Classic Rock Wednesday

“Please allow me to introduce myself”

There is the common phrase you are either a Beatles fan or a Stones fan. I have to say I like them both equally but for entirely different reasons. The rock sound of the Stones for the time was edgy and more of a primal scream with a different message. Oddly enough not one of the more common remade songs from band with the most noteworthy being from Guns and Roses.  

The song I saved for Halloween this year is my favorite and standout for the band. Yes there are lot of songs to chose since this ones release in 1968 but the narrative is amazing. Jagger’s “voice” as the Devil paints such a historical tapestry. Always there, just behind the curtain, do you believe it. They say the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist. I’m The Listener and one of the greats songs for a Halloween Classic Rock Wednesday is Sympathy for the Devil.    


Fantasy Football Clique

#NFL Week 11 Match-ups!

Saturdays I like to focus on this weekend’s match-ups and throw in a few Sleepers.

Top 3 Rushing Match-ups:

vs  – I’m sorry to pick on the Browns so much, but damn is their Defense weak and always makes the opposing team’s Offense look so great on paper.

vs  – Cincinnati has been allowing a lot of FF points against them on the ground, and unfortunately for them, the Bills have Matt Forte who is primed to have a big day.

vs  – Spencer Ware is back and will be carrying the RB load against the Buccaneer’s 25th ranked Defense in the NFL against the run.


Top 3 Passing Match-ups:

 vs  – Tom Brady is going to make his big return to ‘the city by the bay” a memorable one.

vs  – Big day for Big Ben and Antonio Brown.

vs  – Marcus Mariota is quietly becoming one of the top FF QBs right now and the Colts don’t have a strong secondary to stop him. Don’t forget that his favorite target is TE Delanie Walker.



QB – Joe Flacco

RB – Dion Lewis

RB – Thomas Rawls

WR – Jamison Crowder

TE – Ladarius Green

News and Notes

Rob Gronkowski is out this week with some sort of lung/chest injury. Martellus Bennett will have a good game.

Jeremy Maclin is out again this week with a groin injury. He has had a disappointing FF season this year and I wonder if he is even worth keeping on your roster.

I don’t know why, but I’m liking the match-up of Luck and Hilton vs the Titans Defense.

It’s that time to start looking ahead to the last 4 weeks of the season and the 3 FF playoff weeks. You are going to want to acquire the strong Offensive players that are matched up against the weaker Defenses. For example, during the FF playoff schedule ( weeks 14-16 ) Tampa Bay plays New Orleans TWICE! You are going to want Tampa Bay players, trust me.

Las Vegas over/under has Green Bay at Washington Redskins game as the highest scoring game of the week. Kirk Cousins should have a big day.

Good Luck!


Fantasy Football Clique

NFL Week 10 Match-ups!

Saturdays I like to focus on this weekend’s match-ups and throw in a few Sleepers.

Top 3 Rushing Match-ups:

vs  – David Johnson will have a big, big day. Like a HUGE day!

vs  – Ezekiel Elliot is on fire as of late. And the Steeler Defense is not that good against the run… all.

vs  – Chicago’s Jordon Howard is the new lead back and he has yet to disappoint FF owners. Great match-up here with that soft Buccaneer Defense.


Top 3 Passing Match-ups:

vs  – Titans seem to have a weak pass Defense. And Rodgers is starting to get his mojo back.

vs  – Dare I say start Jay Cutler? Yep, I said it.

vs  – Eagles Defense has been suspect the last few weeks. The Falcons are just rolling offensively. Don’t be scared to start any offensive players on Atlanta.



QB – Trevor Siemian

RB – Paul Perkins

RB – C.J. Prosise

WR – Sterling Shepard

TE – Lance Kendricks

News and Notes

Almost a surprise to all, Ben Roethlisberger started last week’s game for the Steelers. But he was very rusty and lost the game. Look for him to be back to his high FF points self this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a game time decision. Watch this closely because it will affect Brandon Marshall in a negative way if Fitz can’t go.

Tevin Coleman is still out for Atlanta.

Titans RBs, Murray and Henry are both going to play this weekend despite each nursing injuries.


Las Vegas over/under has the Dallas/Pittsburgh game as the highest scoring match up. Antonio Brown and Ezekiel Elliot will have big FF games.

Good Luck!