Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU updates on the current bracket and the Masked Singer as we get into the deep cuts this week. Rumors about American God’s and the new Link remake game. Then it’s off to the movies with news on Kung Fu Hustle 2, Masters of the Universe. The end for a Joker and Red fills us in on a few YA novels getting films.

Umbrella Academy is finally here and we have our initial reactions along with thoughts on Doom Patrol. Good Omens adds a villain, Hello Kitty is coming, and the final fate for the Marvel TV shows. All of this and so much more all sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse Little Cinema Table top game night.  


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Alamo Draft House Littleton Cinema the crew this week cover thoughts on #TheMaskedSinger and what should be the rage of all baking shows. Disney may have made the biggest mistake ever by letting us see Will Smith in the latest Aladdin trailer. Chris Pratt as Batman and we may finally  get King Conan?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end for the Walking Dead? Howard the Duck is coming, Mad Max, and some very obscure Marvel characters. Red wants cookies, Smurf talks about beer and Thao eats. So many things going on this week it’s hard to keep track.

Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU comes to you from the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema this week. It’s a wild week of catching up on the latest #GeekNews after the group talks about #MaskedSinger the results to the January #Bracket and what to expect for May. Black Panther is back in the theater for free for Black History Month but only select location.

The Superbowl of commercials happened, and the #Avengers is at the top of the conversation and what they saw…Or what they didn’t see. The Fast and Furious are branching out and Smurf is the only one who cares. Don’t adjust your screen because that really is a #TwilightZone commercial you just saw but how will it hold to the original.

#Invincible gets animated, Y The Last Man goes live action, and Mr. Freeze goes to jail. The end to a feud, #KingdomHearts3 actually did come out and D&D is becoming all the rage. All of this and there is still more in this loaded night of podcasters, guests, and table top games.    

Weekend Geek Update Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU Spotlight as Smurf does his first interview for the 2019 season as Kristina and Rafael Maldonado-Bad Hand sit in. The power couple have a new con they are bringing to Denver this summer called Indigenous Pop X. It’s colorful heritage, the motivation behind it, and what to expect. Also the latest coming from Aya Studios this year and thoughts of what is going on in the Geek world.

Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU Sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema as the crew try to cover the latest in Geek News get very distracted with the Masked Singer,  what chefs should appear on Guys Grocery Games, and other nonsense. The latest on the Gamers Delight Bracket (please vote). They do finally get to Punisher season 2 on Netflix. The hell that has come from the new Ghostbusters teaser.

Smurf has changed his mind on a movie after seeing a new trailer this weekend, relaunches for both Gremlins and Nightmare on Elm Street might be here quicker than you think. A new bar gets built; some new skins are coming; and the retirement of a legend. All this and so much more on Weekend Geek Update.  

Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU Sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema Your turn board game night. The crew dive in with the second episode of the #MaskedSinger and just how crazy good it is and their guess of who is under the masks. Then its about the #DCStreaming service and how much of a hit its become and now Luke Wilson has been added. #StarTrek 4 we may never see but there is a lot more coming.
Sequels announced for Spider-Verse, Coming to America, and a reboot for your favorite stoners. The top publisher for 2018 didn’t have the top three comics of the year. A chance to get the ultimate decoration for your countertop returns. Dirk the Daring coming to you next week, release dates leaked and so much more from your Weekend Geek Update.

Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU from the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema your Turn Boardgame Night the crew return from the holiday break. Time to get caught up on all the latest #GeekNews like a couple of winners from the Golden Globes. What the latest season of #LemonySnickets did to them and the greatest TV show of the year, Masked Singer. It has all the right things and no one had any idea it would be this good.

Two new stars for #Zombieland2, Stranger Things season 3 has a date, and a long awaited Batman story is getting an animated movie. The Spawn film wants to change how you view comic book movies. Axl Rose does Loony Toons? Play in our Bracket Game, Aliens, and Super Smash Bros news and a ton more in the first podcast of the 2019 season. #VideoGames #Movies #Netflix #MaskedSinger