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#NewComic Contenders for April 12, 2017

STL046027.jpegSeven to Eternity #5> NEW STORY ARC! Adam Osidis and the Mosak come to a crossroads. The choices they make here will echo throughout the lands of Zhal for all eternity. (S) Rick Remender (A/CA) Jerome Opena, Matt Hollingsworth








Deadpool Vs. Punisher #1> Frank Castle has an unstoppable will – a powerful drive to punish those who do wrong, rooted in the tragic killing of his family. Wade Wilson has an unstoppable mouth – an unthinking knack for annoying everyone around him, rooted in thinking he’s funny. Both men, however, are among the deadliest on the planet. When they find themselves in disagreement over the criminal known as The Bank, they’re in for one of the most brutal fights of their lives! Can Frank kill Wade over and over without ever dying once himself? Or will Wade bug him until he welcomes death? (S) Fred Van Lente (A) Pere Perez (CA) Declan Shalvey


Scooby Apocalypse #12> It’s a Dinkley family reunion! Can Velma reconcile with one of her brothers in order to the save the world that they destroyed? Or is someone else to blame for the apocalypse? (S) Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis (A) Dale Eaglesham (CA) Howard Porter


Weapon X #1> Decades ago, the Weapon X program produced the deadliest mutant killers on the planet. Now, with more research, more funding and more Adamantium at its disposal, the Weapon X program is creating new killers for old targets: Old Man Logan. Sabretooth. Lady Deathstrike. Weapon X isn’t just experimenting on mutants anymore…it’s eradicating them. All of them.  Plus: Deadlier and more shadowy than ever, you won’t believe who’s taken the job as Director of Weapon X! Reuniting X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong creative team GREG PAK (World War Hulk) and GREG LAND (Uncanny X-Men)! (S) Greg Pak (A/CA) Greg Land

Smurfs Take> The last couple Weapon X series have been fantastic and I am optimistic that this will follow suit. It’s rare these days the X-Men are in my top 5 let alone two X-Titles but this one time I would like to have a decent X-Book and if one can deliver I think it will be this one.



Amazing Spider-Man #26> “THE OSBORN IDENTITY” CONTINUES! Silver Sable comes back into Spider-Man’s life – but isn’t she DEAD?! Norman Osborn has worked his way into a position of power in Symkaria, and any incursion by Spider-Man will be seen as an act of war. Will Spider-Man risk international infamy to take down his most dangerous foe? (W) Dan Slott (A) Stuart Immonen (CA) Alex Ross


X-Men Blue #1> THE ORIGINALS!  Join MARVEL GIRL, CYCLOPS, BEAST, ICEMAN and ANGEL as they reclaim the title of X-MEN. After the world-shaking events of IVX, the original five X-Men are here to bring mutant criminals to justice and restore a heroic sheen to their team. But with a new leader in JEAN GREY and a new mentor in their “arch-frenemy” MAGNETO, will old rivalries and new conflicts tear these heroes apart? (S) Cullen Bunn (A) Jorge Molina, Matteo Buffagni (CA) Arthur Adams

Smurfs Pick

STL039926.jpegGuardians of the Galaxy #19> Brian Michael Bendis’ last issue! It’s all built to this! GROUNDED comes to a conclusion with this double-sized blockbuster as Brian Michael Bendis wraps up his epic run on GUARDIANS!  With the team stuck on Earth and scattered to the winds, could the only thing to bring them together truly be…THANOS? Featuring art by series artist Valerio Schiti and special guest artists to celebrate the end of an era! (S) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Valerio Schiti, Various (CA) Arthur Adams

Smurfs Take>  The End and will the Guardians ever be the same again? I have loved the run the Guardians have been on and sad to see Bendis call it closed. How will it finish? Are all the loose ends going to be pulled together in a nice tight bow? Can we hope the team will get off Earth?

