Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Siouxsiequeue’s (https://siouxsiequeues.com/,   This week Smurf give you his take on some of the key stories that have caught his eye. Starting with his take on the Snyder Cut of Justice League. IS there hope for Falcone and the Winter Soldier? Walking Dead continues to impress, this week we get the Princesses past directly from the comics and one of the most unique twists of the show ever.

At last we Get Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars, some game changing news on the Black Widow movie and a classic film getting the 4K treatment. Define irony when the company that gets laughed out of the room ends up giving your eulogia in the latest documentary, and who would you want to take charge in the event of an alien attack. All of this and more in your Weekend Geek Update.  

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