Meat and Potatoes

pale-lady-poster-e1559653862623 “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is the movie adaptation of the popular children’s book series from the 80’s. Personally, I have grown bored and tired of horror movies of late, they seem to just want to jump out at you to for a surprise reaction, plus I never even heard of this book series, but my wife loved reading them, growing up and is very excited to see this movie. Then I learned that Oscar winning Guillermo del Toro was a producer of this film and helped write it too. So, maybe this could be good after all.

*The MEAT* The story is done *Very Well* here. It blends mystery and suspense but does not get into any real gory stuff. It does deliver on some scary moments that enhance the overall experience nicely.

*The POTATOES* The kids in this movie all were *Good and Believable*. But it was the lead, Zoe Margaret Colletti that gave the best performance that stood out the most. Keep an eye on her, I believe she will be a star someday.

*The Verdict* My wife liked this movie a lot and said they really did the book series justice. I was pleasantly surprised on just how *Good* “Scary Stories” was. Not a complicated movie at all, just a suspenseful, scary ride that gets back to good old horror fun that is true to the PG-13 rating, so older kids will enjoy this film. My only complaint is it came out a bit too early, this film would be better enjoyed closer to Halloween for sure.

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