Trade Paperback of the week


Aquaman TP Vol 2 Black Manta Rising> Aquaman’s investigation into the mysterious Atlantean terrorist attacks on the surface is cut short when Black Manta taps his newfound weapons cache and unleashes an unstoppable weapon upon the undersea kingdom: a relentless behemoth from the deep that lays waste to everything in its path. Collects AQUAMAN #7-15. (S) Dan Abnett (A) Philippe Briones, Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Daniel Henriques (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

Statue of the Week

STL023766.jpegDC Cover Girls Hawkgirl Statue>  

Designed by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU  Sculpted by JACK MATHEWS Hawkgirl stands ready for flight, mace at the ready, in the latest DC Cover Girls statue from the mind of renowned artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau!  Limited Edition of 5,000 Measures Approximately 10.24″ Tall



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Contenders for March 29, 2017


Thanos #5> You can cage Thanos. You can lock Thanos away. But you won’t keep him long. (S) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Mike Deodato


Dark Knight III Master Race #8> Baal’s Kryptonian army has invaded Themyscira. Wonder Woman and the Amazons will show them why that was a deadly mistake. (S) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Klaus Janson, Frank Miller (A/CA) Andy Kubert


Titans Annual #1> When Dick, Wally, Donna and Garth awaken in an unfamiliar place, they find themselves face-to-face with their mentors: Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman! Allied together against a common foe, the mentors and protégés must race against the clock to unlock the secret of their current predicament and save the planet from an alien invasion! (S) Dan Abnett (A) Minkyu Jung (CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Smurfs Take> Classic clash, sidekicks vs. heroes it’s been awhile since we have seen a good JLA Titans beatdown. The question is…who’s taking the beating? The Annuals from DC so far have been exciting and some great reads that fly off the shelf.


Mighty Captain Marvel #3> An elusive enemy gets closer to destroying everything Carol and her Alpha Flight have sworn to protect. But is the threat hidden amongst them? Time for the mightiest hero there is to become the fightiest hero there is. (S) Margaret Stohl (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Elizabeth Torque


X-Men Prime #1> RESURRXION BEGINS HERE! In the wake of their war with the Inhumans, the X-MEN are at a crossroads. Where do they go from here? Luckily, one beloved X-Men has the answer to that question: Xavier’s dream comes full circle as KITTY PRYDE returns to the X-Men, ready to lead them in their mission to protect a world that hates and fears them. The next chapter of the X-Men’s saga starts here! (W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Ken Lashley, Leonard Kirk, Ibraim Roberson (CA) Ardian Syaf

Smurfs Take> With the talk about Marvel returning things back for Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and the rest of the Marvel U I can only hope this is the same for the X-Men and this is where it starts. I said the other day the X-fans are the ones to blame for the current state of the X-Men. What I wouldn’t do for an old school 80’s X-Team and maybe this is it? Maybe a little confusing on who’s who right now and from what time and dimension  

Smurfs Pick

STL035926.jpegJughead the Hunger One Shot> Brand New One-Shot Special! Jughead Jones has always had an insatiable appetite… but what if his hunger came from a sinister place? When a murderous menace is on the prowl, taking the lives of some of the most well-known and esteemed inhabitants of Riverdale, Jughead and his family’s dark legacy comes to light. Join writer Frank Tieri (Wolverine) and artist Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers) for this horrifying one-shot. (S) Frank Tieri (A/CA) Michael Walsh

Smurfs Take> The Archie Horror series was more than a pleasant surprise, and to finally see how the whole story began is thrilling. I know Archie has been this new focus with the show on the CW and the successes of the comic, are we seeing the complete rebirth of a classic character?  

Trade Paperback of the Week


Saga Vol #7 TP> From the worldwide bestselling team of FIONA STAPLES and BRIAN K. VAUGHAN, “The War for Phang” is an epic, self-contained SAGA event! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. New friendships are forged and others are lost forever in this action-packed volume about families, combat, and the refugee experience. (S) Brian K. Vaughan (A) Fiona Staples

Statue of the Week


DC Universe Green Lantern Artfx Statue>  Green Lantern Statue….Nuf said.

Video of the Week

fantastic-beasts-movie-posters-clips-1200x600.jpgFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them> Seventy years prior to Harry Potter’s class reading an important textbook about the magical world, there exists a secret society of witches and wizards in New York City. An embattled wizard must flee to the city from London, where he has been expelled from Hogwarts. However, he still has some very important people on his side. Some wonder how it is that headmaster Albus Dumbledore still supports him. Against the backdrop of the city, this man discovers how difficult it can be to survive as a magical person in a world of non-magicians


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#NewComics Top contenders for March 22, 2016

 STL036718.jpgUnworthy Thor #5> The hammer of the Ultimate Thor is finally within reach of Asgard’s fallen son. Is redemption finally at hand?  No matter what happens next, life will never be the same for the Odinson. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Pascal Alixe, Aaron Kim Jacinto (A/CA) Olivier Coipel

Smurfs Take> I have loved this story from issue one despite my fears that the secret behind the whisper is something lame like he left the toilet seat up at Avenger’s mansion. The fact that it’s the Ultimate’s Thor’s hammer at the center of all of this is fantastic. I always though they never used that character to his full potential and loved the hammer design. Now we add Thanos to the mix of an already pissed off Collector can’t wait to get my hands on this!


