The Crew

Smurf> Collector, Adventurer, Timelord, Ghostbuster. He’s walked with angles, kept the company of kings, and has travelled the world, all in the quest for collectible items. It’s been a fun journey so far and so many more things to see and people to talk with, always excited to hear and share your story.

Red> Anja aka Red is all about a good reading fort and a cup of tea. She loves a good stationery sale and can’t resist trying out a new pen or adding to her sticker collection. She is best known for her macabre cartoons, especially Lil’Boo.

John> John Andreula is an occasionally paid writer, an adventurer, a reformed collector and salesman of things. He enjoys long walks in nature with his family, naps, and most things geek. John’s a neutral good, fire bending, Dragon of the Earth who has yet to reach Super Saiyan, but is actively pursuing the level at his Kung Fu school in Boulder. John’s on IG @JohnAndreulaWritesStuff and writes more hacky content on his website

PJ> Patrick “PJ” Joiner Known by many as a “Song Bird” of his generation; is credited with the sensational ability to “BS” with the best of them. A Colorado Native, Life-Long Collector, and self-appointed Popculture Guru; PJ definitely brings “IT”, whatever that may be, every time.

Wakeman> Ryan, aka Wakeman is known as a jack of all trades who loves unique quirks about others and laughs at any Dad joke/pun you can swing. After moving everywhere as a military brat, he set roots in Colorado 14 years ago and considers it home. Whether you’re up for Magic The Gathering, hypothetical DC/Marvel match ups or anime trivia, Wakeman is on the case.

Figgis> Back in the year 2000, Figgis Liebestraum started out as a loner on the streets of New York before becoming the playboy success he is today. He has always gone after what he wants with determination. He had a major career in photography before deciding to found his recording studio. 5280 Geek is only one of his spondee’s as well as the Erik Johnson Band and Lap Time at Three PM.