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Show Me the Munny


Written by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

On Friday September 21st, 2018 BAIT, a multi-category premium retailer in Denver, Colorado hosted urban collectible toy designer kidrobot‘s annual Show Me The Munny art exhibition.

The exhibition featured various artist rendered creations of kidrobot‘s famed Munny “do-it-yourself” vinyl toys. Seventeen artists displayed their works and auctioned the pieces off to the highest bidders.

Here are thirteen of the pieces on display:


An out of production Monsta Munny was one of the center pieces of the show. Markers and stencils were set out around the display and event-goers were able to leave their own creative mark on the event.


Beers were handed out to those twenty-one and older. Munnys, in their freshly redesigned package, were on display for sale all throughout the store.

It was a hip and intimate event and a wonderful sharing of culture.

BAIT is located on 1926 Blake St. Suite 100 and sits catty-corner of the south end of Coors Field in the heart of downtown. They feature an awesome case of collectible and rare unique toys in a huge case at the entry of the store.


BAIT features high end clothing, shoes and toys, and collaborates with a variety of brands and anime companies such as Dungeons And Dragons, Bruce Lee, and Marvel Comics.

My favorite shirt of the Marvel collabs.
The back side.

kidrobot is a premium creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, apparel, and accessories. They are based out of Boulder Colorado, but their toys and gear can be found at various shops and online all over the world.

Me & Darth in the dark side of the event.

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