Gamora #4> SUNRISE ON DOOMSDAY! As planet Ubliex approaches the black hole’s event horizon, GAMORA is on the cusp of getting the revenge she so desperately seeks…in exchange for making deals with gangsters of questionable intent, who claim they hold the key to escape. Yet as earthquakes, fire tornadoes and anti-gravity bubbles begin to tear Ubliex to pieces, Gamora may find herself forced to choose between her vengeance quest and her own survival. (S) Nicole Perlman (A) Marco Checchetto (CA) Esad Ribic  


Elektra #2> ELEKTRA COMES OUT TO PLAY! ELEKTRA has tried to lie low, but she finds herself in the crosshairs of a dangerous force in Sin City. A string of clues including high tech weaponry, kidnappings and assassins lead her to a game of chance more deadly than she ever expected. Can she outsmart this mastermind…or is she playing right into his hand? (S) Matt Owens (A) Juan Cabal (CA) Elizabeth Torque

Smurfs Take> Amazing first issue and ecstatic with the time and care they took with the character. Has another waisted Marvel character been saved? Way too earlier to say but there are high hopes.  


Star Wars Darth Maul #2> A Jedi Padawan has been captured by sinister forces…and Darth Maul is determined to find her?! This early tale of the galaxy’s deadliest Zabrak continues! (S) Cullen Bunn (A) Luke Ross (CA) Rafael Albuquerque


Shutter #28> “SO FAR BEYOND,” Part Six. END OF STORY ARC. Kate says goodbye. (S) Joe Keatinge (A) Leila Del Duca

Smurfs Pick

STL043081.jpgMagdalena #1> SERIES PREMIERE! The Magdalena has always defended the world from demonic evil, empowered by the blood of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene in her veins. But when a brush with death leaves her gravely wounded, Patience decides to seek out the next in the bloodline and train her replacement. The replacement, meanwhile, is having enough trouble with finding her purpose even without the whole holy-warrior gig.  These variants will serve to celebrate the careers of women in comics, the strides made throughout comics history made by the women’s movement, and the company’s history of shaking up the status quo. 100% of the proceeds made from these March Women’s History variant covers will be donated to Planned Parenthood. (S) Tini Howard, Ryan Cady (A) Christian DiBari (CA) Roberta Ingrata

Smurfs Take> A character that took a lot long to bring back than I thought. Great idea for a character and story line just never went anywhere with it. Will this be redemption or damnation?

 Hard Cover of the Week


East of West The Apocalypse Year Two HC> The oversized prestige collection of the Second Year of The Apocalypse. Collects EAST OF WEST #16-29. (S) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Nick Dragotta

Figure of the Week


Walking Dead Fig Mag #26 Negan>   The definitive The Walking Dead figurine collection, presenting characters from the TV series, in meticulously rendered 1:21 scale.  Each figurine comes with a character booklet.



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Contenders for February 15, 2016

God Country #2God Country #2> As Emmett Quinlan attempts to rebuild his family and his home after the devastating tornado that broke them, something otherworldly screams through the sky under a banner of WAR. The GODS have come to Texas—and they do not intend to leave it empty handed…(S) Danny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J. Hill

Smurfs Take> The first blew off the shelves and there is a reason for that besides it being an Image book. Where is this story going; is anyone’s guess but the God’s have come home to Earth and they are not happy!




