Meat and Potatoes

the-lovebirds-netflixUsually Memorial Day is a huge movie weekend for big blockbuster films, the Popcorn flicks I like to refer to. The ones that demand Dolby Cinema or Imax screens and unfortunately, well we just do not have them this year, yet. So, I will try not to be too bummed and find a movie to watch at home again that I can, at least recommend or suggest it is not worth your time or Pay-Per-View money. This week, a romantic comedy called “The Lovebirds” on Netflix.

*The MEAT* The story has a few twists and turns that make it *Enjoyable* to watch and the premise was pretty funny. It will keep you curious as to how it ends too.

*The POTATOES* Issa Rae is decent here and Kumail Nanjiani is basically playing the same character he always plays in movies and TV. So, the acting here is *Decent*

*The VERDICT* “The Lovebirds” is a *Nice Little Romantic Comedy*. Yeah, that is the best I can say for it because it will entertain you and make you laugh a little, but I am glad I did not pay theater prices for it.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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