Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU The Oscars happened and the crew is excited about the winner for Best Film and Director but are clueless to the rest of the awards. Before that they talk about Roller-coaster’s, Voltron, and Ralph Wrecking the Internet but it’s the bunny that breaks us.
Godzilla has a new sparing partner there are however doubts about Wonder Woman and who she will be facing off with in her next film. Fox is trying to kill it’s half of the Marvel universe before they give it to Disney, a new Pokémon Café, new kicks for Smurf, and Vero is bad!
All this and more including this month’s Celebrity Milk Carton Sven-Ole Thorsen




Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Rocky Mountain Con find the group talking about how women find good manners more attractive than looks; yeah right this list needs help and you find out why. Before that the new Pirates is being held hostage, The Doomsday Clock has been changed leaving all DC fans scratching their heads.

DCC has named it’s beer for the 2017 con season and the date for the revel, Wonder Woman Day, Seth McFarlane’s new show (trailer below), and the big sale starting today at Xbox. Oh and Smurf talks about hate mail.


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast This week we cover the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and what we loved and what we hope to see in the next few to come.

Blade Runner and the new trailer https://youtu.be/gCcx85zbxz4

How indestructible is Harrison Ford, Star Wars and Indiana Jones 5 release dates. What goes into a scary clown and is the new one for IT going to fit the bill https://youtu.be/fsedSpJ-_a8 ? 

I Am Groot!

Humans have 100 years to get off the planet but we have another theory, the latest Celebrity Milk Carton, and Walking Dead the video game.


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast The fantastic duo of Carnivale Risque from this weekends Exxxotica Expo sit in to help enlighten us with the correct shades of gray. It’s an education in love, latex, lace, and the proper way to use scissors.

That’s just the start as the group cover’s The Batgirl movie, Doctor Who being a woman, is it too late for Batman, and Denver Fashion week. Winter is here and it’s going to be a hot one


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU Smurf opens the show talking about the sexiest trailer of the year. Not Ghost in the Shell but the group covers that as well and the plans the studio has for it overseas.

Doctor Who trailer and premier date, Barrowman turns 50, Star Wars and Smurf unable to remember anyone’s name.

Evil Dead3 season (yes Lee Majors is back), American Gods, and is there any hope for Iron Fist in a couple weeks on Netflix


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU The crew is back this week to catch you up of what happened at Galaxy Fest and the situation Smurf got himself into…Never grab another man’s hose!

We for the first time come to #Disney’s defense and applaud them sticking to their guns for Beauty and the Beast plus Star vs. Forces of Evil.

#Magneto agent of Hydra? Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman bromance underway? Doctor Who vs. Cybermen 1966?    


Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU this week get caught up on Smurfs NY trip

News flash, we all have nipples and what its means to you now that Playboy is back to putting nude pictures in the magazine.

We come to the conclusion that Disney will rule the Earth, Aflack vs. Batman, and Lindsay Lohan wants to play the Little Mermaid.

Terry Crews wanting to be part of Overwatch as the new character is about to be released…The question is which one.