Gamora #3> ON THE DOOMED PLANET UBLIEX, ESCAPE IS IMPOSSIBLE! While the planet literally breaks apart around her, GAMORA searches for her prey, determined to get her revenge against the BADOON – even if it’s the last thing she does! But on Ubliex, where adventure and criminals wait around every corner, Gamora might find more than she ever imagined…a truth so astounding that it will rock Gamora to her very core. (S) Nicole Perlman (A) Marco Checchetto (CA) Esad Ribic

Wild Storm #1> A troubled woman, barred by her employer from continuing her research, walks miserably through New York City. It takes her a moment to notice that everybody else is looking up. A man has been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper.  And that woman-Angela Spica, sick from the transhuman implants she’s buried in her own body-is the only person who can save him.  What she doesn’t know is that the act of saving that one man will tip over a vast and secret house of cards that encloses the entire world, if not the inner solar system. This is how the Wild Storm begins, and it may destroy covert power structures, secret space programs and even all of human history. New York Times best-selling writer Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, RED, PLANETARY) returns to DC to curate Jim Lee’s WildStorm world, with this debut issue resetting the WildStorm universe with new iterations of Grifter, Voodoo, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks and others. “I couldn’t be more excited to see these characters that are so near and dear to me reintroduced under the guiding hand of Warren Ellis. WildStorm represents an incredibly fun and exciting period in my career, and I can’t wait to see what Warren and Jon have in store for fans in February.”-Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher (S) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt

Batwoman #1> The newest chapter of Batwoman’s life begins here! Monster Venom is the hottest new bioweapon on the market…and to break up the syndicate spreading it around the world, Batwoman’s going to have to return to the place where she spent some of her darkest hours! Learn where Batwoman comes from, and where she’s going, in this one-shot prologue to the first big Batwoman epic, “The Many Arms Of Death”! (S) Marguerite Bennett, James TynionIV (A) Ben Oliver (A/CA) Steve Epting

Doctor Strange #17> In the epic “Last Days of Magic,” MR. MISERY helped Doctor Strange defeat the Empirikul. But don’t misunderstand, Misery is no hero, and he aims to show Strange the meaning of his name. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Frazer Irving (CA) Kevin Nowlan

Smurfs Pick

Venom #4> Venom’s back and badder than ever! But people are starting to take notice, including Mac Gargan, who’s suited up as the SCORPION for the first time in years! Also featuring another WEB-SLINGING, WALL-CRAWLING, SPIDER-SENSE-ATIONAL GUEST STAR! (S) Mike Costa (A/CA) Gerardo Sandoval

Smurfs Take> When this title first started a few months ago, I went on record saying I felt bad for things had gone for the character and just wish they could find something to do with him. Well my prayers have been heard and answered to an extent; the story is compelling and I love the dynamic between Venom and the host. They are at odds with Venom resisting and trying to do what’s right. Granted it’s only been three issues so far with some decent ground work laid and rumor has it Eddie is in the very foreseeable future. This book is on the rise for sure and at long last we may finally see the redemption of Venom.  


Trade Paperback of the Week

Seven to Eternity TP Vol #1> The God of Whispers has spread an omnipresent paranoia to every corner of the kingdom of Zhal; his spies hide in every hall spreading mistrust and fear. Adam Osidis, a dying knight from a disgraced house, must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of the evil God, or accepting his promise to give Adam everything his heart desires. Writer RICK REMENDER reteams with collaborators JEROME OPEÑA (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent) and MATT HOLLINGSWORTH (TOKYO GHOST, WYTCHES) to take you on a hard road through the strange fantasy world of Zhal. All men have surrendered their freedom for fear, and now one last free man must choose. Collects SEVEN TO ETERNITY #1-4. (S) Rick Remender (A/CA) Jerome Opena

Smurfs Take> If you missed me raving about this surprise hit from last year now is your chance to get all four issues with number one almost nonexistent now I highly recommend this series and now is your chance to get all caught up.   

Statue of the Week

DC Bombshells Katana Statue> Designed by ANT LUCIA  Sculpted by JACK MATHEWS Katana, one of the Suicide Squad’s most fascinating heroes, is reimagined in this fantastically detailed new Bombshells statue. Attired in a stylized, fanciful costume, this 1:8 scale statue stands ready to take on any foe who dares to cross her path.  Limited Edition of 5,000 Measures Approximately 10.8″ Tall with base

Smurfs Take> So in love with this series, each one has been amazing and continue to astonish me with the detail and feel. All of the line sitting together is a sight to behold.

