Classic Rock Wednesday


“Change Your Ways today or with us you will Ride!”

#CLRW Halloween is upon us! Love this time of year more than any other and there is one song that I automatically go to. It paints a picture of one of the greatest fear a Cowboy could have and has been done by over 50 different artist and their own versions. Originally done in 1948 by Stan Jones only to be redone a year later by Burl Ives (The snowman in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer).

Yes I know what your thinking. A little out of the classic rock area and more a country song. To be fair it seems every generation has had a take on Riders in the Sky. Cash, Crosby, even Spike Jones. But I can never get someone at a dueling Piano Bar to do the song. For me the best version is by the Blues Brothers, but can always envision people gathered out on the range by a fire. Telling the tail of the Devils Hurd; I am the Listener and this is Ghost Riders in the Sky for Classic Rock Wednesday. #Riders #ClassicRock #BluesBrothers #StanJones #TheListner #5280Geek

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