Smurfs High Five

Smurf has a moment of Shangri-La this week as a couple titles pull on some fond memories for him. Maybe a return to greatness? In addition the War still rages across the stars and along the multiverse, there is a lot going on this week in your local shop be sure not to miss it. Here is Smurfs High Five


GL #1Green Lantern #1> Superstar writer Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman) returns to DC alongside red-hot artist Liam Sharp (The Brave AND the Bold, Wonder Woman) to launch a new, ongoing series: THE GREEN LANTERN!
In this debut issue, when Earth’s space cop, Hal Jordan, encounters an alien hiding in plain sight, it sets off a chain of events that rocks the Green Lantern Corps-and quite possibly the Multiverse at large-to its very core. There’s an inter-galactic conspiracy afoot, as well as a traitor in the GL Corps’ ranks, so strap in for more mind-bending adventures in this masterpiece in the making. (S) Grant Morrison (A/CA) Liam Sharp

Smurfs Take> I never thought I would see this day. GL in the top spot and penned by Grant Morrison. When Geoff Johns finished his epic run I tried to continue to read the title but couldn’t. Nothing seemed to compare, it was hallow and in my opinion lacked the heart it had. In my mind I had seen the end of my heroes story and was good with it…..till now. Holy Crap! This is amazing and stunning and has refreshed the imagination I thought long gone. A story not only do I want to read but be part of! This is the start of something legendary; like Simonson on Thor or Miller on Batman something everyone will talk about for years to come.

Marvel Kights #1Marvel Knights 20th #1> In celebration of the legendary imprint founded by Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada, a new crop of talent stands poised to tell a groundbreaking story across the Marvel Universe!
In the cemetery, the blind man does not know who he is, or why he has come to this particular grave at this moment.
He doesn’t know the burly police officer with the wild story who has approached him.
Or the strangely intense man who sits in the rear seat of the patrol car, his eyes flashing green.
But all of that is about to change.
Because Matt Murdock is beginning to remember…
In a colorless world without heroes, the spark of light…must come from the dark… (S) Donny Cates (A) Travel Foreman (CA) Geoff Shaw

Smurfs Take> I loved this line back in the day. The chance to tell a little grittier story, using characters that we hadn’t seen for a bit. This will be the second book I read this week with high hopes its the start of something great and lightning can hit twice.

Infinity War #5Infinity Wars #5> Introducing… Loki’s Cosmic Avengers! (S) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Deodato

Smurfs Take> Oh…this is going to be good








7 to eternity #12Seven to Eternity #12> In order to save the Mud King, Adam must make a terrible choice. (S) Rick Remender (A/CA) Jerome Opena

Smurfs Take> I don’t know if I can continue to sympathize with Adam. I know what he s trying to do but I never saw him going this far. That is one of the many things I love about this book. It gets you invested. Hooks you in the feels and keeps you thinking.





spidergeddon #3Spider-Geddon #3> REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE!
One SUPERIOR SPIDER is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the Inheritors! Will Miles and his team have to stop him before he goes TOO FAR? Stand together or fall separately – isn’t that how it goes? (S) Christos Gage (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Jorge Molina

Smurfs Take> I will be the first to admit when I am wrong. When the story line of Doc Oct taking over Spider-mans body started I was upset, angry, and annoyed. I continued to read (Always have to see what happens) and have to admit I really enjoyed the whole run. The attitude may have been over the top at times but the ideas and style of the character was challenging and fresh. To see him back has almost made me miss him. Things are heating up, it’s the part of our story when everything goes boom!

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