Meat and Potatoes

Dark-Phoenix-Movie-Poster“Dark Phoenix” is the seventh and last X-Men film to be made under the 20th century Fox studios. It is getting blasted by the critics and destroyed at the box office as we speak. So how bad can it be, and is it worse than the last fiasco “X-Men: Apocalypse”? Well I’m here to tell you, I sure hope not.

*The MEAT* The story comes from one of the best comic stories of all time, straight out of the pages of classic X-Men comics. Then they condensed it in a two-hour movie and just *Butchered it* while screwing up the already messed up X-Men movie continuity even more.

*The POTATOES* Michael Fassbender reprises his Magneto character again, and he is great as usual, just not enough of him. James McAvoy is Professor X again, and he does well, but the character is written horribly. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t do much which is a total waste of Academy award winning talent. Now the central character in all this is Jean Grey, played by Sophia Turner, but I’m sorry to say, Sophia is not ready to play a lead character yet. She will someday, just not today. Overall, I would say a *Waste of Talent* on the acting performances.

*The Verdict* As hard as I’ve been on Reboots lately, I must admit, its time for the X-Men to have a Reboot. Because I can only describe “Dark Phoenix” as *Unnecessary* and a big waste of everything. Sad part is, I believe “Dark Phoenix” was better than “X-Men: Apocalypse” for whatever that is worth.

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