Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here taking a break from the heat and summer concert series with this song from waaaaaay back in the day. In fact it doesn’t get more classic than this from one of the greatest voices of all time. It’s easy to forget the impact some performers have had on the industry over the decades and it was during one of my recent binges that reminded me of that.

Umbrella Academy 2 is loaded with a treasure of different music scattered from all genres and ages. It’s a beautiful merger of sight and sound as the scene blends and is shaped by the tune playing as we transition from hip hop to jazz and then punk. Giants from back in the day given life once more and no one more deserving of that then the Velvet Fog himself Mel Torme. Said to have perfect pitch and worked with every on from Chico Marx to Frank Sinatra, and the scene using his song is just as perfect. I have watched it a few times in fact, marveling at the action as it corresponds to the tune. Truly epic; so here is the one of original performances of Comin’ Home Baby as a point of reference for today’s Classic Rock.


#SummerConcert #ClassicRock #Jazz #UmbrellaAcademy2 #Soundtrack #MelTorme  #CominHomeBaby #VelvetFog #TheListener #5280Geek #StayGeeky

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