run the Avengers without a support staff. And for a team as wild, weird and insanely powerful as this new Avengers squad, just one Jarvis would never do. Luckily, Black Panther has assembled the wildest and weirdest support staff you’ve ever seen. Meet Gorilla Man, Ka-Zar and the rest of the Agents of Wakanda. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness, Cory Smith (CA) Alan Davis

Smurfs Take> Now it gets interesting.





punisher 6Punisher #6> BAGALIA BOUND!
The Punisher is extradited to the worst place imaginable…Bagalia! Hydra Nation itself! Frank’s been in prison before, but he’s about to enter a prison on an island full of bad guys…As Frank enters the lion’s den, Zemo makes his move. (S) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Szymon Kudranski (CA) Greg Smallwood

Smurfs Take> This has been a great bit of storytelling. Every issue has been one wild ride after the other leading to some very interesting places. I have to say this might be one of the most underrated book of the year.




domino 10.jpgDomino #10> GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
You saw her on the silver screen, now Domino’s live and direct from the Mojoverse! Can you guess which special guest is along for the ride?
The answer’s a real long shot… (S) Gail Simone (A) David Baldeon, Alberto Alburquerque, Anthony Piper, Michael Shelfer (CA) Lim, Gang Hyuk

Smurfs Take> What can I say, I’m a sucker for these types of team-ups. This has been the story I have been looking forward to. Marvels first luckiest man alive meeting the girl that has everything go her way and throw the Mojoverse in as a bonus.  

Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay It’s the new year and everyone is back to work…sort of. A lighter week of titles for all to help with recovery from the crazy season. I for one am posting this and heading to my shop for a healthy helping of some Conan. Here are Smurfs High Fives for January 2

From an age undreamed…hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet…
Robert E. Howard’s creation returns to comics, in an epic tale as only MARVEL could bring you!  Conan’s travels have brought him to the far reaches of the unkown, from his birthplace in Cimmeria to the kingdom of Aquilonia and all in between. As his fighting prowess allows him to carve his way through life, so too does it attract the forces of death!
The all-new ages-spanning saga begins here, by writer Jason Aaron (THE MIGHTY THOR, STAR WARS) and artist Mahmud Asrar (UNCANNY X-MEN, ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS), as Conan’s destiny is forever changed! (S) Jason Aaron (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) Esad Ribic

Smurfs Take> Conan comes back home to Marvel and is in the hands of one of their best writers. This should be good and wonder what is in store for us.


heroes in crisis 4Heroes in Crisis #4> Wonder Woman versus…Booster Gold?! Diana finds out the hard way that Booster can be a formidable opponent when his back’s against the wall. Of course, being the prime suspect in a superhero massacre and exposing a secret trauma hospital for metahumans will do just that. Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash combine their detective skills to investigate what went awry at Sanctuary and uncover a serious glitch in the system-not to mention an explosive, spoiler-ific secret! (S) Tom King (A/CA) Clay Mann

Smurfs Take> Ok, this has turned out a lot better than I had imagined. So intense!


infinity 1Infinity Wars Infinity #1> What comes AFTER infinity? (S) Gerry Duggan (A) Mark Bagley (CA) Mike Deodato

Smurfs Take> The war is over and what do you do with the stones? I know I have some space in my Aquarium for some extra decorations. I know Marvel always has to have it’s fallout what happens next but sometimes its just a long drawn out road to nowhere. I hope this isn’t the case.  





obi wan 1Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1> THE EARLY DAYS OF OBI-WAN KENOBI, JEDI KNIGHT! Following the wishes of his master, OBI-WAN has taken on ANAKIN SKYWALKER as an apprentice. Will his mission alongside his young Padawan bring them closer together, or sow the seeds that will drive them apart? And who else is after the ancient holocron that they seek? (S) Jody Houser (A) Cory Smith (CA) Paolo Rivera

Smurfs Take> With his movie getting canceled this might be as close as we will ever get to having some of his story filled in. I just hope it’s about him and leave out Anakin as much as possible.  


man with out fear 1Man Without Fear #1> Daredevil is gone, but Hell’s Kitchen is still a place of heroes and villains.  Foggy Nelson (issue #1), the Defenders (issue #2), the many loves of Matt Murdock (issue #3), the Kingpin (issue #4) and a mysterious Guardian Devil (issue #5) will all learn what it means to live in a world without a Daredevil.  And without a Daredevil to protect it, has hell come for his city? Who is The Man Without Fear?! (S) Jed MacKay (A) Danilo Beyrouth (CA) Kyle Hotz

Smurfs Take> It’s your life Daredevil style. One of the things I have always liked about his stories is the human side of it. The emotion and how some of the characters around Daredevil might be tougher than him.