Smurfs High Five


Contenders for February 1, 2017

Star Wars Darth Maul #1> Bred on hate, fear, and anger…steeped in the ways of darkness…and trained to kill. Darth Maul’s time as apprentice to Darth Sidious has long been cloaked in shadows, but at last we will reveal his tale of revenge. From writer Cullen Bunn (DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, WOLVERINE) and artist Luke Ross (STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, HERCULES) comes a tale of rage unleashed as Darth Maul prepares for his first encounter with the Jedi. (S) Cullen Bunn (A) Luke Ross (CA) Rod Reis

Smurfs Take> One of the most waisted characters in the Star Wars universe who had real potential but was cut short. Now Marvel is going to take a shot at his past, and I wonder how this will compare to the Dark Horse run. I pray this is not a letdown, I want this to be really  really good and with the loss of the Vader title could use a good Syth fix.

Batman #16> “I Am Bane” part one! Bane is coming for Batman. Bruce must keep those he loves safe for five days in order to save Gotham Girl once and for all. But Bane will stop at nothing, and no one is safe. (S) Tom King (A/CA) David Finch

Justice League #14> “REGROUP”! Broken, battered and pinned down by a new alien threat, the Justice League is forced to confront long-simmering tensions between teammates before they can save the world. Grievances are aired and secrets are revealed in this special issue written and drawn by Bryan Hitch. (S) Bryan Hitch (A) Daniel Henriques (A/CA) Bryan Hitch

Nightwing #14> “BLUDHAVEN” finale! The psychopath who’s been carrying out the killings in Blüdhaven has placed the blame on Nightwing! Now Dick Grayson must apprehend this maniac to stop the murders and to convince Blüdhaven he’s not a villain. (S) Tim Seeley (A/CA) Marcus To

Green Lanterns #16> “DARKEST KNIGHT” part one! It’s the Dark Knight/Emerald Knights team up you’ve been waiting for! Simon and Jessica travel to Gotham City to help Batman with a mystery even he can’t solve! People all across the city have been gripped with fear. Is it Scarecrow? Is it the Sinestro Corps? Can these Justice League teammates work together to solve the mystery? (S) Sam Humphries (A) Neil Edwards (CA) James Harren

Smurfs Pick

The Walking Dead #163Walking Dead #163> NEW STORY ARC “CONQUERED” In the aftermath of The Whisperer War: ALL IS LOST. ALSO, HOLY CRAP! THIS ISSUE IS 25¢ CENTS TO CELEBRATE THE 25th ANNIVERSARY OF IMAGE COMICS! (S) Robert Kirkman (A) Charlie Adlard

Smurfs Take> OK, I really didn’t see the end of the war going like that. Maybe there is still a chance to come out of this? Ahhh who am I kidding, this is the most amazing mega herd ever and this will be epic!  





Hard Cover of the Week


Wolverine Old Man Logan HC New Printing> A future world savaged and sundered by super villains, the United States ain’t what it used to be. In California, now a wasteland controlled by the evil Hulk Gang, the former Wolverine seeks to live in peace. He’s retired, finally free from the violence of his former existence as an X-Man, and he wants to keep it that way. If only they’d let him. Now, Logan and an aged, blind Hawkeye are forced into a cross-country jaunt through villain-ruled lands, on a collision course with the worst of them all! Can Old Man Logan maintain his pacifist vow and make his last stand without doing what he does best? Mark Millar and Steve McNiven unite for a riotous romp through a future world of death, despair and dynamic action! Collecting WOLVERINE (2003) #66-72 and WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN GIANT-SIZE. (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Steve McNiven

Smurfs Take> Must have for any collector and with the film right around the corner see what inspired the final installment. One of the best Wolverine stories of all time holding a close second to Frank Millers first limited series of the character.

Statue of the Week

Marvel Gallery Jessica Jones PVC Figure> A Diamond Select Toys Release! Before she was a hard-boiled detective and the star of her own TV show, Jessica Jones was Jewel, an up-and-coming superhero, part-time Avenger and full-time fashion plate! This 9-inch scale PVC diorama of Jewel depicts the superheroine with her purple hair and white jumpsuit, blowing a kiss of purple stars. In scale to all Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC figures, Jewel comes packaged in a full-color widow box, and features a detailed sculpt and paint applications. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira.

