Quarters Worth

Your Quarter’s Worth Plan For When The COVID-19 Vaccine Drops

The president says a COVID-19 vaccine is about to drop sometime after his re-election. He said it’s set to release alongside the new XBOX and PlayStations; just in time for Christmas.

The science and medical community may not confirm this, but we’ve decided to run with the story anyway. After all, we’re not really a legitimate news source, and frankly, who is these days?

The pandemic is almost over. Hooray!

Whether you fall into the anti-vaxxer or the Black Friday rush-the-clinics end of the spectrum, it’s nice to know there’s the possibility of an end to this dumpster fire the novel coronavirus has made of our year.

Even if it turns out the announcement was trumped up—(couldn’t help ourselves)—we’ve decided to come up with a plan of what to do once the vaccine drops and we can stop worrying about washing our hands and spreading germs to others like we did before COVID.

Everyone needs a little optimism right now and the best way to achieve it is through visualizing a better future. Our visualization happens to come in list form, because as the president also said, people like lists. (He didn’t really say that, but we do have the bigliest lists anywhere.)

So here it is, Your Quarter’s Worth Plan For When The COVID-19 Vaccine Drops. Enjoy.

Visit Family

We miss our mommies. Our dads and siblings are alright, we guess.

After only being able to video chat with everyone for the past half year it’s time to see how long we can all stand each other in person again.

Go On A Real Vacation

Not just some dull day trip. Hawaii, Mars, heck, even Florida.

Just get us somewhere different for a week, or three.

Eat In A Restaurant Without A Mask

We’re still trying to figure out how to eat with our masks on six months after the pandemic began.

Are we supposed to drop food over the top? Shove it in through the sides? Maybe we’re supposed to incorporate a straw somehow?

Go To A Concert Or Convention

Hootie and the Blowfish are due for a reunion tour. And we missed out on the crochet convention this year.

We just need any nerd on nerd action, and we need it soon.


We can’t wait until we’re some yelling over music that’s too loud and nobody’s listening or dancing to.

Maybe we’ll even get the cops called on us and they can participate in the fun too.

On second thought, that might not be such a great idea. . .

Go To A Swap Meet

So many people have been deciding which of their possessions they can live without while being trapped at home. (See: The Cut) Many of them will be renting spaces at local flea markets.

Maybe we’ll score a vintage die cast Voltron or some sweet nunchucks.

Hold A Baby

Everyone’s got a friend or two with a new baby they haven’t met. We need some of that newborn cuteness back in our lives.

Anyone have one they want to loan us?


Meow Wolf is set to open their newest permanent installation, Omega Mart, in the beginning of 2021. It will be located at the trippy new “mall” Area 15, just off the strip.

And while Meow Wolf is reason enough to go anywhere, there’s also some booing of the Raiders and losing money at the tables that’s due.

Road trip, anyone?

Contact Sparring

The time is almost upon us to test the fighting skills we’ve been developing while under quarantine.

Has the hard work paid off? If not, how well will we be able to take a punch to the face?

Hug Some Friends

We told ourselves weren’t going cry, but we’ll finally be able to rub up on each other again.

Devising this plan made everything feel just a bit better. . .even if it was bittersweet to think of all the things we couldn’t do for the better part of the year. It makes us appreciate so many things we all used to take for granted.

With the news of a possible vaccine, whether real or fake, we should all take a little time to imagine getting back to life as it was before COVID.

All of us here at 5280 Geek can’t wait to move past the pandemic, the masks, and the fear.

So until next time, stay geeky, and we’ll see you out there real soon.

Written by John Andreula.

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

Hit John on Instagram at: JohnAndreulaWritesStuff

Or Kodid at: Leyla.Kodid


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