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Upcoming Geek Culture & Pop Culture Events in Denver & A Shameless Plug of The Top Ten Items in the 5280 Geek Store

by John Andreula


Denver Colorado nerds, dorks, and especially geeks…

Geek culture and pop culture enthusiasts up and down the front range…

Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, and beyond…

You all know where you go to when it’s time to geek out.

And even if you don’t live in shadow of the Rocky Mountains here in beautiful Colorado, you cannot not recognize that Denver is a premiere city and hub for all things geek.

d town

Colorado hosts events and conventions practically every weekend, all throughout the year.

INDIGENOUS POP X will be making its Colorado debut over the last weekend of this month. INDIGENOUS POP X, or IPX for short, is a comic and culture convention showcasing art, music, and fashion from Native American Indian creators and makers.

It may be the deepest and most unique cultural event we will see all year.

And next week is the kick-off to CRUSH WALLS’s yearly festivities. If you haven’t heard of CRUSH WALLS, it is one of Denver’s coolest events! It’s an arts festival that celebrates urban beautification, creativity, and culture through street art and mural painting all over downtown. It’s going to be sick, lit, groovy, or whatever else the kids are saying these days.

Even though the murals won’t be going up until September, just this week CRUSH WALLS’ Instagram page announced that the artist selection for this year’s event will take place on July 11th.

If large crowds aren’t your thing, Colorado also offer more intimate pop and and geek culture experiences.

This weekend Kung Fu Master Christophe Clarke, of the Denver martial arts school ROCKY MOUNTAIN MOVEMENT, will be hosting a weekend of martial arts at the Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival.

This event is a hidden gem. Martial artists will converge in Englewood for their chance to compete and share with each other and the greater community. There will be empty hand and weapons form competitions, as well as Masters’ demonstrations on Saturday, followed by a variety of workshops on Sunday.

Finally, put your master builder hat on because next month BRICK FEST LIVE LEGO FAN EXPERIENCE returns to Denver on August 10th and 11th. Tickets are on sale for 25% off on GROUPON, including the fees. But hurry that deals ends tonight at midnight!

Even if you miss out on the sale, the experience is awesome. It’s still worth the price of admission, even at full price.


People should come to discover and uncover Denver culture, especially geek culture at 5280Geek.com.

Where else do you get a weekly rundown of the top five comic book new releases each week?

5280 Geek helps you limit your weekly comic buying budget to twenty or twenty-five dollars, instead of that forty dollars you were spending on that handful of books you didn’t really enjoy.

Where else can you get those meat and potatoes movie reviews, or the humorous, uniquely geeky perspectives on books, television shows, video games, and everything else nerdy?

smurf dan akroyd

Okay. Maybe there’s other places for some of that, but none of them are as hip or geek-chic as 5280 Geek.

Obviously, 5280Geek.com is the place to be. It’s comprehensive, and most importantly, it’s free! We do this for all of you for the love, the passion, and the raw geeky entertainment of it.

Now that we are firmly established as your go-to central hub for all things geek and pop culture, it’s time for us to make a couple of asks of you, our beloved readers.

First, please share what you enjoy.

If we truly tickle your dork funny bone, then share it with those in your network on social media. Tell your family, friends, and coworkers. And definitely shout it from the nearest mountain or roof-top.

Second, we want to formally invite you to fly your 5280 Geek flag.

We have just launched an amazing store over at Redbubble.com.

Inside our web store you will find everything from stickers to put on your car or inside the bathroom stall at work, to a 5280Geek branded shower curtain.

We even have you covered where the magic happens. Check out that 5280Geek duvet cover pictured at the top of this article. It’s available in full, queen, and king.

We think you’re going to enjoy our merch so much that we decided to put together a top ten list. And here it is, in no particular order.

Buy one item, or buy them all. You can help support our efforts, and let the world see how you 5280 Geek out!

1. 5280Geek Signal V-Neck T-shirt


Nothing says fashionable geek quite like this.

This stylish shirt works with jeans, or under a sport coat.

2. 5280Geek Roll Premium Scoop T-Shirt


This sexy women’s shirt features our ten-sided die logo imagery.

It’s available in four distinct colors.

3. 5280Geek Travel Mug


There’s no better way to let someone know what you are into when you’re ordering your obnoxiously complicated latte at your favorite local coffee shop.

Just make sure you tip your barista in the end.

4. Stay Geeky Hardcover Journal


What are you doing at the coffee shop in the middle of the day anyway?

You need to have something to write or draw in while you watch people, or just contemplate your most recent geek experience.

5. 5280Geek Signal Leggings


Because why the hell not?

Wear these at home, while you binge your favorite NETFLIX show like STRANGER THINGS, or while your out and about, in the city or anywhere in Colorado’s fantastic great outdoors.

6. Stay Geeky Tank Top


Seriously, this is the shirt you should wear when you’re on swole patrol.

Who were the models for this shoot anyway?

I’m hot, easy, and cheap and I couldn’t get a call for the photo shoot.

Smurf, next time message me first.

7. 5280Geek Framed Art Print


Customize your work space or batcave wall with this fantastic art.

It’s available in a variety or sizes, frame styles, and mat colors.

8. 5280Geek Sleeveless Top


It’s sexy how dorky you are!

Display it while you cruise the floor of next year’s Denver Pop Culture Con, or at any of your favorite haunts.

9. 5280Geek Roll Pullover Hoodie


It does get cold in Colorado and this hoodie sure looks great!

My size is large if you’re playing along at home and you need a holiday gift idea.

I also accept just because presents as well.

10. 5280Geek Mini Skirt


This might just be the coolest item we have in the store.

How hot can we possibly get?

Does it automatically become a kilt if a guy wears it?

I’m just asking for a friend.

We don’t really know exactly what a Racerback Tank Top is?


But now that we’re in the fashion and merchandising business, you should definitely buy one.

We provide you with top notch geek culture and pop culture content every week.

Now we have you covered for your fashion and home decor needs as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Go order some swag now!



John Andreula is a geek & a fashionista residing in Westminster, Colorado.

Reach him for commission work or media requests at:



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