Smurfs High Five


Contenders for January 25, 2016

Thanos #3> Thanos takes on the Imperial Guard. The entire Imperial Guard. They’re gonna need more guardsmen. (S) Jeff Lemire (A) Mike Deodato

Smurf Take> He’s back! He’s a bad ass and he’s taken back what is his but Death is coming for him and not the way you would think






Shutter #26

Saga #42> END OF STORY ARC “THE WAR FOR PHANG,” The Epic Conclusion! Hell is war, as Hazel and her family learn the hardest way. (S) Brian K Vaughn (A) Fiona Staples

Doctor Strange #16> “Blood in the Aether” reaches its jaw-dropping conclusion. Doctor Strange has run the gamut of his most powerful villains, and waiting at the end? The scariest of all…The dread Dormammu is back and bringing the hurt to his archenemy! (S) Jason Aaron (A) Chris Bachalo

Wonder Woman #15> “THE TRUTH” part one! Diana has finally seen the full scope of how her life and history have been transformed…unfortunately, the knowledge has driven her completely insane!  (S) Greg Rucka (A) Liam Sharp

Shutter #26

Shutter #26> “SO FAR BEYOND,” Part Four. Kate vs. Cassius. Creation vs. Entropy. Everything’s been leading up to this. (S) Joe Keatinge (A) Leila Del Duca

Smurfs Pick

Hulk #2> HOW CAN YOU FIGHT THE MONSTER WHEN THE MONSTER IS YOURSELF? As JEN continues to struggle with the HULK (and anger) within herself, her newest client struggles with her own dark secrets. What happens when a terrified recluse is forced into the world against her will? When fear is pushed into the light? Can Jen reconcile the two halves of herself in time to help her client? (S) Mariko Tamaki (A) Nico Leon

Smurfs Take> Over the years I have come accustomed to some strange Hulk stories, but the underlining story is all about the monster within even when he doesn’t show up during the issue. Man vs. Monster but now it’s woman vs. monster as Jen seems to now be waging the same war Bruce did for so many years. I’m intrigued how long Jen can stay in control, what will be the result when she does?   

Trade Paperback of the Week

The Black Monday Murders, Vol. 1: All Hail, God Mammon TP 

The Black Monday Murders Vol 1 All Hail, God Mammon> It’s the first collection of the exciting new crypto-noir series, THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS. “All Hail God Mammon” pulls the covers back on the secret world of magic lying behind the largest and oldest financial institutions in the world. Collects THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS #1-4.

Smurfs Take> One of the best comic titles of 2016 for me finally comes all collected together. If you missed this when it started now is your chance to read this jaw dropping series. Surprises, twists, turns, and just wow…..I feel the only way to make this book any better is to have Rod Serling do the introduction.

Action Figure of the Week

 Marvel Select Dr. Strange Movie AF> A Diamond Select Toys release! The Sorcerer Supreme and soon-to-be-cinematic superstar is the next Marvel Select masterpiece! This 7-inch action figure depicts Dr. Stephen Strange as he appears in the upcoming Marvel feature film, with a screen-accurate costume and the likeness of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The figure features 16 points of articulation, and comes with a diorama-style base capturing an environment from the film. Packaged in the display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!

Smurfs High Five


Contenders for January 18, 2016

STL030115.jpegGamora #2> OUT OF TIME AND OUT FOR REVENGE! The story continues as we follow GAMORA to the doomed planet that is UBLIEX. Perched on the brink of a black hole, its inhabitants count down the hours to their planet’s imminent demise as it is swallowed up by the approaching Singularity. Will Gamora find her revenge among the inhabitants of Ubliex before the black hole consumes them all? Or will the citizens of this world – including a doomsday cult, junkie bounty hunters and a young woman with a tremendous destiny – stop her first? (S) Nicole Perlman (A) Marco Checchetto (CA) Esad Ribic

Smurfs Take> Gamora before she was a Guardian and still with Thanos as the number one child, great way to start the story and eager for issue two. I always wondered if she was a strong enough character to carry a book on her own and the answer to that would be yes. Marvel might have a new leading female character!


Batman #15> How do you solve a problem like Selina Kyle? Is she a hero? Is she a villain? Can Batman and Catwoman ever really work things out? The award-winning team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads of Babylon (SHERIFF OF BABYLON) bring you “Rooftops,” a story in which Batman must decide once and for all what to do about Catwoman.  (S) Tom King (A) Mitch Gerads (CA) Stephanie Hans


Mighty Captain Marvel #1> The Greatest. That’s what they call her. Carol Danvers has been to the depths of outer space and back, but that still hasn’t prepared her for her newfound status of biggest super hero ever. Yaas, Queen! Danvers may not like the crown she’s wearing, but boy does it look good on her. Just watch out for the thorns it comes with-forces trying to take down everything Carol has built.  Carol Danvers makes her triumphant return as the Mighty Captain Marvel! Written by celebrity writer Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures, Black Widow: Forever Red) and drawn by the artfully talented Ramon Rosanas (Ant-Man), this bold new take on Earth’s mightiest and favorite hero! (S) Margaret Stohl (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Elizabeth Torque

Smurfs Take> Hot off of Civil War II but is it going to be enough? Marvels quest to add more female characters continues but I worry they may continue to make the same mistakes.


