Weekend Geek Update Artist Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU Artist Spotlight from the floor of #Dink Smurf talks with local author Travis Heermann. Travis talks about all the different projects he has going on including the recent “The Hammer Falls”. They chat about Samurai, cultures, and the geek world at large. It’s a full cast as Travis fills us in on where he will be during the con season, including this weekend at #Starfest. Be sure to stop by and get a book.  #LocalAuthor #SciFi #Steampunk #Samurai #Interview #5280Geek


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU light news week for the crew as they cover Game of Thrones vs. Game of Fish. The new Addams Family coming to theaters October 11 but will it be Macabre or Supernatural in nature? #TwilightZone, #Watchmen, and High Fidelity gets another spin.

Picard is under way we get a new table top game for Wacky Races, and it looks like Ubisoft to the rescue for Notre-Dame. Although Smurf does have a good reason why the fire started. Where the crew will be this weekend for Starfest and so much more, all sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema. #GeekNews #Movies #TV #TableTop #VideoGames #ConLife #GOT #DeadliestCatch #5280Geek

Weekend Geek Update Artist Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU Artist Spotlight from the floor of DiNK Comic Expo Smurf get to talk with the incredibly charming and wonderful Jorge Corona. Jorge is half of the creative team behind Smurfs favorite #Image book right now #Middlewest. We get the low down on the book, other projects, and what Jorge has going on. It’s a blast from the first word! 

Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU recap some of the adventures from #Dink. While in Chicago Star Was Celebration was happening and we talk about the new trailers, games, and shows. Game of Thrones and Deadliest Catch return while Y the Last Man gets gassed.

New shows for #Marvel, new characters for #DC, brace for the thrust, and Smurfs fear for Disney+. Video Games, Booze, and more all sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema this is Weekend Geek Update. #GeekNews #Movies #TV #StarWars #GOT #VideoGames #5280Geek     

Weekend Geek Update Artist Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU Artist Spotlight. Smurf talks with the local creative team behind the indie comic “The Front Lines of Good Times”  Aaron Howell and Jake Fairly. Being a creative, some of the challenges, and what it takes to make a motion comic. It doesn’t end there as they also talk music with both Aaron and Jake doing dual duty this weekend at DiNK Comics & Art Expo 2019. Visit their booth #382 and see them perform as MF Ruckus and Hail Satan during the con.

#IndieComics #LocalArtist #OriginalContent #Dink2019 #5280Geek    



Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU as the group breakdown the latest in geek news starting off with where they will be at #Dink this weekend and what guests they are excited to see. They also do a deep dive on the #DC movies as the Rock talks about Black Adam filming next year, why #Shazam is doing so well and why the new #Joker movie is a bad idea after seeing the new trailer.

The #Terminator is back and he brought an old friend. A new #Disney Princess, no  Beetlejuice for you, and #Akira is coming to the big screen. Bautista leaves wrestling will John Cena ever leave?  More zombie shows are coming and it’s that time of year again to name the beer for Denver Pop Culture Con by Breckenridge Brewery. All this and more sponsored by the amazing Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema.  



Weekend Geek Update Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU Spotlight as Smurf talks with the wonderful and incomparable Matt Haley from the All C’s Fan Expo. A fantastic interview ranging from life in the Comic world, the business, and the current state of it. Matts current projects ranging from Horror and a TV show he created called Blackstar Warrior; Whiskey, Scotch, Music, and more in an interview you wish will never end.

Follow Matt on Instagram for some amazing art and the Catwoman cover he was working on during the podcast.  https://www.instagram.com/matthaleyart/