Meat and Potatoes


From producer James Gunn, the filmmaker behind “Guardians of the Galaxy” brings you “Brightburn” basically copying the origin of Superman and adding a little “what if” to it. Now I’m not breaking my No Spoilers rule here by telling you it’s a what if Superman, as a kid, was a full-on sociopathic killer because the previews made that perfectly clear. So, I’m game, because it could be fun, right?

*The MEAT* Well the best part of this story was the premise and that was stolen from Superman’s origin. Kind of just went *Downhill* from there.

*The POTATOES* Elizabeth Banks does the best acting job in this film, by far. Jackson A. Dunn plays the super-powered boy that we are supposed to be afraid of, but unfortunately, he just did not scare anyone with his performance. Which is a shame, because they really should have found a creepy kid for this role.

*The Verdict* Yeah, this movie just is *Not worth your money or time* And I must say the ending was pretty lame and very uneventful.  The nerve of the creators of this film even tried to set up more rip-off sequels down the road. For that, I do hope “Brightburn” fizzles and is later found at the bottom of the $4 buck DVD bin in Wal-Mart someday.

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