Justice League Suicide Squad #5> [REDACTED] has finally obtained that which [REDACTED] has sought all this time-it’s the means to utterly [REDACTED] the Justice League forever. Now, only [REDACTED] and the Suicide Squad stand in [REDACTED] path of total world domination. No pressure! (S) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Robson Rocha


Aquaman #15> “THE DELUGE” conclusion! It’s all been leading to this: Aquaman and his Atlantean army vs. Black Manta and the forces of N.E.M.O. in a final fight for supremacy over the seven seas. Whoever wins, one thing is certain: only one man will swim out alive! (S) Dan Abnett (A) Philippe Briones (CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

Smurfs Pick

ManifestDestiny_25-1.pngManifest Destiny #25> NEW STORY ARC. MANIFEST DESTINY hits its twenty-fi fth issue in this oversized comic! Lewis & Clark hunker down for the winter, and all is calm…until old enemies emerge from the fog… Plus, a BONUS STORY of Sacagawea, where we learn how a young girl became the warrior she is today. (S) Chris Dingess (A) Matthew Roberts

Smurfs Take> I remember when I picked up the first Issue (Thanks Clayton) thinking what the story would do, how far could they take it. Come to find out at issues #25 they have just scratched the surface. The idea of having to clean out the creatures in the Louisiana Purchase was a stroke of genius, the last frontier and what better place for monsters to hide. Innovative and a true exploration of history and imagination.   


Trade Paperback of the Week


Green Lantern Hal Jordan TP Vol 1> The origin of Green Lantern Hal Jordan is retold for a new generation in this new collection! When Hal proves himself worthy of wielding a power ring, his instructor is one of the mightiest warriors in the Corps: the Green Lantern called Sinestro. Now, for the first time ever, get the complete “Emerald Dawn” saga in one volume! Collects Green Lantern Emerald Dawn #1-6 and Green Lantern Emerald Dawn II #1-6. (W) Jim Owlsey, Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones (A) Romeo Tanghal, Keith Giffen (CA) Klaus Janson (A/CA) MD Bright

Statue of the Week

STL013722.jpegMarvel Universe Thanos Fine Art Statue> A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! While the last series of Marvel Universe Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya focused on the heroes and villains of the X-Men, the next character comes from outer space and has plans to rule the entire universe: THANOS! Known as the “Mad Titan,” Thanos is a massively powerful alien who first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics back in 1973 and has been a menace ever since. An Eternal and Deviant as well as a brilliant scientist, the purple villain became obsessed with Mistress Death and sought to please her by killing. Over the years Thanos would use various weapons and tools in his quest for Death, but by far the most famous and destructive is of course the Infinity Gauntlet, an all-powerful relic combining the powers of six Infinity Gems. With his popularity reaching new heights thanks to his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is the perfect new addition to the Fine Art Statue lineup. Always willing to get his hands dirty to further his own schemes, Thanos has arrived to unleash untold destruction on any who would stand in his way! The Mad Titan stands invincible on the battlefield, reveling in his own might as he sweeps away his foes with a clenched fist and the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. His massive frame is garbed in his iconic blue and gold costume, a segmented and reinforced bodysuit with armor plating, huge gloves and boots, a protective skirt, and a wide collar. All of that adds bulk to his already huge physique, and the amazing sculpt shows off both his musculature and the intricate details of his suit. And while Thanos’ fist may seem intimidating, it’s really his left hand that’s the most dangerous for it bears the Gauntlet, expertly recreated with the six differently-colored Gems. The only uncovered part of Thanos is his face, and you have two great options for your display: the Mad Titan giving a sly smile or baring his teeth in a fearsome grimace! Thanos stands an incredible 15 ½ inches tall in 1/6 scale as he poses on the skulls of his defeated enemies. Guaranteed to make a big impact in your collection, this Fine Art Statue is the quintessential collectible of the iconic Marvel villain.